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Chapter 1359: The Last Place Shangguan Yu AppearedTranslator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Huo Yaos phone rang in her pocket.

She did not want to disturb Chairman Wang, so she nodded to He Shu and strode out of the bedroom.

When she left the room, she answered the phone.

Min Yu asked coolly.

“Where are you”

Huo Yao raised her head.

She glanced at a plant in the corridor and replied.

“Im at Chairman Wangs place.”

Min Yu recalled telling Zhuo Yun to keep an eye on the Apothecaries Association, but he did not bring it up over the phone.

Instead, he inquired.

“When will you be done”



Why did you call” asked Huo Yao.

“Ah… ok.

Well, I have some leads about the person who sent the medicine for auction.”

Huo Yao narrowed her eyes.

“Do you mean Shangguan Yu”

Min Yu replied.

“Uh huh.

Talk when youre done.”


Ill come over to your place when Im finished here.”


Before long, they were done chatting on the phone.

Huo Yao put away her phone solemnly and walked back to Chairman Wangs bedroom.

The chairman was still sleeping.

Huo Yao glanced at him and said to He Shu, “Im going to leave Chairman Wang to rest.

Ill be back tomorrow to perform acupuncture on him.”

She did not have suitable acupuncture needles on her right now.

He Shu did not know about Huo Yaos medical skills, but he knew she genuinely cared about Chairman Wang, so he nodded and replied.

“Sure thing.

See you tomorrow then.”

“Uh huh,” Huo Yao acknowledged softly before turning to leave without lingering.

The butler promptly walked her out of the residence.

He Shu finally veered his eyes when Huo Yao was gone.

He slowly walked up beside Chairman Wangs bed, pulled up a chair, and took his pulse.

Unfortunately, he was an average physician, so he was unable to figure out how to treat Chairman Wang.

He smiled sadly before pulling his hand back.

He did not leave the residence.

Instead, he simply sat by the bed and waited for Chairman Wang to wake up.


Before long, Huo Yao drove back to the estate and went straight to Min Yus villa.

After entering through the door, she noticed that Min Yu was not alone.

Zhuo Yun and Yang Yi were also present.

“Miss Huo, welcome,” greeted Zhuo Yun the moment he saw her.

Yang Yi nodded politely to Huo Yao.

“Uh huh,” acknowledged Huo Yao before she turned to look at Min Yu.

She asked him straight away.

“Did you manage to find Shangguan Yu”

She wanted to investigate the medicine sellers identity using Cloud Realm.

Since her third older brother needed treatment, she had to put it off.

If Min Yu did not mention this, she might have forgotten about it entirely.

He held Huo Yaos hand.

She seemed a lot warmer than yesterday.

He pulled her over and made her sit beside him on the couch and said, “The culprit seems closely related to a foreign organization and was last seen in the capital.”

Huo Yao did not resist when Min Yu held her hand.

She said in surprise, “Do you mean Shangguan Yu is in the capital now”

“Were not sure either.

The person was probably here around three days ago, but we dont know about the persons other activities for sure,” replied Yang Yi.

Judging from his tone, he was a little annoyed.

The medicine seller was in the capital, but Yang Yi was unable to find his GPS location.

Yang Yi had to say that the culprit knew what he was doing.

“Three days ago” Huo Yao narrowed her eyes.

“Does this mean you didnt manage to find Shangguan Yu”

She was certain it was not the real Shangguan Yu.

There must be some reason someone was pretending to be Shangguan Yu.

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