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In the morning, while Shawn and his team were having their breakfast, a man walked on them. On seeing him, they all stood at attention.

"At ease" said the man

"Major, what brings you here today sir, have some food," said Shawn

"No thank you sergeant" the man replied.

"Ive got good news for all of you, tomorrow you guys are going home to your families, after the kidnapping incidence, you deserve a time off until everything is sorted out," the man added as he smiled and looked at the five of them as they all jumped for joy. They thanked him and showed him round the tent before he left.

That night, they all sat around a small campfire thinking of what they will meet at home and how happy their families will be. Toby, Alex and John decided to rent a place in New York for the three of them to stay so they were discussing about the location of the house.

"Where do you live?" Shawn asked Chess who was looking into the fire smiling

"I… I live with my aunt and uncle on their farm in New jersey" Chess replied

"What about you?" Chess then asked Shawn

"Well I stay in Philadelphia with my daughter" Shawn replied

Meanwhile, Alex Toby and John were still trying to decide where to stay

"We need a place close to a bar," said John

"Yea and the average chicks there must be at least an eight" commented John

"What is with you and chicks?" said Toby to John

"Come on, a place is not a place without chicks" replied John

"Please talk some sense into this scarecrow," said Toby to Shawn

Shawn raised his hands up and laughed to show that he was not going to be part of their argument

"Who are you calling a scarecrow?" said John as he punched Toby lightly on his shoulder

"Well you are dumb as one," commented Chess

They all laughed and talked throughout the night until the fire burned out and they went to bed. That night, Toby could not sleep so he slowly went out of the tent for a walk. When he went out, she met Chess standing in front the female guards tent.

"Hey, why are you not asleep" Toby asked as he walked up to her

"I couldn sleep" she replied

"Its the snoring of the other ladies huh?" said Toby

"Come on that doesn happen," replied Chess as she laughed

"Well what is bugging you?" asked Toby after a brief silence

"I was just thinking about getting an apartment of my own" Chess replied

"Who are you living with?" asked Toby

"My uncle and aunt. But I feel Im better off alone" Chess replied

"Why don you like it there?" asked Toby

"No I love it there. It is just… only woman in the house is my aunt and she is old and when John was talking about having girls around your apartment, I just realized… I have been living boys my whole life. My dad and uncle treated me like a boy since when I was little. They taught me how to hunt and stuff. I want to be a woman again. Wear fancy gowns and get hit on and all" Chess replied

"Oh is see, and come on you know John was just talking like he used to" said Toby

"And… I love you just the way you are" Toby then muttered to himself

"Really?" said Chess

"What?" asked Toby in confusion

"You know I heard you right?" said Chess

"oh-I-I mean- its just…" stammered Toby

"Its fine" said Chess

"Is that, is that a yes?" asked Toby

Chess then looked at him and smiled and sarcastically said, "Its a maybe"

"Oh… the lady thing huh?" said Toby as they both laughed

"We should try and sleep, tomorrow is going to be stressful," said Toby

"Yea you

e right. Well, see yea" Chess replied

"Come on, no I love you?" Toby teased

"Get outta here" Chess replied

They both laughed and went to their tents and had a goodnight sleep. The next morning, the five of them packed their stuffs, taking to the airport, and were back to the United State.

Weeks later, Toby, Alex and John were in a bar drinking and chatting. The door of the bar opened and what all of them saw left them in awe.

"Damn, Holy **, what the…" the three of them commented

It was Chess, she was wearing a blue skinny jeans and a beautiful red top. Other men in the bar also stopped and stared at her as she walked in.

"Shes taken so you all just mind your business," said Alex

"Hey guys," said Chess when she reached their booth

"Damn, you look hot, like what happened to you?" said John

"Oh shut up," replied Chess as she took a seat beside Toby

"I here have been living the life," she added

"So tell me when this all started?" asked Alex pointing at Toby and Chess who were trying hard to hold in their true feelings of seeing each other.

"What are you talking about?" said Toby and Chess together. They looked at each other and smiled

"Oh God they are bad at it" said John as he rolled his eyes

"Come on we know what has been going on between you two and Toby just started talking in his sleep," said Alex

"Oh please everybody talks in their sleep sometimes and nothing is happening," said Toby in defense

"Oh really? Well give us your phone then," asked John

Just then, a text message was sent to all four of them simultaneously. They all looked at each other surprised of what just happened. They all then took out their phones and read the message. A message was sent to them that they were needed at the military base immediately.

"What do you think happened?" said John as they stared at each other in silence.

"Well we are going to find out," said Alex as they all stood up. They dropped the money for their drinks on the table and headed out.

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