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Hearing Ren Qis words, the eyes of the other lords flickered.

They all hesitated when they heard Ren Qis words.

It did sound good, but the strength of the invading lord alliance couldnt be underestimated.

Even if they were injured by Ren Qi and the others, they might not necessarily be on the defensive.

If they attacked now, to be honest, there would still be danger.

Moreover, no matter what, they would definitely lose a lot of troops.

This made the alliance leaders of the nearby lord alliance hesitate.

After all, they had lost too many troops, and it wouldnt be easy for them to answer to the Alliance members.

Moreover, even though Ren Qi and the othersactions had caused a lot of damage to the invading lord alliance and reduced the fear of the new lord alliance members in the Black Fog, they were still afraid of the invading lord alliance members.

After all, Fuji Feng and the Cherry Blossom Alliance had been directly destroyed by the invading lord alliance.

Although Fuji Feng and the Cherry Blossom Alliance were rather stupid, they were still afraid of the invading lord alliance.

“Alliance leader Ren Qi, its not that we dont want to attack the invading lord alliance.

We also hate the invading lord alliance.

Naturally, we want to destroy them.

However, you should be clear about the current situation.

The invading lord alliance is still relatively strong.”

“Thats right.

The invading lord alliance itself is not weak.

Even though you guys have turned the invading lord alliance upside down, the other partys strength is still not to be underestimated.”

“Putting everything else aside, if we, the new lord alliances, join forces to attack the invading lord alliance, at the very least, we will lose many of our troops.

To us, this is still very disadvantageous.”

Hearing the words of the alliance leaders around them, Zhao Yuheng, Xu Xinghe, and the others frowned.

Now was definitely a good opportunity to attack the invading lord alliance.

If they were to miss it, it would definitely not be good.

However, the words of these new lord alliance leaders did not seem to be without reason.

Although the invading lord alliance had been stirred up by them, they definitely had some fighting strength now.

If they forcefully attacked, they would definitely suffer some losses.

Everyones gaze fell on Ren Qi.

At this moment, Ren Qis expression became grave.

“Everyone, I know everyones worries.

No matter how much chaos the invasion of the Lord Alliance has caused, its fighting strength will definitely still be quite high.

If we rashly attack, the other party will definitely cause some losses to our troops.”

“However, have you ever thought about when we will have the next alliance if we miss this opportunity”

“If we wait until the invading lord alliance recovers and recuperates before attacking us, wont the loss of our troops be even greater”

“Of course, if we are attacked at the end, the loss of our troops will definitely be the smallest.

However, can everyone be sure that they are the territory that the invading lord alliance will attack at the end”

Hearing Ren Qis questions, everyone fell silent.

Thats right.

Taking advantage of Ren Qis victory and his reputation, they had gathered all the new lords around them.

If they missed this opportunity and wanted to gather again… they didnt know when it would be.

When the invading lord alliance recovered, they would definitely attack their new lords.

At that time, when the attacked alliance called for help, would the surrounding alliances come together

To put it bluntly, the reason why everyone was hesitating was because they were hoping that the invading lord alliance wouldnt attack their territories first.

When that time came, the other new lord territories would help them offset the invading lord alliances combat power.

When the time came, the pressure on them would naturally be much less.

However, just as Ren Qi had said, who could guarantee that the invasion of the Lords Alliance would definitely be on someone elses territory and not their own

Thinking of this, the surrounding new lord alliance leaders revealed a hint of hesitation on their faces.

Seeing this, Ren Qi continued, “Everyone, the current situation is already very obvious.

After the invading lord alliance recovers, they will definitely attack us.

“We can only take advantage of the time when their troops are slightly damaged to launch an attack and annihilate the invading lord alliance.

Only then will we be able to completely eliminate the threat of the invading lord alliance.”

“Otherwise, when the invading lord alliance recovers, they will definitely launch an attack against us.

At that time, we can only fight on our own.

Everyone, do you think that you have a high chance of winning if you face the invading lord alliance alone”

Hearing Ren Qis words, the expressions of the alliance leaders became extremely ugly.

Ren Qis words were not alarmist, but something that could really happen.

If they were really attacked by the invading lord alliance at that time, they really didnt know what to do.

“If thats the case, Im willing to attack the invading lord alliance together with Alliance leader Ren Qi to offset the threat that the invading lord alliance poses to us.”

The alliance leader of Bear Countrys new lords alliance gritted his teeth as he looked at Ren Qi.


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