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When Yan Jingze left school with his backpack on his back, there was no one else on campus.

After walking out of the school gate, he looked around and saw the car Su Moxiu mentioned not far away.

It was a very popular car.

The windows were all covered with film so that people inside could not be seen…It can be seen that Su Moxiu was very cautious.

Yan Jingze walked over, opened the co-pilots door, and called out sweetly to Su Moxiu who was in the drivers seat: “Gege!”

Su Moxius heart trembled.

The little fat man round face looked at him intently, with only him in his eyes, making his heart beat fast…Su Moxius lips curled up: “Get in the car, Ill take you to my house.”

After Yan Jingze got into the car, Su Moxiu started the car and drove to a certain house of his in the bustling area of ​​T City.

The house is next to his company.

It was a finely decorated house when he bought it, so he just lives there occasionally.

In the past two days, he had someone clean up the house carefully, and also added a lot of things to ensure that the little fat man can stay there comfortably after he comes.

Su Moxiu led Yan Jingze into his house.

The house is a large flat with a large hall and a large balcony.

The sunlight from outside makes the house extraordinarily bright.

“What do you want to drink” Su Moxiu asked.

Yan Jingze said, “Just plain water.”

Trying to figure out the little fat mans taste, Su Moxiu, who bought a refrigerator of drinks, was a little disappointed.

He went to boil the water in the teapot.

“This is where I live.

I dont know if you like the decoration style.

If you dont like it, you can change it…” Su Moxiu suddenly realized something was wrong after saying that.

He is acting too eager again!

“I really like it!” Yan Jingze said.


didnt care about the decoration style at all – as long as it was where Su Moxiu was, he liked it.

The two looked at each other and smiled, an ambiguous atmosphere spread between them…

At the same time, Chu Qiyu was already waiting for Shao Shenyang in an empty house, waiting to be demolished, by a certain alley with some people he was acquainted with before in the community.

Shao Chenyang didnt have many friends, so he basically didnt tell his classmates about himself.

Even Sun Binbin didnt know that he wouldnt be going home on the weekends, let alone Chu Qiyu.

“Boy, when will the person you mentioned come” A man with yellow hair beside Chu Qiyu asked Chu Qiyu.

Chu Qiyu smelled the smell of smoke mixed with bad breath coming from this mans mouth, he frowned and took a step back.

When he was young, he longed for the gangster life, so he asked someone to contact such a group of people.

However, now he really doesnt like these kinds of people.

But he also wanted their help.

Chu Qiyu said: “He will stop at the station in front, and then walk through this alley to go home.

There is no mistake.

As for why he didnt come, it may be because he missed the bus and has to wait for the next one.”

“Then well wait.” Yellow hair said.

When he said that, he gave Chu Qiyu a dissatisfied look.

Dont think he cant see it, this person doesnt like him!

Chu Qiyu didnt notice yellow hairs dissatisfaction.

Even if he did, he doesnt care either.

Now his thoughts are all on Shao Shenyang.

Before he left school today, he made an agreement with his classmates.

He took his classmates car to come here, and then immediately joined yellow hair and the others to wait here.

Shao Shenyang always takes the bus to go home.

He usually leaves school late, so he should be after him…But the bus came once just now, and Shao Shenyang didnt get off, which also made him a little anxious.

The bus that Shao Shenyang was on ran every half an hour.

Chu Qiyu and others waited for another half an hour.

The bus came, but no one got off it.

Yellow hair and the others were getting impatient.

Chu Qiyu saw this and said: “He must have been delayed by something at school! Wait for the next bus, he will be here…I will give you an extra thousand.”

Hearing that Chu Qiyu was willing to add one thousand, yellow hair and the others called Chu Qiyu brothers again.

However, they waited for another half an hour and still no one came.

A little gangster like yellow hair didnt have the patience to wait forever: “Weve been waiting for more than an hour but the person hasnt come yet, we wont wait anymore!”

“Ill add another two thousand!” Chu Qiyu said.

Yellow hair and the others stopped walking.

However, after half an hour, no one came.

Yellow hair had already smoked a pack of cigarettes.

He blew out a smoke ring and asked Chu Qiyu: “Do we still have to wait If we still have to wait, you need to pay more!”

“He should have taken a different route today, so theres no need to wait,” Chu Qiyu said.

“Although we failed to accomplish anything, the main reason is that you made a mistake, so the money must not be less!” Yellow hair said.

Chu Qiyu asked yellow hair and the others to help, the promised money was only 5,000.

Later, he added a little more.

Now the total has reached about 10,000.

Chu Qiyu didnt take the amount seriously at all: “Ill transfer the money to you.”

“Do it.” Yellow hair took out his phone.

Chu Qiyu used his mobile phone to transfer the money to yellow hair, but…he couldnt log into his account on his mobile phone!

Chu Qiyu frowned.

After logging in with his account password, he wanted to transfer money, but…the account balance is insufficient!

He quickly changed the payment method, but the transfer was still unsuccessful.

He also found that the amount in his online payment account was gone!

Everyone pays online these days, and no one brings cash, let alone him, who doesnt even have a metal coin on him.

What is going on exactly

This is of course because…Madam Chu suspended Chu Qiyus card and transferred away the money in Chu Qiyus account.

The mobile phone card that Chu Qiyu used before was from Madam Chu many years ago using her own ID card.

Madam Chu wanted to do this, it was too easy for her!

However, at the beginning, madam Chu only wanted to suspend Chu Qiyus bank card.

She didnt do anything to the money in Chu Qiyus WeChat and school campus card.

She plans to wait for Chu Qiyu to go home and have a talk with Chu Qiyu before she stops it.

As a result…after school on Saturday, their driver didnt pick up Chu Qiyu!

She didnt know where Chu Qiyu went.

She called Chu Qiyu but Chu Qiyu didnt answer!

Madam Chu was so irritated that she reissued the phone card on the spot and transferred the money in Chu Qiyus account.

Therefore, Chu Qiyu has now become a penniless pauper.

When encountering such a situation before, Chu Qiyu will call Sun Binbin and Sun Binbin will send him the money, but now Sun Binbin has fallen out with Chu Qiyu!

As for his other friends…they were all high school students.

Their family sent them to W High School, which showed that their management was very strict, so it was difficult for them to give him a large sum of money without their parents consent.

Chu Qiyu was also embarrassed to borrow such a small amount of money from them.

Chu Qiyu looked at yellow hair: “My family has suspended my bank card.

I will give you your money in two days.” He believed that as long as he went back to make trouble, his mother would definitely give him the money.

Yellow hair and the others were already very angry when Chu Qiyu was fiddling with his mobile phone during the day and failed to transfer the money.

Now seeing this scene, they are even more angry: “Mother**er, you are playing with us! Give the money right here! Ive been here for so long and you still wont pay!”

Chu Qiyu has known yellow hair and the others for a long time.

The original Chu Qiyu was full of admiration when facing these people, saying good things one after another, so yellow hair quite liked this underage young master.

In addition, Chu Qiyu would invite yellow hair and the others to dinner from time to time…If this happened a month ago, even if Chu Qiyus bank card was blocked, yellow hair would not care about it.

But since Chu Qiyu was reborn, his attitude towards yellow hair and the others changed.

A few days ago, yellow hair called Chu Qiyu to ask for some money.

When Chu Qiyu flatly refused, yellow hair was already very upset.

Today, Chu Qiyu still looks down on them and disdains them!

Yellow hair pushed Chu Qiyu: “Stinky boy! If you dont give me the money, dont even think about leaving!”

Chu Qiyu was even more unhappy: “I have no money!”

“Your shoes, your clothes, your watch and your phone should be worth some money, so take them off!” Yellow hair said.

Chu Qiyu felt a little disgusted when yellow hair said this: “My watch is worth hundreds of thousands.

I will give you the watch…”

“Fuck, a watch is worth hundreds of thousands, rich people!” Yellow hair sneered: “I hate rich people the most!”

Yellow hair rushed up with the people under his hands and immediately snatched Chu Qiyu clean, even the brand-name sports clothes Chu Qiyu wore was taken off.

Chu Qiyu asked them to come out to help rob a person, he still has the chat records here! He is not afraid of Chu Qiyu calling the police!

Yellow hair and the others took the things they snatched from Chu Qiyu and left swaggeringly.

Yellow hair and the others left Chu Qiyu with a short sleeve and his underwear.

Since childhood till now, when has he ever gotten into such a mess Without his mobile phone, he has no way to contact his friends.

After a while, someone passed by, so Chu Qiyu borrowed their mobile phone to call home.

Not long after, the Su family driver arrived at the entrance of the alley.

Madam Chu got out of the car and found her youngest son, who was curled up in a ball in the autumn wind.

Her tall and big boy was stripped clean… Madam Chu was worried and angry at the same time.

Her youngest son ran out without getting into the family car and ended up…Look at what happened!

Madam Chu asked: “What happened to you Who robbed you”

“Dont worry about it!” Chu Qiyu refused to cooperate.

“Okay, I dont care about it.

Ill just call the police!” Madam Chu laughed angrily.

“Dont call the police!” Chu Qiyu quickly refused.

Madam Chu became angrier and sneered.

She cant call the police…This shows that her youngest son has done something shameful!

Chu Qiyu was taken home by Madam Chu.

On the way, Madam Chu told Chu Qiyu about her decision: “Chu Qiyu, I will stop all your bank cards.

From now on, I will transfer 100 yuan to your campus card every day.

You have to save some money yourself.”

“Its not fair!” Chu Qiyu shouted.

Although his parents were dissatisfied with him in his previous life, they had never done such a thing before…What is going on

“We gave you all your money.

Now we dont want to give it to you, what does it have to do with fairness” Madam Chu asked with a cold face, then didnt care about Chu Qiyu anymore.

Chu Qiyu was so angry that he didnt talk to Madam Chu too.

Shao Shenyang knew nothing about Chu Qiyus affairs.

He was currently wandering in the ocean of knowledge.

As for Yan Jingze and Su Moxiu…They were sticky all afternoon, cooking, eating, and watching movies together…

Concerned that the little fat man was still a minor, Su Moxiu did not reveal his feelings to the little fat man.

But he was sure of one thing—the little fat man liked him.

Of course he likes the little fat man too!

Yan Jingze was going back to the school at night.

Su Moxiu sent him to the school gate, dropped him off, and reluctantly said: “I will pick you up tomorrow morning.”

“Okay, gege, Ill be waiting for you.” Yan Jingze said while holding the laptop that Su Moxiu gave him today.

He told Su Moxiu that he wanted a laptop, and Su Moxiu immediately gave him the laptop.

His wife is so kind to him!

Yan Jingze waited until Su Moxius car was out of sight before returning to the dormitory sullenly.

When Shao Shenyang saw him, he was very happy: “Youre back!” He had a lot of questions that he couldnt answer, so he was waiting to ask Yan Jingze!

Yan Jingze set a lunch box on the table: “Im back…heres what I brought for you.”

“I dont need…” Shao Shenyang quickly refused.

Yan Jingze said: “I made this.

I made too much and couldnt finish it, so I bought it for you.

If you dont like it, just throw it away.”

“You made it” Shao Chenyang was a little surprised.

Yan Jingze nodded: “Yes, I made it…I cooked for my partner today, and he praised me that the food is delicious.

You should try it!”

Shao Chenyang opened the lunch box and found that it was full of beef stew with potatoes.

The appearance is average, but it is very fragrant.

“Its delicious, isnt it” Yan Jingze said, “My partner bought a food bag and it was made from the food bag! Alas, he has prepared so well that my cooking skills are completely useless.”

“Did you go to her house” Shao Chenyang asked in surprise.

Forget about puppy love, Shi Chengying dared to go to his partners house…This is too amazing!

Yan Jingze said: “Go!”

Shao Shenyang looked at Yan Jingze with admiration: “Then her parents…”

“His parents were not there.” Yan Jingze said.

Thats how it is…but its also amazing!

Shao Chenyang was embarrassed to inquire too much, so he didnt ask any more.

He accepted the beef stew with potatoes from Yan Jingze, and planned to eat it tomorrow.

He poured the stewed beef and potatoes into his lunch box and washed Yan Jingzes lunch box.

After washing, Yan Jingze touched his head and sighed: “Oh, I dont know when my hair will grow…”

“Dont worry, it wont be long before its full again.” Shao Shenyang said.

Yan Jingze said: “Its just that the length is not enough! The length simply doesnt match my handsome appearance!”

Shao Chenyang: “…”

Yan Jingze continued: “Forget it, it takes time.

When I succeed in losing weight, my hair will definitely grow back.”

He opened his mouth and kept saying that he was handsome, but he was just joking.

He knew that he looked a little ugly now.

Losing weight has not been successful, fat people need to work hard!

Hearing Shi Chengying talk about losing weight, Shao Shenyang started admiring Shi Chengying again.

These days, he watched with his own eyes how Shi Chengying controlled his diet every day, not taking a single bite of what he shouldnt eat.

Its difficult for ordinary people to do this!

Others dont know but he watched Shi Chengying weigh himself every day, probably because of Shi Chengyings large base.

In the previous week, he basically lost weight at a rate of half a catty a day.

In just one week, he lost four catties.

If he loses weight at this rate, it wont be long before Shi Chengying loses his weight.

Just as Shao Chenyang was thinking about it, Shi Chengying took out his mobile phone, found an exercise video, played it silently, then followed suit.

Anyway, there is nothing to do…Shao Shenyang said: “Shi Chengying, turn on the volume, I will exercise with you.”

“Okay.” Yan Jingze agreed.

Shao Chenyangs body is a bit thin, so its better to exercise more.

To be honest, studying for a long time also requires a good body!

Shao Shenyang followed Yan Jingze to do exercises, first stretching, then jumping, squatting and so on…

After a while, he couldnt do it anymore and wanted to give up.


Shi Chengying was sweating profusely and turned pale, but he continued.

Seeing this, Shao Shenyang continued to exercise too.

But after exercising for a while, he couldnt do it anymore…It wasnt just him who couldnt do it, Yan Jingze also staggered and almost fell down.

“Are you okay” Shao Shenyang asked.

“Im fine.” Yan Jingze said, got up and continued.

“Would you like to rest for a while”

“No, I can do it.” Yan Jingze wiped off the sweat from his head with a towel, “As long as I believe in myself, then nothing can hinder me!”

He has lost some weight, his head injury has healed a lot, so its time to start exercising!

Yan Jingze exercised for a long time before taking a shower and went to bed.

He is exhausted!

At this time, Su Moxiu had just returned home.

As soon as he got home, Su Moxiu saw his parents sitting in the living room with solemn expressions.

Seeing him, father Su said, “Axiu, lets go to the study to talk.”

Su Moxiu knew that his parents would talk to him after he behaved abnormally, but he didnt expect it to be so soon.

He followed his parents into the study on the second floor.

When the door of the study was closed, father Su said, “Recently, your brother is really worrisome and you are absent-minded all day…Your mother and I are getting older, so we dont want to guess.

Whats going on with you…lets talk about it.”

Su Moxiu said, “Okay.”

Su Moxiu didnt refuse to talk like Chu Qiyu did, father Su was quite satisfied: “You havent eaten or drink much recently, whats going on”

Su Moxiu didnt hide anything: “Dad…I found out that I like men.”

Father Sus expression changed drastically.

Neither Father Su nor Madam Chu could accept that their eldest son, who was outstanding in everything, liked men.

But even if they cant accept it…Su Moxiu is an adult and can live without relying on them, they cant do anything about Su Moxiu.

And this kind of thing…They also know that it was something people were born with.

Su Moxiu has always been prudent, telling them about this now…he must have made a decision.

Father Su and Madam Chu felt powerless, but they still disagreed.

Su Moxiu said: “Dad, Mom, I cant help it, and I cant change it…I like men.”

“You havent dated girls before, how do you know you cant change” Madam Chu asked.

“Mom, if I like to date girls, why havent I dated any for so long”

This is true, but Madam Chu still said: “Did someone seduce you In this society, there are too many shameless people…”

“Mom!” Su Moxiu said, “I liked him first, and he hasnt promised me yet, dont say that!”

“Who is it” Ms.

Chu asked again.

At this moment, Su Moxiu turned silent.

T/N: Yan Jingze use he while Shao Shenyang use she (he thought it was a girl and with Chinese he and she sound about the same it also doesnt help clear the misunderstanding lol)

1 catty is about 1.32 pounds.


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