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"Im sorry" she told Romeo massaging her forehead with her thump. "Im just thinking why Pastor Arstein would want to see me,Im scared".

"Hahahheee...hehe you fear funny things my bad,you look like you saw a villain from a horror movies,hehehehe", Romeo told Autumn laughing and holding his stomach.

He received a light slap from Autumn on the shoulder "ouch!!" he acclaimed in fake pain "that hurts miss".

"Yeah,next time don make fun of serious situations", she burst out with laughing also after seeing his sour face.

They were laughing like crazy when they heard the clearing of throat before them,they look up and saw the pastor with a playful grin in his face.

She stood and almost fell to the ground,if not for Romeo"Oh sir,Im so....sorry,we were just.....uhm-mm, talking", Autumn said feeling nervous,what if the pastor thought they were flirting in Gods house.

"Its nothing Autumn,can I see you in my office?" Sir Arstein told her turning and leaving for his office already.

Autumn looked at Romeo with the Im scared look and he put his two thumbs up assuring her it was nothing,she followed the pastor in the left corner of the room that led to a very small but neat office.

She looked around and admired the office,it was her first time being in the Pastors office.

He had a picture of his wife and his daughter seated in the middle of the table,it was visible to anyone entering the office because it was faced at the door.

"Take a seat child", Sir Arstein gestured his hand to an lost Autumn. She sat opposite the Pastors own chair, and behaved like a statue while the pastor drank water.

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