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Chapter 10: Convocation (2)

Zion scanned the people inside the audience chamber.

People look at him with their eyes filled with interest, surprise, and disgust.

They are the siblings of Zion Agnes.

Everyone except Evelyn was new to him, but Zion knew who they were.

The Fifth Princess Diena Agnes was born as a half-elf and supported by the Elven Forest.

Likewise, the Fourth Prince Utekan Agnes was a prince who inherited the blood of the giants and was backed by the power of the Giant Tribe.

And—the Third Prince Enoch Agnes.

Unlike the other two, he had no special association with the third-generation external forces.

However, he not only has ‘Ozrima’, a Daemado family who produced one of the ‘transcendence’, which was called the peak of the world, as his mother’s family.

His magic skills also were already so great that he was holding all the support of the towers and the wizards.

And was also in direct conflict with Zion himself.

“The standards in the Baeksong Palace have dropped a lot.

I never thought I’d see you step foot in here, Zion.”

Enoch frowned as he watched Zion enter the audience chamber with Liusina, who followed him.

“Hahaha, brother.

Don’t say it like that.

Now that Zion has just passed the Succession Ceremony, isn’t it natural that he deserves to be here”

Before Zion responded, Utekan burst into a loud laugh and opened his mouth.

“That’s right, brother.

Why is our brother so thoughtless”

Disputing what Enoch said with Utekan, Diena took a peek at Zion.

Hmm… he seems a bit different.

Clearly, unlike in the past, when he couldn’t even make eye contact with them, her half-brother was looking straight to their side.

Zion’s calm eyes were also something that could not be seen before.

Did his personality change due to repeated life threats

Well, it still won’t change.

Diena smiled softly at the thought.

No matter how much his personality changed and how much strength he gradually gained, he could never close the gap between them, which had already widened to the point of heaven and earth.

And it was even more impossible with his body, which had not even mastered proper swordsmanship, let alone injure them.

I’m a little worried about that ominous energy, but…

That alone couldn’t put her in check because the other Agnes monsters alone were already a target in check.

Compared to them, Zion was really like a worm crawling on the ground, like Enoch’s metaphor.

Zion naturally passes their eyes and settles on one side of the audience chamber.

“You’re late, Zion.”

“I’ve got some work to do.”

Zion responded to Evelyn, who approached next to him as he looked at the empty throne.

Hasn’t the Emperor come yet

Perhaps he is waiting for the Princes and the Princesses to gather.

Zion assumed that the reason the emperor had summoned the Imperial Family today was related to the help he had told him before.



Liusina in the back quietly called Zion.

When Zion looked back, he saw Liusina flashing red eyes with a bright red murderousness.

“Anyway, aren’t all of them here now enemies of master So wouldn’t it be better to kill them all when they’re all together”

Liusina was born as a natural killer.

Therefore, she liked killing life more than anything else, the stronger the life was, the brighter the light of life flowing out, and the greater her desire to kill them.

Those who are here are great powers who are hard to find as an opponent in the world.

Therefore, her desire had risen to its maximum.

If it weren’t for Zion’s words, she would have gone on a killing spree long ago.

I brought her here by mistake.

Zion quietly kicks his tongue inside—

“Hey, I think our father will come out a little late anyway, so wouldn’t it be too boring to wait like this”

The Fourth Prince Utekan, looked around the people in the audience chamber as he opened his mouth.

People’s gazes focused on him and his words.

Utekan grinned at the people staring at him and continued his words.

“How about some light sparring in between Well, it could be between us, or between other people.”

If the others had said it, they would have said they were a madman, but it was possible if it was Utekan.

He was a born fighting maniac and liked to watch people fight.

His desire to fight was not limited to any place.

“If it’s others… Are you saying that we should have the subordinates we brought to compete with each other”

“That’s good, but…”

In response to Enoch’s words, Utekan looked at Zion with meaningful eyes.

“Why don’t Zion fight this time I’d like to see how he passed the ceremony.”

“That’s nice.

I also want to see how much my youngest brother has changed so far.”

Diena hit the palm of her hand and responded.

“Right If he fights with us right away, Zion will be under a lot of pressure, so let’s stick him with one of the ones we’ve brought in.”

“Not bad.

I’ll provide his opponent.”

Enoch not only agreed with Utekan’s words but also actively provided his own performance wizard as his opponent.

A decision that does not reflect Zion’s opinion at all, as if he did not exist here.

That was the position of Zion among them and the hospitality that Zion was receiving at the Imperial Castle.

“Oh, Zion, you’re okay with it, right”

Utekan asked Zion as if he had already decided everything and just confirmed it.


Evelyn, who was watching them, was a little dumbfounded.

It was never okay.

In the first place, such sparring itself could not be established since it’s a confrontation between the Imperial Family and a subordinate not between the Imperial Family.

In addition, no matter how recently he has changed, Zion is so weak that he was called a disgrace to the Imperial Family.

However, if it was the sparring person who was good enough to perform right next to the Imperial Family, the result was already known even before the start.

Maybe they also don’t think Zion has passed using his own power in the Succession Ceremony that was completely manipulated.

This was merely intended to make Zion a spectacle.

“What are you doing no—”

It was when Evelyn tried to open her mouth angrily.

“Of course it’s fine.”

Zion replied, who had been watching them talk with languid eyes.

“But I don’t do sparring.”

Along with the words, Zion’s eyes narrowed as he looked at the other Imperial Families.

The eyes that no one knows what one is thinking.

“Zion, what do you mean”

Evelyn looked at Zion with a slightly bewildered expression at his completely unexpected remark.

“Kuhahaha! Yes, a man should have that kind of spirit! There, make space in the middle!”

Utekan laughed loudly and began to make a plate for sparring.

“Zion, say you won’t do it now.

That wizard Enoch brought is not someone you can handle yet.”

“Yes, just hand it over to me, master.

I’ll go out instead.”

The reasons were different, but despite the words of the two women who dissuaded him, Zion only walked to a wide space in the middle of the audience chamber.

“Just relax.”

There was a little coldness in Enoch’s eyes looking at Zion as he whispered to his subordinate, Grit Whittaker, a middle-aged wizard.

As a combat wizard who spent more than 20 years on the battlefield, Enoch was one of the people who called him to the Imperial Castle in recognition of his ability.

He was also one of the most brutal in proportion to his abilities.

“But he’s the Prince.

Can I do that”

“What can we do He says he doesn’t do sparring.

Then do a real fight.”

The Third Prince answered Grit’s question with a cruel smile.

Grit’s eyes began to shine as he looked at Zion.

It was a very different experience for him to see the blood of the Imperial Family.

“Now, let’s start the battle!”

And so, as soon as Grit stood in the center of the audience chamber, Utekan looked at them and shouted in a loud voice.


Evelyn looks anxiously at Zion, who is standing opposite her.

She was still agonizing over whether she should step in and stop the contest.

“Ah… I wanted to kill him.”

Unlike Evelyn, Liusina mumbles with a look that says someone spoils one’s fun.

It was the moment when Evelyn, who was beside her, looked at her with questionable eyes at the words that didn’t match the situation.


In a moment, an eerie sound echoed from the center of the audience chamber.

Along with that—


Grit’s head fell to the ground.

Maybe he didn’t know he was going to die until the end, but his head still rolls on the floor with glistening eyes.

Grit’s body slowly collapsed with its head gone.

Zion stood with languid eyes as usual with the wizard’s blood dripping from his right hand.


As if cold water had been poured on them, the audience chamber instantly fell silent.

The situation was completely unexpected, and even Enoch and the other princes and princesses were silent with their eyes wide open.

What on earth had happened

He didn’t use magic or footwork.

He just rushed forward, swung his arm, and hit Grit on the head.

It was just that the series of movements were so fast that Grit could not react.

The face of Enoch, the third prince, who had been staring blankly at Grit whose head had disappeared, began to be distorted with anger and embarrassment.

“Zion, you…!”

“I told you—”

Zion cut off Enoch’s words and smirked at him.

“I don’t do sparring.”

The ability to kill an outstanding combat wizard at once was also a skill.

The embarrassment was added because he didn’t know that Zion, who couldn’t even kill an ant, would really blow his subordinate’s head.

“You bastard…!”

Rather than becoming frustrated from losing his subordinates’ life, he was angrier that he was embarrassed by Zion, who he had seen as nothing like a bug.

It was the moment when the Astral Stars, which were deeply submerged in Enoch’s eyes, slowly shone.

“Your Majesty the Emperor is here!”

There was a loud shout and the door of the audience chamber opened again.

Then, an old man slowly entered the audience chamber.

It was Emperor Urdios Agnes.

“I greet His Majesty the Emperor.”

“Greet His Majesty the Emperor.”

People stop everything they were doing and bow their heads to Urdios.

Thud, thud.

The emperor begins to walk slowly among those people.

He could not even walk without the support of his two servants and the energy of death were looming from his face.

The overwhelming charisma from the old man’s whole body naturally weighed everyone around him.

“—What is this”

On the way, the emperor asks while looking at Grit’s corpse lying on the floor with cold eyes.


“Take it away.”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

Even though he is old and sick, he is still the ruler of the world.

While Urdios crossed the hall and headed for the throne, no one, including the arrogant Imperial Family, remained motionless with their heads bowed except for Zion.

The emperor sitting on the throne quietly looks at his children.

The stars of Astral slowly shone in his eyes.

At that time, Evelyn opened her mouth to the emperor as a representative.

“In the meantime, how have you been”

“Do I look like I’m healthy”

Urdios replied with a snort.

“Indeed, since I’ve never shown my face once, how could you know”


People bowed their heads even more with their mouths tightly shut, knowing that those words were not only for Evelyn but for everyone here.

“It won’t be good for a long time, so let’s get to the point right away.”

At the emperor’s words, the faces of the princes and princesses became questionable.

It was because they really couldn’t guess why the emperor had gathered them together.

“The reason why I called you all today is to choose a successor.

No, I’ve already decided.”


At that moment, all the Imperial Family members, including Evelyn, raised their heads in unison.

It was such a sudden remark.

Besides, not even Prince Rubrios was present at this moment.

But he’s declaring his successor This is a situation that no one expected.

However, the following words of the emperor were so unprecedented that they erased everything that had happened so far.

Urdios stared gently at Zion, there was a little mischievousness in the eyes of the emperor.

Don’t tell me that help…

The moment Zion realized something from Urdios’s appearance.

“The successor is Zion Agnes.”

The Emperor dropped a bombshell from his mouth.


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