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The bright world has fallen, it’s like pouring ink on a watercolor painting.

At the end of Zion’s last word, the annihilation world, which was colored with blood due to evil resentments, became dark.

Liusina felt it.

“Is this a test Are you testing me”

The witch snickered, thinking it was a ridiculous joke.

It was no wonder that she felt this way because the difference between herself and the man who used the strange power was huge. 

She was already strong enough to reach transcendence two hundred years ago, and now she is even stronger.

By comparison, the guy named Zion might be better than his peers, but he can barely win no matter what he did, he’ll always look like a wriggling bug.

“The power you use is amazing, so I tried to watch you for a while without killing you… If you meant to offend me, you succeeded.”

No, in fact, Liusina had no intention of letting Zion live since he entered the annihilation world.

It’s been a long time since the seal was lifted, but the remnants of the annihilation still remained in Liusina and she found it irritating. 

In order to get rid of the remnants, Liusina thought that the only answer was to enter the annihilation world again and completely destroy the caster, and that’s why she left the Monument of the Evil Spirits unattended.

That was also one of the reasons why she stayed in the forest.


Zion stood still and didn’t answer as if he were frightened by her.

Liusina looked down at Zion and smiled cruelly.

“How many lives do you have”

Sangria Requiem.

One of her signature magic, Sangria Requiem, was able to extract the portion of life from the blood of her victim and make it her own.

Liusina also used the power contained in her to take the life of her opponent.


When Liusina gently pulled her hand back, the heads of hundreds of beasts in the vicinity gathered on her arm and formed one giant monstrum.


The atmosphere shook even if it was just by the breath of the monstrum’s head.



With a huge roar ringing throughout the world, the huge head of the monstrum which looks like a wolf shot its red eyes at Zion.

Unable to overcome the power contained in it, the space where the head of the monstrum passed by collapsed.

Zion simply looks at the monstrum approaching him as if it didn’t matter. 

And finally–


The monstrum that’s approaching right in front of him opens its huge mouth to devour Zion.

It was at this moment when Liusina’s eyes narrowed in a crescent shape.


It was a moment.

No, it was even shorter than a moment.

The head of the monstrum that opened its mouth towards Zion disappeared along with her right arm.


Liusina’s eyes are bewildered by a situation that completely exceeds her perception.

What had just happened It was not even cut, eaten, or torn by something.

Her right arm, which had transformed into a monstrum, literally disappeared without any sign.


“If you swallow me, your stomach will explode.”

Zion grinned and opened his mouth.

Zion’s laughter contained such ominousness that it could not even be compared to Liusina.

Astral Darkness.

The most bizarre and powerful force in the world and the source of Zion.

At the same time, as Zion entered the annihilation world, he felt that Astral Darkness was not only filling up his body but is also spreading out into the whole of this world.

In his head, he felt the feeling of constant expansion.

He processed the infinite amount of information coming from it and creates hundreds of best ways to eliminate enemies in front of him in seconds. 

The power of the Astral Darkness that unified the world of the past is now returning to Zion’s body.

At this moment, Zion already knew that he can defeat any being in front of him.

“…What have you done”

In the meantime, Liusina, who quickly regenerated her right arm, glared at Zion and asked.

Her smiling eyes had suddenly disappeared.

The disappearance of her right arm was not a big problem, the problem was that Liusina herself could not recognize it.

“Can’t you see”

“How dare you…”

Soon after, Liusina’s face began to distort with anger.

Was it shameful to take a blow from him who she thought was a bug


Tens of thousands of red eyes in the sky began to burst into terrifying waves as they looked at Zion at once.

The Gaze of Evil.

One of Liusina’s main magic which was used in the battle against Dranir’s hero in the past.

She knew he had a hidden card, but even so, the basic level difference is up here at least Liusina thought so.


Red waves fill the annihilation world as it falls down aiming only at Zion.

Zion looks at the waves approaching him with calm eyes and puts one hand forward.

The moment when Zion’s hand is firmly grasped.


The burst of red light waves, and the tens of thousands of red eyes that fired those waves, all disappeared from the world as if God erases parts of the world with an eraser.

“What the hell is this…”

Liusina’s mouth naturally opened at the overwhelming and commonsensical sight.

This is the second time already.

However, despite seeing it before her eyes, she had no idea what or how it was done.

It was not magic or martial arts neither sorcery nor spiritual art.

Even she, who had lived for hundreds of years, could not guess the source of this power. 


“You still don’t know”

A low voice whispered from Liusina’s ear.

When she turned her head, there was Zion smiling in front of her.


At the same time, as if they recognized Zion, the claws of the monstrums from all over Liusina are poured out to tear Zion apart.



Her head disappeared more quickly than that.

Zion’s hand dripped blood from where Liusina’s missing head was.

He wondered how many times did Liusina has lost her head.


As if turning back time, the flesh scattered around and gathered as they began to form her head again.

“You bas…!”

The newly opened red eyes from her entire body looked at Zion, along with swear words that popped out of her mouth which was almost half said.


This time her entire upper body disappeared, along with her head.

Crush! Crush! Crush!

A one-sided battle followed.

No, every time she regenerated, her body is smashed by Zion, and not even a proper battle takes place.

What the hell is this…!

She couldn’t come to her senses, her attacks were all erased before they were completed, and she did not even understand how her opponent’s attacks were applied.

No matter how wide the distance is and even if she finds a space to regenerate her body, he follows and destroys everything as if he knows where she is going.

How, how…

Horror, fear, and despair all were familiar words to Liusina mainly because she gave her opponent these feelings.

And yet–


Now it was the opposite, a feeling of helplessness and fear gradually increases.

Blood magic is difficult to learn even with decent talent.

She felt something was amiss, but then she realized something, from when she first felt the feeling of when she reached a high mastery of blood magic.

And at that moment–

Finally, the witch of a thousand years old realized when she felt the world was a little dark.

This is already his territory.


At the same time, her regenerated eyes meet Zion’s.

In the eyes of such a monster, the witch saw black stars spinning countless times.


She might die.

No, she will die.

Fear rose and a scream came from Liusina’s mouth.

Crush! Crush! 

But Zion’s hand doesn’t stop.


“What do you mean stop You have a lot of life anyway.”

Zion chuckled and replied to the urgent sound from the witch’s mouth.

Sangria Requiem.

One of the unique magic of a thousand-year-old witch, is a secret art that allows her to take a portion of the life of the person she kills and keep it for herself.

There would still be thousands of lives left in that witch.

“How do you…”

Liusina’s eyes are stained with astonishment.


Her eyes are smashed by Zion again.

It is often said that an oath or contract engraved on the soul can never be broken.

It was difficult to make a direct move on the soul, but it was possible in this world of annihilation because this was a world where only souls existed from the beginning.


One of the many uses of the annihilation process along with annihilation and sealing.

Zion intended to inscribe absolute obedience to Liusina here with perfect fear.

“Shall I just get rid of half of it”

The darkness that had risen like haze from Zion’s fingertips began to thicken.

* * *

Slowly, the dawn broke, Zion opened his eyes and checked his body and surroundings.

Fortunately, nothing happened.

Due to the full disappearance of the evil resentment, he could see the sunlight in the forest and the appearance of Rain Dranir lying unconscious, and beside him.

“Gasp, gasp!”

He saw Liusina breathing and raising her body.

I wish I had more time.

With those words, there was a little regret in Zion’s eyes.

For now, he has instilled obedience in Liuisina, but not perfectly.

Before that, the world of annihilation was destroyed because it couldn’t stand Zion’s Astral Darkness.

But this isn’t bad.

In fact, this plan was like a gamble for Zion.

Zion didn’t even know if his power would return to the world of annihilation.

Still, getting a thousand-year-old witch was a gamble well worth taking.

At least for Liusina, because she was one of the strongest people in this world.

If she were to awaken as the ‘Witch of the Apocalypse’ at a later date, she would be strong enough to deal with all the heroes alone, but it will not happen unless Zion intervenes.

“I lost.

I was completely beaten.”

In the meantime, Liusina, who had regained her breath, looked at Zion and opened her mouth in a vain tone.

Nothing changed on the outside, but he could feel the sign of obedience clearly engraved deep in her soul.

It was a great disgrace, but Liusina felt relieved that she had come out of the annihilation world which is why she was afraid of Zion.

“It might not be bad for you.”

She’s strong enough to be reckoned with, she even once terrorized the continent as the main enemy of mankind.

Where on earth did such a person come from

“But you shouldn’t let your guard down.”

Liusina continues with a smiling smile around her mouth as if she has not yet completely surrendered.

“Someday I’ll break this imprint and rip your neck off.”

“As much as you want.”

To which Zion replied with a twinkle in his eye, as if in anticipation.

This level of tension will be a good boost for her.

“And from now on, call me Master.”

“…Yes, master.

And I want to ask you one last question.”

Zion looked at Liusina as if he was asking what the question was.

“I mean.

I love killing something.”

It wasn’t simply her favorite, it was fate, the reason for her to live.

The more the ‘object’ fought and struggled, the greater the pleasure the witch felt.

“How many guys can I kill if I follow you”

To that question.

“Beyond whatever you think.”

Zion smiled and answered.


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