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Episode 11

Chapter 6 Black Forest (2)

“No matter how much I ponder, I don’t understand.”

A low murmur escaped Priscilla’s mouth as she walked down a hallway in Chimseong Palace with quick steps.

Was that truly the work of a black wizard

There were more than just one or two suspicious aspects.

Black magic was not a suitable method for assassinating people.

An offering was needed, and the practical use of black magic itself wasn’t very secretive. 

Rather, it was far more efficient to dispatch an assassin once more.

Furthermore, she knew.

She knew that the magic circle she had completed by Prince Zion’s order was not simply designed to detect black magic.

Perhaps even the Imperial Palace will become suspicious this time.

Therefore, they would conduct their own investigation and the results would be revealed soon.

However, Priscilla had no intention of waiting until then. She wanted to hear the truth directly from Zion.

No, shouldn’t he at least tell me himself I even drew the magic circle and provided my blood!

Due to this, she had been visiting Zion’s personal training ground every day since then.

“His Highness doesn’t wish to see anyone right now.”

All that she was met with each time was a refusal, and even that was conveyed by Fredo.


“Due to the shock caused by the previous incident…”

“Lies… No, please don’t lie! It was Prince Zion himself who handled the situation in the first place!”

“Please refrain from speaking of it.

His Highness has ordered you to remain silent regarding it.”


I’m neither affiliated with Chimseong Palace, nor am I His Highness’ subordinate.

Why then should I comply…”

Priscilla, speaking out in anger, fell silent as she recalled Zion’s languid gaze.

He hadn’t spoken to her in a coercive manner, nor did he pressure her with his incomprehensible power.

Yet, Priscilla still felt compelled to obey Zion for some reason.

Something dwelt deep in Zion’s placid eyes.

Something magical that compelled obedience and prevented resistance.

It had certainly not existed in Prince Zion before.

“Oh, and His Highness had something he wished to convey to Lady Priscilla.”

Fredo’s voice resounded in Priscilla’s ear, breaking her out of her reverie.

“What is it”

“If you have no further business, please return to your home…”

Her expression, which had momentarily brightened up, crumpled at those words.

* * *

The Chronicles of the Hero of Frosimar depicted the future hundreds of years later in the world in which Zion was originally born.

As such, all kinds of technology had been developed…


The magic train that Zion boarded was one of them.

The magic train, which used mana as a power source to traverse a designated railroad, was one of the most favoured means of transportation, capable of travelling almost anywhere within the Empire.

I’ll have to develop it once I return to my original world.

It seemed as though he was absorbed in thoughts of the magic train and the dazzling scenery, and he truly was intrigued as he watched the scenery outside the window flash by, but Zion’s eyes secretly glanced towards the next compartment.

From there he sensed a secretive gaze.

As expected.

I knew I would be shadowed when I left the secret branch of “Moonlit Snow”.

In fact, I purposely exposed my hair in a discreet manner for that reason.

Having one of their members in close proximity would facilitate obtaining additional information.

Regardless, they wouldn’t be able to obtain any further information from him.

There was a possibility that information regarding him having left could circulate in the capital due to his hair being exposed, but Zion was confident that it would not happen.

First of all, Moonlit Snow tended to refrain from acting and simply observe when the Imperial palace or the Imperial family were involved.

Moonlit Snow, which prioritises trust and accuracy above all else, would not present information which had yet to be verified.

Zion’s face was not known to the outside world, as he had not stepped outside the palace since he was a child, so it would take considerable time to identify him.

By the time they had pieced it all together, Zion would have returned to the capital.

I chose Moonlit Snow for a different reason, though.

Of course, Moonlit Snow was also one of the predominant information guilds, but there were other reputable information guilds to choose from.

Nevertheless, the reason why Zion chose Moonlit Snow was because, as per The Chronicles of Frosimar, it was the one that served as the eyes and ears of the heroes who would appear in the near future.

It was the guild that generously supported the heroes with the sole purpose of saving the world while disregarding profit.

Therefore, he wanted to see it firsthand.

“We will be arriving at Ruin Station shortly, so please exit through the left door…”

Zion heard a guiding sound in his ear.

Halting his thought process there, Zion quietly sat up.

Ever since he had dealt with the demons in Chimseong Palace, or rather, since he had prevented the assassins from murdering him before that, Zion had been contemplating something.

He was searching for people who would act as his hands and feet.

Despite his competence, Zion could not do everything by himself, and the knights and servants of Chimseong Palace were far too powerless, lacking the ability to oppose the hell that was to come.

Not enough time remained to have them train their foundation either.

Therefore, Zion used the information provided to him by the book to consider possibilities outside the capital.

The outer city, Ruin.

This city, which bordered the enormous Salleos mountains in the northern area of the Empire, was where Zion intended to recruit his first subordinate.

Well, from an area near this city, to be exact.


The train doors smoothly opened.

Zion could feel the cold, northern air graze his skin.

It was still summer, so no snow had piled up, but it was cold enough that a white mist formed as he exhaled.

Finally, I’ve arrived.

As he left the station, Zion nodded quietly at the sight of the city square and the huge flame blazing in the centre.

That was the flame that only burnt during the Depuration.

The Depuration.

An event held in Ruin once a month to purify sins and pray for perpetual prosperity by means of the continued safety of the city.

Zion was intending on taking advantage of the Depurantion that would be held this time.

I already know the exact events that will play out during the Depuration.

According to the book, Ruin would be destroyed by the end of this Depuration.

It was the first major incident that occurred at the beginning of the book, leading to the birth of one of the greatest enemies the heroes would encounter later on.

However, it was through this incident that Zion would be able to acquire someone he considered worthy of being his minion.

That was why he rushed here as soon as he finished organising Chimseong Palace.

And the cause of Ruin’s destruction is the Black Forest.

The Black Forest.

It existed on the outskirts of the city of Ruin, the true identity and history of which it is said that only Ruin’s ruling family knows.

Naturally, Zion also knew the true identity of the forest; the location where one of the great “evils” that once antagonised the world is sealed.

Generally, the lord’s permission is necessary to enter the Black Forest…

However, there are other ways that exist only at this time.

After walking for a period of time and organising his thoughts, Zion entered a deserted alleyway before turning.

He glanced towards a corner of the wall and opened his mouth.

“Come out.”

Naturally, the wall remained as it was.

“I don’t repeat myself.”

Zion, uncaring about the lack of a response, flicked his finger slightly toward the wall.

Let’s do this.


“Ah, Ackkk!”

A small spark flew out, and the wall, which seemed to conceal nothing out of the ordinary, swayed, after which a large-eyed woman with a bob cut appeared.

“… How did you know” The woman asked Zion, her eyes betraying her agitation.

The woman was Nariero, a special informant from Moonlit Snow.

She was clumsy, but she became one of the greatest intelligence agents due to her remarkable concealment and tracking techniques.

Therefore, her being discovered in the current situation was something she was unable to comprehend.

“I’ll make an additional request.”

Zion continued, as if he had no intention of answering Nari’s question.

“I want information about the mercenary recruitment occuring in the lord’s castle, and the location of the one bearing a six-headed beast tattoo in this city.”

Ruin’s lord was currently recruiting mercenaries to conquer the Black Forest.

Zion intended on taking advantage of this.

Additionally, the ‘Black Forest Suppression’ was closely related to the beginning of Ruin’s collapse, so it was possible to kill two birds with one stone.

“What What”

Zion was suggesting that he knew what would transpire in the future, but Nari couldn’t possibly know that.

“… A six-headed beast tattoo And how did you know about the lord recruiting mercenaries in the castle”

A confused and questioning voice flowed from her mouth, but the back of Zion, with whom the answers lay, was already fading in the distance.

* * *

In the lord’s castle located in the centre of the city of Ruin.

“… Must you do it” 

In the office on the top floor of the castle, a timid middle-aged man opened his mouth tiredly, looking at a woman with her flaming red hair tied together.

“Of course.”

Rain Dranir, the woman, nodded in response as she looked at Richard Dranir, the middle-aged man who was also her father and the lord of Ruin.

“It’s a chance to get rid of this accursed purification ceremony.”

Rain’s words were harsh, but the feudal lord continued speaking without emphasising them.

He only sported a displeased expression, as if he was already accustomed to her mannerisms.

“Even our ancestors, who originally confronted that ancient evil, could only resort to sealing it.

What can you possibly do”


Rain’s voice resounded powerfully.

“I do not want to sacrifice any more of our territory’s people to that ‘thing’.

No, I will not offer them, even if they’ve committed a crime!”

Rain left the office after saying that, as though implying she would no longer listen to anything further.


The lord looked anxiously at his daughter’s back and sighed slightly.

“Damn it…” A small curse escaped from Rain’s mouth as she left the office and headed somewhere else.

The House of Dranir, which ruled over Ruin city.

It was her family, the family of a great hero who had destroyed the “evil” of the past and saved the entire northern region of the Empire.

However, that was only partially true.

Because the liberation from that “evil” was incomplete.

“Why the long face, Rain”

Rain eventually arrived at the castle’s outdoor training hall, and a man possessing a slender build and hair longer than hers walked up to her and asked.

“Can’t you tell Looks like the old man scolded her again.”

Before Rain could answer, a huge, tattooed man, his body almost buried in a chair placed on the left side of the training hall, answered with a laugh.

“Please watch your words.

He is the lord of this city.”

Perhaps because he found the large man’s words displeasing, a neat-looking man next to Rain opened his mouth while pushing his glasses slightly.

All three were close friends who had spent over a decade with Rain.

They all also boasted a great renown in the northern part of the Empire due to their military prowess.

“You take everything too seriously, you’re not fun.

Not fun.”

“I will not overlook an insult to the lord.”

“Both of you, shut up.

How’s the recruitment going Did you find any useful ones”

Rain, who raised her hand to prevent the two from initiating an argument, asked while glancing over at the mercenaries who had gathered in the training hall to compete against each other.

The recruitment was organised by her, not the lord.

It was carried out directly at the lord’s castle, and the rewards and benefits offered according to the success of this ‘subjugation’ were expectedly spectacular as well.

Furthermore, due to the great honour, the mercenaries were swarming into the lord’s castle.

“I don’t think so.

It’s no use taking dozens of them.

Why don’t we just go ourselves”

“I agree with you on that point.”

The bespectacled man nodded at the tattooed giant’s reply.

“Argh, a bunch of useless bastards.

Hart, what about you”

Rain asked the long-haired man as she gently shook her head at him.

“I don’t know if they’re useful, but there were a couple of interesting ones.

Oh, there’s one coming up.”

With these words, the long-haired man, Hart, pointed toward the training hall with his finger.

Rain turned her head in the direction of the outstretched finger and met eyes with a man slowly walking into the training hall.

Tramp, tramp.

A skinny body with no peculiarity and an ordinary aura.

With his sunken and languid eyes, it was Zion.

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