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The five palaces boasting the most magnificent scale except for the Baengseonggung in the center.

Among them, the red-colored top floor of the palace.

A man with gray hair, a symbol of the royal family, was sitting in a chair similar to his throne, looking at the people’s palace.

“… ”

A man stretching out one hand towards the palace of Baekseong, which slowly enters his field of vision.

The moment such a man is about to grab his outstretched hand.


A low voice came from outside the door with a knock.

“Come in.”

The man who stopped what he was doing turned his head towards the door.

Soon after, a wizard opened the door politely in the man’s eyes and entered.

“Something happened on the side of Chimseonggung.”

A man who bows his head and immediately brings up the main point.

“One What happened Did we order the raid that it failed I don’t know why it failed.”

“It will be later than that.”



“Magi has been detected in Chimseonggung Palace.”

“Magi What do you mean”

“Other than that, I knew nothing.

Recently, all of our eyes on the Chimseonggung Palace have been cut off, and even when we question the servants working there, they do not open their mouths at all.”

“Infiltrate the eyes again and take a closer look.”

“All right.


At the attitude of the wizard, as if he had not yet finished talking, the man looked at him as if he was asking what it was.

“Recently, there are rumors that Prince Zion has changed.”


“Once I heard that his temper had become very ferocious.

Besides, it uses an unknown power… ”

“Have you finally gone crazy Well, it could be because I was threatened with death on a fictional day… He looks like a weak guy.”

At the wizard’s words, the man snorted and opened his mouth.

“I don’t care about rumors like that.

Because that guy has been a loser since birth.

He’s the only blood he inherited from Agnes, the color of his hair.

No matter how hard he tries, he is nothing more than a bug crawling on the floor.

Ah, now that I think about it, is it time to hold the succession ceremony this time What happened”

“Seeing that there is no word of giving up, it seems that everything will go as planned.”

“… If I gave up, I tried to leave it alone.

You run rampant without knowing your own fountain.”

With those words, the man who paused for a moment and tapped the armrest of the chair with his finger opened his mouth.

“It’s a succession ceremony.”


“Why don’t you try changing it to make it more fun”

The man’s eyes were cruelly curved when he said that.

* * *

The Imperial Palace is located in the middle of the capital, Hubris, which is called the center of the world.

Beyond the grandeur, the imperial castle of the empire boasts a great majesty that overwhelms those who see it.

Shion, who covered half of his face with a hood, was looking at the imperial castle like that.

‘Is there about a week left until the succession ceremony’

The place where Zion was thinking like that was in the outskirts of the capital Hubris.

Outside the apparent sulfur.

After dealing with the monsters hiding in Chimseonggung and tidying up the surroundings, what Sion did was to get out of the palace.

There was work to be done quickly before the succession ceremony, and for that to happen, it inevitably had to come out.

‘I think it was this way.’

Shion walks along the memory of reading the Chronicle of Flosimar.

Usually, when the immediate imperial family comes out of the imperial castle, many people, including the escort, follow them, but there was no one by Zion’s side as he walked down the street.

It must have been because Zion had come out secretly.

‘Because it was on the outskirts of the Hwangseong Fortress, it was easier to get out than I thought.’

Only Fredo knew that Shion had come out now.

The rest of the servants and knights would just know that Zion only went back and forth between the bedroom and the underground gymnasium.

It is said that he had the eyes completely thinned out, but Zion did not fully believe them.

That’s why the monster incident was also made to believe that it was the work of a warlock who simply tried to assassinate himself while hiding the truth.

Strict enforcement was natural.

Still, it will spread someday, but it will be fine for the time being.

‘It was a suspicious look, but I don’t think we’ll see each other for a while.’

Lastly, how long did you walk while thinking of Priscilla

‘Are you here’

Shion stopped in front of a building and looked at the sign.

Moonlight Supper.

As you can see from the name, it was a restaurant that had quite a reputation in the capital.

From the 2nd floor, where private rooms exist, you cannot enter without a reservation.

But Zion didn’t come here to eat.

Information Guild Eye of the Moon.

That was the essence of this restaurant.

No, to be precise, it was one of the secret branches of the guild’s Eye of the Moon.

“May I take your order”

An employee with a mustache approached Shion, who was sitting at one of the tables on the first floor, and asked politely, filling a water glass with water.

“Fried snowflakes served with sun-drenched wine.”

It was a comment that even made me cringe at the menu that this restaurant doesn’t have, but it was something I had to say.

Because it was the order code for the quest here.

It is a very classic method, but it is so effective that it will be used until now.

“All right.”

The employee who took the order went to the counter for a while without a change of expression even after the password was spoken, exchanged words with the other employee, and then approached Zion again.


Would you like to come over here, as I will guide you to a private room”

At the polite gestures that accompanied those words, Shion got up and followed the instructions of the staff.

She had to climb the stairs to the second floor to get to the private room, but the place where the staff guided Zion was the entrance to the passage going down to the basement.

Without even explaining any further, the employee starts walking down the aisle where there is only enough light to barely illuminate the field of vision.

Bum bum, bum bum.

How long did you walk after such an employee

Suddenly, the passage widened and a round cavity came into Zion’s eyes.

And a desk in the center of the common room and a woman sitting behind it.

Her red-brown hair tied together and her round glasses, her woman, was looking at Sion, who had followed her staff, with a searching gaze.

“It’s my first time to have a guest here,” she said.

A calm voice that matches his appearance.

‘Is this the branch manager’

Sion thought so while looking at the civil servant politely next to her woman and opened her mouth to her.

“I would like to make a request.”

The woman who looked at her Zion without saying a word for a moment answered her direct words.


But before that, can you identify her”

Shion laughed at those words.

“Since when did the information guild ask for the identity of the client”

“Originally, we wouldn’t even ask for that, but… This is a special case.”

A cold light stood in the woman’s eyes as she looked at her Zion.

“A special case”

“Do you know that The fact that this “Moonlight Feast” became a branch of “Moon Eyes” not long ago.

It’s a place that hasn’t even been officially opened.”

Tok, Tododog.

A woman begins to tap her desk as if riding a certain rhythm.

“So, most of the people in our guild do not know the identity of this place, let alone outsiders.

I even remember all the faces of people I know.

But you… ”


“How the hell did you know that you came here”

With those words, the moment the woman’s hand that was knocking on her desk stopped.

Suga Gaga!

The masked men who were hiding in the common darkness thrust their swords towards Zion at the same time.

Could it have been that he couldn’t react because it happened so quickly

Zion’s gaze was still on the woman.

Soon afterwards, swords were finally lodged in Zion’s neck and heart.



She tried to get stuck.

One inch.

Swords that can no longer advance in front of Zion’s vital point.

Get a card!

The swords did not move at all, even if the masked men gave enough force to make their arms tremble.

It was as if a sword had been pierced into highly compressed sand.

And suddenly the alien darkness that surrounds those swords.

“What is this… ”

The eyes of the woman who saw the strange scene and the masked men who stabbed their swords began to shake.

“Was it a little quicker”

A low voice came out of Zion’s mouth.

What was it that was faster

Even before the woman’s question was over, Zion’s hand moved.


Heukseongha, which grew rapidly on Zion’s right hand, blows away the entire mask on the right at once.

Masked people hanging down on the wall without even being able to properly resist.

At that moment, the masked men on the other side grabbed their swords, which had already been loosened, and stabbed them once again towards Zion.

Wedge love!

Swords that stretched out towards Shion’s neck sharper than before.

But this time, the sword did not reach Zion.


Shion, who had dug into the gap between the sword strikes like a ghost, reached out her hand without hesitation.

Quajik, quajik, quajik!

Exactly one at a time.

The masked people who did not respond to Zion’s attack and allowed it as they were, begin to be thrown to the floor.



An embarrassing voice came out of the woman’s mouth.

Those masked men were skilled escorts assigned by the guild for the woman who had a special status even in the ‘Eyes of the Moon’.

But how do you get hurt so easily

“It doesn’t matter how I found out.”

In the meantime, Shion, who had cleaned up all the masked people, approached her woman, pressing down on her messy robe again.

“The important thing is that I make a request and you listen to it.”

The branch of the ‘Eyes of the Moon’ came earlier than when they started receiving quests, but it didn’t matter.

Just take it if you want it.

The woman who looked at Zion with her trembling eyes for a moment finally opened her mouth.

“What do you want”

* * *

“Information about the Black Forest and fake IDs…”

The woman, Eileen, murmured as she recalled the man in Rob who leisurely left with what she wanted a while ago.

Men want two things.

It was a certificate to prove his identity and the location of a place called ‘Black Forest’.


May I ask why you were commissioned”

Next to Eileen, Allen, an employee with her mustache, cleared up the remains of her and asked, curiously.

This woman, Eileen, he knew, was never one to give her unsuitable client what she wanted.

Even if she said her life was threatened, she said.

She was there and she was a woman who had already made several escape routes for her even if she couldn’t deal with the man a while ago.

However, Eileen accepted the robe man’s request so easily.

It was also a request from an opponent who even tried to kill her using her escorts.

“Do you remember the battle a while ago”

Eileen, who was barely holding her breath at Allen’s question, looked at the escorts being carried away, and opened her mouth.


How could I forget”

“At that time, the man’s robe was slightly peeled off for a moment.”

And at that moment, Eileen could see.

her dark gray hair.

“Gray hair… There is only one family in the world that has that color of hair.”

The family that now rules the world.

Agnes family.

Only pure blood of the Agnes family could have such a color.

“That means… ”

“I think one of Agnes’ lions has moved.”

The imperial family of the Empire does not come out very often.

However, once they came out, they always caused a huge uproar in the world.

“I will attach a person by express.”

Eileen, who nodded her head slightly at Allen’s words, continued her speech.

“Investigate who he is of the Imperial Family, why he came out of the Imperial Castle, why he moves alone, and additionally all of the ‘Black Forest’.”

“All right.”

Watching Allen’s back as she exits the cavity with her hard eyes, Eileen recalled the man from a while ago.

Who are you

His overwhelming charisma and the force that supports him.

He must have been one of the closest people to the next emperor.

In Eileen’s mind, there was no thought that the man before him would be Sion Agnes, who is called the imprisoned prince.


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