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Chapter 94, Kind-Hearted People

After staying awake for a moment, Lu Ye slowly dozed off again.

When he awakened, he realised that there was a chair in front of him, on which a young woman was seated.

With her head hung low, she kept dipping her head as though she was knackered.

The pungent smell of blood permeated the room, and it was tinged with the scent of herbs.

Although he had laid on his stomach for a long time, he didn’t find it difficult to breathe at all.

Even the burn on his chest didn’t feel painful, which puzzled him.

After scanning it, he realised that the part of the bed beneath his chest had been hollowed out.

The person who had placed him here must be very considerate as they had taken his injuries into consideration.

With difficulty, he tried to move his body in an attempt to get up, but presently, he didn’t have much energy.

After several attempts, instead of getting up, he felt so much pain that his forehead was drenched in sweat.

Hearing the noise, the young woman suddenly opened her eyes and stood up straight.

“You’re awake”

She came close to the bed and helped him up.

Despite her petite figure, she was still strong as a cultivator.

However, since Lu Ye was injured both on his back and his chest, he could only sit up on the bed.

Then, the young woman picked up a bowl of green herbal juice from the side and said, “Sister Hua Ci said that you have to drink this bowl of herbal juice when you wake up.

This will help with your wounds.”

Lu Ye had no idea who Sister Hua Ci was, but he reckoned that it must be the curvy woman he had seen earlier.

After taking the bowl, he said, “Thanks.”

When he got the bowl closer to him, a pungent smell came right at him.

He frowned as the smell of this bowl of herbal juice was terrible.

Nevertheless, it was said that medicine was always bitter, so he directly chugged it down.

He wasn’t worried that they would harm him.

If they were ill-intentioned, they would’ve done it a long time ago, which spared them the trouble.

The next moment, a myriad of expressions came over him.

This thing wasn’t only pungent, but it was also nauseating.

He regarded himself as a man who could put up with nasty things, but as soon as the herbal juice came into his mouth, he almost passed out again, for it was extremely bitter.

He even suspected that he was drinking some kind of bile.

The young woman seemed to have expected this, so she stared fixedly at him and said anxiously, “Sister Hua Ci said that you must drink it all.

Otherwise, she’ll get mad.

When that happens, we’ll be doomed.”

Without waiting for her to speak any further, Lu Ye only paused for a moment before he finished the herbal juice.

After taking the bowl, the young woman fished out a taupe-coloured thing from her Storage Bag and passed it to him.

“Have a taste.”

A curious Lu Ye took it and put it into his mouth before arching his brow.

This thing tasted like maltose.

It wasn’t until this moment that he had the time to scan his surroundings.

Presently, he was in a building made from bamboo.

The room he was in couldn’t be considered spacious, and the decorations were rather simple.

He wondered where he was now.

While he was looking around, the young woman cleaned things up as she said, “I’m Ling Yu.

Senior Brother, what’s your name”

“Yi Ye,” Lu Ye replied, then he immediately realised that he had heard of that name before.

After giving it a thought, he finally recalled where he had heard the name from.

“It was you who saved me”

Earlier, the curvy woman told him that it was Ling Yu who saved him.

If he wasn’t mistaken, Ling Yu must be the young woman in front of him.

“I brought you back, but it was Sister Hua Ci who saved you.” Ling Yu smiled.

“You were floating on the river, so I thought you were dead.

Initially, I wanted to get some stuff from you, but after discovering that you’re still alive, I decided to bring you back.”

The smile on her face made the corner of Lu Ye’s mouth twitch.

“Anyway, thanks for saving me.”

“That was the least I could do.

In fact, we were both saved by Sister Hua Ci.” Ling Yu flashed a smile at him.

Her face was rather fleshy and fair.

There was a dimple on the left side of her face when she smiled, which made her look adorable.

At this moment, she was already done with cleaning things up.

“Take a rest.

Sister Hua Ci has gone out, but she’ll come back in the evening and check on you.

If anything happens, just shout.

My room is only beside yours.”

In response, Lu Ye nodded gently.

After Ling Yu left the room, she also closed the door.

[They’re all kind-hearted people…] Lu Ye felt that luck was indeed on his side.

Anyway, the most important thing was that all of them were from the Grand Sky Coalition.

If he came across those from Thousand Demon Ridge, his stuff would’ve been taken away from him.

Regardless, he was grateful for what they had done for him.

His sword was still around as it was also brought back and placed beside the bed.

His Storage Bags were also neatly placed on the bedside table.

Although they didn’t know one another, they were truly virtuous for saving him and not taking his stuff.

Even though he had survived, it would take him a long time to recuperate.

After all, he was severely wounded by Dong Shu Ye.

The most important task for him now was to restore some Spiritual Power first.

Whatever the case, a cultivator needed Spiritual Power to protect himself.

With difficulty, he raised his hand and picked up one of his Storage Bags.

Then, he fished out a bottle of Spirit Restoring Pills and stuffed one pill into his mouth before refining it.

After refining two pills, he was finally able to reactivate Gluttonous Feast, which would improve his recovery efficiency.

Then, he took out a Healing Pill and gulped it down.

Following that, he started building Gathering Spirits around his Spiritual Points.

All of this hard work got him covered in sweat.

Soon, the night descended upon them.

Lu Ye was adjusting his breathing when he heard someone pushing the door open in the adjacent room.

Following that, Ling Yu’s melodious voice was heard saying, “Sister Hua Ci, you’re back.”

“Yes.” It was the same soft voice Lu Ye had heard some time ago.

Then, the ladies started murmuring among themselves for a long time.

Outside the bamboo room, the woman called Hua Ci talked to Ling Yu for a bit before shifting her attention to Lu Ye’s room.

She could faintly feel that with his room as the centre, the Spiritual Qi in the air was gathering together.

Although it wasn’t conspicuous, she could still see it when she was paying close attention.

At that instant, she was surprised as this young man brought back by Ling Yu seemed to be highly talented.

However, she wasn’t aware that the reason Lu Ye was able to gather the World Spiritual Qi was mainly due to Gathering Spirits.

As for his talent, it was a sorrowful story.

“Have some rest.” Hua Ci patted the young woman’s head.

A smiling Ling Yu asked, “Do you need my help”

“There’s no need.”

“I’ll have a rest, then.”

After they were done with the chat, Hua Ci shuffled towards Lu Ye room and knocked on the door before pushing it open.

Lu Ye had stopped cultivating and even deactivated his Gathering Spirits.

That was because he realised a problem in the past.

Once he activated Gathering Spirits, the sign of World Spiritual Qi moving towards him was conspicuous.

It was a normal sign when he was cultivating, but, if others still saw that the Spiritual Qi was still flowing towards him when he wasn’t cultivating, he would have a hard time explaining it.

When he saw the woman entering the room, his eyes brightened.

On the previous day, he had only seen her profile, but now, they were directly facing one another.

She was indeed a gorgeous lady! The white dress with blue stripes she was wearing perfectly outlined her hour-glass body.


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