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Chapter 89, I Hate Spell Cultivators

Outside Split Sky Gorge was a large area of flatland, which was a disadvantageous environment for the current situation Lu Ye was in, as there was nowhere he could hide.

Upon going through the 10-point map, he realised that there was a mountain after crossing the flatland.

There was a river on the other side of the mountain.

From there, he had to keep going for several dozen kilometres before he could reach a town.

[I have to head to the mountain.] Lu Ye immediately made a decision.

He wasn’t sure how powerful a Seventh-Order Spirit Creek Realm Master truly was, but given the situation he was in, he would only stand a chance to survive by heading to the mountain.

However, the mountain was pretty far away from this place.

Given Amber’s speed, it would still take him two hours before arriving at his destination.

He secretly prayed that Dong Shu Ye wouldn’t run too fast.

While he was still in his thoughts, he felt as though a blade had been pressed against his back.

Turning his head, he was astounded to see a beam of light coming at him at full speed from the gorge.

Without even the need to think about it, he knew that the beam of light must be Dong Shu Ye.

Although they were still far apart, Dong Shu Ye could still clearly see Lu Ye, who was on Amber’s back, at first glance and targeted him with a pair of eyes as sharp as those from an eagle.

The feeling of a blade that had been pressed against his back was Dong Shu Ye’s murderous intent.

[He can fly] Lu Ye felt his chest tightening.

He thought that by relying on Amber, he could possibly get rid of Dong Shu Ye.

After all, Amber was pretty swift when it was running.

Moreover, the tiger was doing its best given the danger they were facing.

However, he had never expected that Dong Shu Ye could fly.

The situation wasn’t in his favour because they were running on the ground while their opponent was flying in the sky.

Apparently, Amber was unable to outpace him.

Just then, Dong Shu Ye suddenly landed on the ground.

Before Lu Ye could understand what was going on, Dong Shu Ye shot into the sky again and continued chasing him.

A moment later, he finally realised that Dong Shu Ye was gliding instead of flying.

Every time he glided, he could move for 300 metres, which was much faster than Amber.

The situation wasn’t as terrible as he thought, but he couldn’t afford to be optimistic either.

The gap between them was shortening.

If this went on, Dong Shu Ye would reach them in an hour.

A Seventh-Order cultivator was indeed extraordinary.

The reason Dong Shu Ye decided to hunt him down was that he was confident of achieving his goal.


[I must come up with a solution.] After giving it a thought, Lu Ye fished out a talisman paper from his Storage Bag.

Presently, he was left with nine talisman papers.

Three days of battle against Luo Ji had made him use a large number of talisman papers.

The ones he had now were all defensive and auxiliary.

The talisman paper he had taken out was called ‘Move With the Wind’, which was an auxiliary one that could increase one’s speed.

He hadn’t had the chance to use it in the past, but it proved to be useful at this point.

Then, he activated his Spiritual Power and slapped the talisman paper on Amber.

The next instant, a layer of Spiritual Light surrounded the tiger before it gathered on the beast’s feet.

At that moment, Amber felt significantly lighter.

With the help of the Spiritual Light, the tiger was able to run even faster.

Although they still couldn’t get rid of Dong Shu Ye, they could stall for more time.

The pursuit went on as they moved closer to the mountain.

The murderous intent behind Dong Shu Ye’s eyes seemed to have materialised and erupted like a volcano.

He thought that he could easily kill Lu Ye by personally coming all the way here.

However, he had underestimated the snow white tiger’s speed.

Now, Lu Ye had also used a talisman paper, which made it more difficult for him to run after them.

Nevertheless, it didn’t hinder Dong Shu Ye’s determination to kill Lu Ye.

The Young Master was killed under his watch.

Upon learning about it, those old guys from the clan were infuriated.

The Clan Master was especially incensed as he had given the order that his Son, who was basically useless, couldn’t be killed for nothing.

The murderer must die.

If it weren’t because Cloud River Realm Masters were not allowed to enter Spirit Creek Battlefield, Dong Shu Ye believed that the Clan Master would’ve stormed into this place.

Because of the useless Young Master’s death, Dong Shu Ye had been reprimanded.

The fact that they had lost the battle against Mystic Sect had also weakened his authority in the clan.

If he could avenge the Young Master’s death, he might be able to keep his position.

If he couldn’t, it would be difficult for him to have any say at all in the clan.

Therefore, the murderer must be killed.

So what if Lu Ye had used a talisman paper He still couldn’t get rid of Dong Shu Ye.

The gap between them was shortening.

When Dong Shu Ye finally reached a suitable location, he would be able to end Lu Ye’s life with a spell.

One hour later, there was only a distance of 3 kilometres between them.

The power of Move With the Wind had been exhausted.

Lu Ye fished out another one and slapped it on Amber.

This was the last Move With the Wind talisman paper he had.

The Sect Master had only prepared two of these for him.

One more hour later, the mountain in front of them became clearer.

It would only take them another fifteen minutes before Amber could bring Lu Ye to reach the mountain.

By then, it would be easier for them to go into hiding.

However, Dong Shu Ye was only 900 metres away from them now, which was a dangerous distance.

Lu Ye felt his heart pounding against his chest.

There was an indescribable pressure that made it difficult for him to breathe.

600 metres, 300 metres… Lu Ye felt a very strong fluctuation of Spiritual Power behind him.

Turning his head, he saw that Dong Shu Ye, who was gliding in the air, pointed at him with one hand.

There was a red disc made of Spiritual Power that was spinning around in front of him.

“Those from Mystic Sect have gone all out to attack the Nine Star Clan’s station.

How do you still have the time to race after me” Lu Ye hurriedly yelled.

Since those from Mystic Sect had made use of him, he didn’t have to hide the news for them.

At this critical moment, he had to stall for more time with any ways he could think of.

Upon hearing that, Dong Shu Ye became startled for a moment as his instincts told him that Lu Ye wasn’t lying.

As his mind was elsewhere, the disc in front of him became unstable as well.

Following that, he bellowed, “How dare you spout nonsense to distract me! Go to Hell!”

His Spiritual Light expanded as a lot of fist-sized fireballs came at Lu Ye like a meteor shower.

There were probably several dozen fireballs as they were about to strike their target.

Lu Ye’s eyelids twitched when he saw that.

He knew that it was difficult to deal with a Seventh-Order cultivator, but he hadn’t expected that Dong Shu Ye was this powerful.

Moreover, Dong Shu Ye’s moves suggested that he was a spell cultivator.

Luo Ji was also a spell cultivator.

[I hate spell cultivators!] Lu Ye gritted his teeth.

Then, he turned around on the tiger’s back to face his opponent.

With his hand firmly holding the hilt, he focused on countering the attack. 

As the fireballs landed on the ground, Amber zigzagged forward to dodge them.

The fireballs were extremely powerful as they immediately formed many pits on the ground.

The pits were still seen burning with flames.

If they were struck with such an attack, their skin would’ve been burned even if they survived.

On the tiger’s back, Lu Ye continuously slashed at the fireballs as the defensive Spiritual Pattern kept flickering.

The fireballs Amber was unable to dodge were either cut open or fended off by him.

The sparkles caused him to feel immense pain.

Amber also kept wailing as the smell of roast meat exuded from its body.

After all the fireballs landed, Lu Ye felt fortunate that besides some burns on their bodies, he and Amber were fine.

However, his hand, which was holding the sword, was trembling violently.

It wasn’t so easy to slash a Seventh-Order cultivator’s spell.

The spell was meant to cover a large area in an attempt to kill Lu Ye in one go, so the power of the spell had been scattered.

Nevertheless, Lu Ye had to fully use his power to fend off every fireball that came at him.

This time, Dong Shu Ye had only hastily used a spell.

What if he decided to fully use his power By then, there was no way Lu Ye could survive.


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