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Chapter 85, I’ll Give You Money if You Spare My Life

However, this battle didn’t go on in the end.

In the middle of  the battle, Luo Ji bellowed, “I’ll give you money if you spare my life!”

Apparently, he had realised the problem with himself as he couldn’t keep on fighting.

Presently, Lu Ye was unable to kill him, but if the battle dragged on,  he would end up in a terrible state and eventually get killed by Lu Ye.

Startled by the imposing shout for a moment, Lu Ye then pointed his sword at the front, “I want your seal!” The seal must be an incredible artifact, which might be more valuable than the bell he had obtained from the Young Master of Nine Star Clan.

Luo Ji chuckled and prepared for a Spell Technique.

“Have a life-and-death battle with me! Right now!”

“What can you give me, then” Lu Ye asked in a grim voice.

In fact, he wasn’t determined to kill Luo Ji.

He just felt that he had suffered immense losses after three days of battle.

If Luo Ji could make up for his losses, he wouldn’t mind ending the fight.

With that said, the main reason was that if they kept on fighting, he would have to pay a hefty price even if he could kill Luo Ji in the end.

The other party wouldn’t just keep on battling against him like a fool.

Before the outcome became irreversible, Luo Ji would certainly risk his life to destroy the other party.

Then, Luo Ji fished out his seal from the Storage Bag and lifted the bag.

“It’s all yours.”

[He’s pretty generous.] Lu Ye was surprised.

However, considering that Luo Ji had also consumed lots of stuff in the past few days, there were probably not many things left in the bag.

It was likely that there were only some pills and stones in it.

Seeing as Luo Ji was so straightforward, Lu Ye wouldn’t want to keep forcing him as both parties would be destroyed if this battle dragged on.

After giving it a thought, he nodded.


Hearing that, Luo Ji directly tossed the bag at Luo Ye without making him take an oath.

That was because to him, even though their stances were different, they were from some of the top great forces.

Therefore, he believed that the other person was a man of integrity.

“We’ve been fighting for a long time, but I don’t even know your name.”

“Yi Ye!”

Luo Ji dipped his head and stared fixedly at Lu Ye as though he was trying to imprint the latter’s face into the deepest part of his memory.

Then, he turned around and dragged his leaden feet out of the gorge.

On the other hand, Lu Ye didn’t seize the chance to launch a sneak attack.

Although Luo Ji appeared to have put his guard down, the seal in his hand was radiating a faint glow.

If Lu Ye chose to go back on his word, he’d be forcing Luo Ji to fight with him until one of them perished.

After walking for a long time, Luo Ji looked up at the sky with a sorrowful expression.

In fact, he had suffered immense losses.

The things he had lost in the Storage Bag didn’t matter.

As a disciple from Infinite Island, he didn’t care about it.

The crux of the problem was that he had consumed too many pills recently, which made the Spiritual Power in his body become turbid.

It would take him at least one month to restore his Spiritual Power to its original state.

In other words, he couldn’t cultivate in the next month, which had a huge impact on any low-rank cultivators, especially a cultivator like him who was from a top great force.

With that said, he had lost the battle, and he wouldn’t blame anyone.

Both of them were still low-rank cultivators, and they’d definitely meet again in the future.

At that point, he’d get his revenge.

After Luo Ji’s figure was out of sight, Lu Ye let out a long breath and beckoned to Amber before riding on its back.

With the tiger leading the way, they found a tunnel to take a rest.

[It’s finally over!] He had become exhausted, both physically and psychologically, from the battle.

Even though it had only been a short time since he started cultivating, he had experienced tons of battles.

However, he had never come across an equally matched opponent like Luo Ji, who was extremely difficult to deal with.

In the end, it was Luo Ji who admitted defeat, but in fact, it was Lu Ye who had lost the battle.

That was because he had Amber and Yi Yi to assist him, while Luo Ji was on his own.

Amber and Yi Yi were unable to directly deal with Luo Ji because they were wary of  the seal’s power.

However, they could launch a sneak attack on him from time to time.

Because of what they had been doing, Luo Ji hadn’t had any time to take a nap.

On the other hand, Lu Ye had taken a few naps.

It could be said that if Lu Ye was also on his own, he wouldn’t have been at an advantage in such a battle.

These cultivators from the top great forces were indeed extraordinary.

The battle with Luo Ji served as a lesson for Lu Ye, that he should never judge a cultivator’s power based on his realm.

He wasn’t even in the mood to take a look at the things inside Luo Ji’s bag.

After he was done with eating some jerky, he dozed off.

Amber and Yi Yi traded glances before shuffling to both ends of the tunnel.

The war between Nine Star Clan and Mystic Sect had ended, and Luo Ji had admitted defeat, so they probably wouldn’t come across any danger again.

However, they still had to remain vigilant. 


Lu Ye was awakened by the noises coming from the Battlefield Imprint.

Still in a groggy state, he opened his eyes and furrowed his brows.

For some reason, he became grumpy upon waking up as he felt extremely displeased.

After remaining frustrated for a bit, he checked on his Battlefield Imprint, and just like what he had expected, it was Chu Tian who had sent over ten messages asking if he was around.

‘I’m not!’ he replied.

In the Mystic Sect’s station, Chu Tian appeared puzzled as he realised that Lu Ye seemed to be in a terrible mood.

After becoming startled for a while, he sent him one more message.

‘Brother Yi Ye, that’s funny.’

He had been calling him ‘Junior Brother Yi Ye’ in the past.

The fact that he had changed the way he addressed him suggested that some news had been spread around Mystic Sect.

Although he already knew that Lu Ye was from a top great force, Lu Ye proved to be a cultivator with huge potential by defeating Luo Ji.

‘What’s the matter’ Lu Ye was trying to find out how to blacklist this guy.

A moment later, he realised that he just had to remove Chu Tian’s brand from his Battlefield Imprint.

However, considering the fact that this guy was his first and only friend so far, he decided not to do it.

‘The thing is…’ Upon reading Chu Tian’s explanation, Lu Ye learned that after those from Mystic Sect won the war, they decided to hold a celebratory banquet to reward the disciples who had done a great job.

Therefore, Chu Tian wanted to invite him to come over.

Regardless, Lu Ye had lent a hand to Mystic Sect in the beginning of the war.

‘I’m not free.’ Lu Ye rejected him outright.

Because of the advice given to him by the Sect Master previously, he wasn’t willing to come into contact with too many people, let alone join their celebratory banquet.

Moreover, he believed that Chu Tian had only invited him out of politeness.

“Well…” As Chu Tian read the rude message from Lu Ye in the Mystic Sect’s station, he realised that this man was indeed a willful person. 


Then, he replied, ‘Since you’re not free, I’ll stop disturbing you.

However, many of our Junior Brothers and Sisters want to thank you face-to-face.

Brother Yi Ye, when are you leaving I’ll personally see you off.’

Lu Ye didn’t respond to Chu Tian’s message.

Instead, he fished out Luo Ji’s Storage Bag to have a look.

As expected, the restriction on the bag had been lifted.

Upon examining it, Lu Ye was surprised.

He thought that there were not many things left in the bag, but he realised that Luo Ji was richer than he thought. 

There were indeed not many good things left as these were all Spirit Pills, Spirit Stones and some defensive talisman papers.

Nevertheless, these were the things Lu Ye needed most now. 


There were about thirty stones.

A low-rank cultivator didn’t need to consume many of these, so Luo Ji had brought these stones with him just in case he needed them all of a sudden.

On the other hand, there were many pills.

There were ten bottles of Spirit Restoring Pills and three bottles of a different kind of pills.

In total, there were over a hundred pills.

Although these things were not enough to make up for the losses he had suffered in the past three days, it was better than nothing at all.


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