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Chapter 74, Yi Ye

When Lu Ye charged forward out of nowhere, the baby-faced cultivator that shouted out just now panicked and his attacks became increasingly violent.


Meanwhile, the person facing the baby-faced cultivator was no match for the latter in the first place.

However, Lu Ye’s appearance put him in a situation where he was being attacked from both sides and his situation instantly turned critical.


The name ‘Mountain Tiger’ originated among the cultivators of Mystic Sect, but the cultivators of Nine Star Clan were also familiar with that name.

It could be said that this was the prestige Lu Ye gained from all the killing he did recently.

The thing about reputation was that it worked in mysterious ways.

Any Fourth-Order Spirit Creek Realm Master would not be pressured by the thought of facing a Third-Order Spirit Creek Realm Master.

But, if this Third-Order Spirit Creek Realm Master was somebody known to have killed several Fourth-Order Spirit Creek Realm Masters and even created a name for himself as a result, then the situation was very different.


At this moment, the Fourth-Order Spirit Creek Realm Master from Nine Star Clan was under huge pressure.

Stuck with facing two enemies alone, he did not have enough hands to deal with both sides at once.

Thus, it only took three seconds for him to be suppressed by the baby-faced cultivator and Lu Ye.

He was practically powerless to counter their attacks.


Seeing Lu Ye’s knife slashing down at him, he was about to activate a Spirit Talisman Paper in his desperation.

However, the baby-faced cultivator cunningly stabbed him in the wrist so that he lost his grip and the Spirit Talisman Paper fell to the ground.

Lu Ye immediately took the opportunity to bring his knife down, striking the enemy cultivator to the ground in one move.


“What a sharp knife!” The baby-faced cultivator narrowed his eyes at the sight.

[Sure enough; it’s just as Senior Brother Wang Yang guessed.

This Mountain Tiger does indeed have an extraordinary Spirit Artifact in his possession.

Otherwise, a Third-Order Spirit Creek Realm Master like him could not have sliced through the Spiritual Power defense of a Fourth-Order Spirit Creek Realm Master so easily, much less heavily injure the other party.]


Immediately after that, he broke out into a huge grin.

“Nice one, Brother! I must become your friend!”


On the contrary, Lu Ye didn’t even turn around.

He simply charged straight into the center of the battlefield instead, leaving the heavily injured enemy on the ground in front of the baby-faced cultivator.


“Have… Have mercy!” The lower body of that Fourth-Order Spirit Creek Realm Master was stained red with blood.

He was staring at the baby-faced cultivator in horror.


The smile slid off the baby-faced cultivator’s face.

He indifferently said, “You’re already in the Fourth-Order Spirit Creek Realm.

Don’t speak such naïve words.”


The longsword in his hand stabbed straight into his opponent’s chest and that person’s body stiffened in response… A small red light emerged from the back of the dead Fourth-Order Spirit Creek Realm Master’s hand and floated into the back of the baby-faced cultivator’s hand.

After that, the baby-faced cultivator smiled brightly again.

He grabbed his sword and rushed toward Lu Ye while shouting, “Brother, let me help you!”


15 minutes later, the battle subsided.

The entire forces of the Nine Star Clan were completely wiped out.

It wasn’t that they did not wish to escape but that they had no chance to escape whatsoever.

There was practically no hope of survival once they were defeated during a confrontation in a canyon like this.

Turning their backs on their enemies would only cause them to die even faster.


On the other hand, Mystic Sect also suffered some losses.

There were three dead and the rest were injured to a degree.

Nevertheless, they obtained a delightful victory in general.

Those who survived were not shrouded by sorrow but beamed with joy instead.


This was the norm in the Spirit Creek Battlefield.

Countless cultivators in the Spirit Creek Realm would fight each other on the battlefield, so death was commonplace.

During this battle, only two people died at Lu Ye’s hands but at least four or five were injured by him.


After the battle subsided, nobody from Mystic Sect picked up any of the spoils of war.

They simply looked at Lu Ye quietly.

It wasn’t that they did not want their spoils of war, but that they had formed a tacit understanding between each other from the way he behaved over the past few days.

Mystic Sect would take all the spoils of war.

In exchange, the cultivators of Mystic Sect would give Lu Ye some Spirit Pills as compensation.


The baby-faced cultivator was the leader of this group.

He stepped forward and cupped his fists.

“Junior Brother, how should I address you”


Standing 15 meters away from the baby-faced cultivator, Lu Ye was currently applying some powdered Healing Pills to his wounds.

It was his first time participating in a battle of such scale.

All the battles he previously fought had not involved many people from both parties.

The largest battle he had seen before this did not even amount to 10 cultivators.


Unlike before, the battle this time had involved 20 people.

He discovered that a battle on this scale was very dangerous for any cultivator.

Even if his cultivation was slightly higher, there was still the possibility of getting hurt or dying.

That was because a person’s energy was limited.

It was impossible to defend against all the attacks directed at him.

There were several wounds on his body, all of which were caused by the dying struggles of the Nine Star Clan cultivators.


He pondered quietly when he heard the baby-faced cultivator’s question.

Before entering the Spirit Creek Battlefield, the Sect Master had warned him not to reveal his identity as a disciple of the Crimson Blood Sect.

Therefore, the name ‘Lu Ye’ could not be used.

The fact that he was taken in by the Crimson Blood Sect was something known to many Sects.

[But, I don’t want to be known by the name ‘Mountain Tiger’…]


“Yi Ye!” He swiftly made his choice.


“I see.

So, it’s Junior Brother Yi Ye.” The baby-faced cultivator smilingly cupped his fists again.

“This one is Chu Tian of Mystic Sect!”


Lu Ye cupped his fists in response with an indifferent expression.

His behavior made him seem distant and unapproachable.


“You see…” Chu Tian took some time to sort out his thoughts.

“A few days ago, Senior Brother Wang Yang sent a message saying that we should invite you back to Mystic Sect as a guest if we get the chance.

What do you think about this, Junior Brother Yi Ye”


“Wang Yang” Lu Ye frowned slightly.


Chu Tian replied with a smile.

“He is one of the Senior Brothers that oversees the Sect’s base.”


Inviting him to the Sect was clearly a sign of goodwill.

It was just that he could not expose his identity, so he did not dare to have close contact with any unfamiliar Sects.

In addition, he was only passing through this place.

He would not be interacting with Mystic Sect for long.


“No need.” With a plan in mind, he shook his head and refused.


While saying that, he shot a look at somebody behind him.

That person immediately took action by taking out a Storage Bag and walking over to each of the Sect members to collect their Spirit Pills.

During the wait, Chu Tian continued, “Junior Brother Yi Ye, if it’s convenient for you, why don’t we exchange contact information That way, you can contact Mystic Sect if anything comes up.”


Lu Ye did not know how to exchange contact information, but he had some guesses about it.

While killing his enemies over the past few days, he noticed that many Nine Star Clan cultivators would touch the back of their hands just before their deaths.

Then, their Battlefield Imprint would light up.

It was similar to what Zhang Wu did after becoming severely injured.

The Battlefield Imprint not only recorded some information, but it could also be used for communication.

When that thought came to him, he nodded.



Chu Tian touched the back of his hand and a small blue light lingered on his fingertips like a burning flame.

With a flick of his fingers, the blue light flew towards Lu Ye like a blue butterfly and landed on the back of Lu Ye’s hand. 


Lu Ye was astonished.

The blue light imprinted something on his Battlefield Imprint before vanishing.

At the same time, he vaguely felt that something had been added to his Battlefield Imprint.

It was just that it was not convenient for him to investigate the changes at this time, so he continued to maintain his arrogant appearance.


In the meantime, the Mystic Sect cultivators finished collecting their Spirit Pills among themselves and handed them to Lu Ye at Chu Tian’s instruction.

Lu Ye put the Spirit Pills away without even bothering to check the contents.

Signaling to Amber, he swung himself up on the tiger’s back.


“Junior Brother Yi Ye!” Chu Tian suddenly stopped Lu Ye with a shout.


Lu Ye sat up straight on the tiger’s back and turned to look back at Chu Tian.


Chu Tian said with a serious expression, “There seems to be a guy from Infinite Island in Nine Star Clan.

Please be careful, Junior Brother.”


Lu Ye nodded slightly.

Following that, the tiger turned around and left in a cloud of dust.


Chu Tian watched their departing figures and rubbed his smooth chin.

“These disciples from the major Sects are truly arrogant indeed.

He didn’t even bat an eye at the name Infinite Island!”


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