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Chapter 65, Combined Attack

This battle started extremely unexpectedly.

Lu Ye didn’t even know who his opponent was.

Even so, the outcome of this battle was fixed the moment he followed the tiger out onto the battlefield.

Either his opponent died, or he died!


There was no written law in the Cultivation World.

A person’s cultivation was the law, so to speak.

Therefore, it would not have worked out if a Second-Order Spirit Creek Realm Master like him had tried to reason with his opponent.

He might even put himself in a difficult position instead.

This became a situation that would only end with death the moment he made his move and killed two people in quick succession.


Zhang Wu had been willing to take the Heavenly Oath, claiming that he was willing to overlook everything that happened today as long as Lu Ye released the Young Master.

However, that oath would only affect him!


It had to be said that Lu Ye was currently holding the Young Master of a Sect hostage.

How could a person of such standing allow this matter to end peacefully after suffering such humiliation Even if Lu Ye forced him to take the Heavenly Oath, he would still have an entire Sect behind him! Moreover, the others would not be bound by the Heavenly Oath.


In the end, the most plausible outcome in this situation would be that Lu Ye was hunted down by the whole Sect.

If he wanted to avoid that outcome, then there was only one thing he could do.

He had to wipe out all of his opponents!


Of the four cultivators, two were dead and one was seriously injured.


At this moment, the Young Master’s neck had been sliced open by that long knife and blood was gushing out of his wound.

Even though he was covering his wound with his hands, his efforts were showing little success.


At the same time that Zhang Wu had let out his furious roar, Lu Ye kicked the Young Master squarely in the back and sent the latter flying forward to fall in Zhang Wu’s direction.


“Save me!” The Young Master clawed at the air and shouted while his body was in mid-air.


When Zhang Wu saw the Young Master falling headlong in his direction, he also vaguely noticed that Lu Ye was hiding behind the Young Master and rushing in for the kill.

Therefore, he panicked for a moment.


[If I don’t catch the Young Master, he will definitely fall to the ground.

That will only aggravate his injuries and he might lose any chance of rescue as a result.

That person was very careful in his execution.

The Young Master might still survive despite the injury to his neck if he receives timely treatment.

But, I won’t be able to defend against the opponent’s attack if I catch the Young Master!]


That momentary hesitation made him realise just how cunning the enemy was.


In the end, he did not dare to let the Young Master fall to the ground.

A punishment was inevitable since he had failed his mission as a bodyguard, but he could at least avoid the death penalty if he kept the Young Master alive.

Conversely, there would be no other ending for him than death if the Young Master died here.


Holding his two machetes backward in his hands, he took two steps forward and raised his hands to catch the Young Master who came flying at him.

At the same time, he activated his Spiritual Power.


He had already seen through the opponent’s cultivation.

That person was only in the Second-Order Spirit Creek Realm.

As a Fourth-Order Spirit Creek Realm Master, he was much stronger than his opponent.

For that reason, he was confident that his Spiritual Power would be able to protect him even if his opponent attacked.


*Stab…* The sound of a long knife stabbing into flesh rang out.

The Young Master, who had just been caught by Zhang Wu, suddenly widened his eyes and opened his mouth in shock.

The intense pain that followed made him scream again.


Likewise, Zhang Wu’s pupils contracted to the extreme at this moment.

He watched as the knife pierced right through the Young Master’s chest and stabbed straight at him.

Thus, he exerted all his strength to call upon his Spiritual Power to protect himself.


If he had seen how Lu Ye previously broke through the body-tempering cultivator’s defence, he would not have been so blindly confident in his abilities.

Unfortunately, he had been fighting the tiger at the time and failed to see how the body-tempering cultivator died.


Blessed with the Sharp Edge Spiritual Pattern, the cold blade gleamed with a ray of light.

Even the protection formed by the Spiritual Power of a Fourth-Order Spirit Creek Realm Master could not defend against this sharp blade.

The layer of protection around him only managed to hinder the knife’s progress for a moment before the long knife punctured through his defence.


He felt pain coming from his chest.

At the juncture of life and death, he abruptly arched his body to prevent the knife from penetrating further into his body.

At the same time, he released the Young Master whom he had been holding in his arms, crossed his machetes in front of him, and stopped the long knife’s progress.


The blade sank 8 centimetres deep into his body but could not penetrate any further than that.

He let out a sigh of relief in response.

Just when he thought that he had successfully blocked the other party’s attack, a gust of wind blew from behind him.


“Shit!” He immediately realised what was going on.

The other party might be alone, but there was also a snow-white tiger accompanying that man.

The one lunging at him from behind was none other than that tiger.

He was just about to react when his shoulders sagged as though something heavy was pressing down on him.

At the same time, he heard an ear-splitting scream next to him.

His mind blanked out for a moment when the sound entered his ears.


The Young Master, who was being held in the middle by Lu Ye’s long knife, was not dead yet.

He was currently facing Zhang Wu’s direction.

His mouth fell wide open when he saw a Spirit, who was as exquisite as a porcelain doll, pounce on Zhang Wu’s back and scream in Zhang Wu’s ear.


Immediately after that, the powerful figure of a tiger lunged forward and slammed its two front paws against Zhang Wu’s back.

The overwhelming force caused his body that was bent over to straighten in an instant and propelled him several steps forward.

Then, a stabbing sound rang out.

The long knife pierced through his chest and came out the other side of his body!


As soon as the attack succeeded, Lu Ye immediately retracted his knife and leaped backward.

He wasn’t the only one to do so.

The tiger that had slammed into Zhang Wu’s back also nimbly retreated by several metres.


Almost as soon as the tiger retreated, Zhang Wu stabbed his two machetes at the empty air behind him.

Afterward, he staggered backward several steps and lost all the strength in his body.

Hurriedly using his machetes to prop himself up, he narrowly avoided the fate of falling to his knees on the ground.


Lu Ye looked at the wound on Zhang Wu’s chest and frowned.

His attack had been aimed at the other party’s heart, but from the results, it would seem that he had failed to achieve his aim.

The trajectory of his attack was off, causing him to fail to take his opponent’s life in one go.


When Lu Ye pulled out his knife and Zhang Wu staggered backward, the Young Master who had been held up between them collapsed to the ground.

Blood stained the ground below him and his body twitched slightly several times before he completely stopped moving altogether.


At this point, Zhang Wu could no longer spare the time to check on the Young Master anymore.

All he knew was that he was going to die here today! [I am a Fourth-Order Spirit Creek Realm Master! I can’t believe I was overwhelmed by the combined attack of a Second-Order Spirit Creek Realm Master and a tiger in just 10 seconds or so… If I did not experience this myself, I would never have believed this to be possible! Just what kind of Spirit Artefact does the other party have that can penetrate my Spiritual Power defences in a single blow!]


From the severity of his injuries, he knew that he was not going to survive for long.

Although he was not going to die for the time being, an injury like this would only worsen if it was not treated immediately.

Besides, judging by the other party’s ruthless behaviour, it was clear that he would not be allowed to leave this place alive.


Panting slightly, he lifted one hand to press against the back of his other hand.

The back of his hand immediately began to glow with a faint red light.


Lu Ye watched Zhang Wu warily.

According to his estimation, Zhang Wu should be severely injured.

In that case, there was no need for him to continue fighting with all his strength.

He only needed to drag the battle out long enough and he would be able to kill his opponent sooner or later.

However, he suddenly had a bad feeling when he saw the red light glowing from the back of Zhang Wu’s hand!


“Amber!” While shouting, he was already lunging forward at Zhang Wu with his knife.


Zhang Wu quickly got to his feet.

He swayed unsteadily and blood gushed out of the wound in his chest like a fountain.

Even so, he was laughing maniacally.

“The Nine Star Clan will never forgive you! You’re dead!”


Lu Ye slashed down with his knife, but Zhang Wu raised his two machetes in front of him and blocked the attack.


Be that as it may, Zhang Wu was unable to defend against the tiger that seized the right timing to pounce from the side.

The tiger fiercely bit down on his leg and tore off a huge chunk of flesh.


Yi Yi also emerged and clung to his back, screaming endlessly in his ears to make herself as useful as possible.


All of a sudden, the tiger that had torn off a chunk of his flesh was sent flying backward with a kick.

Yi Yi, who was clinging to his back, was sent flying by the defensive power of his Spiritual Power.

After that, he shifted his two machetes.


Lu Ye felt his centre of gravity shifting.

Although he quickly stabilised himself again, the sharp and cold light of a blade entered his vision.


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