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Chapter 63, Silenced

There were three men and one woman among the four cultivators.

The woman was in the Second-Order Spirit Creek Realm.

She was dressed very lightly and her figure was very seductive.

She was currently snuggling against, and being hugged by, a Third-Order Spirit Creek Realm Master.

They looked to be very intimate.


That Third-Order Spirit Creek Realm Master had a good-looking appearance.

He was dressed very lavishly and looked quite handsome.

In addition, he had a sword and a bulging Storage Bag hanging from his waist.

It would seem that he came from an extraordinary background.


The other Third-Order Spirit Creek Realm Master was a sturdily built man.

His shirt hugged his torso tightly and his well-built muscles were faintly visible through his clothes.

He was currently standing in front of the couple and seemed to be a guard.


Lastly, the Fourth-Order Spirit Creek Realm Master was a man as thin as a bamboo pole.

He was watching their surroundings vigilantly.


Lu Ye and the tiger’s arrival had not alerted those four to their presence.

The Human and the tiger hid in a spot approximately 35 metres away and watched the group through the gaps in between the rocks.

He did not know how Yi Yi was being held by them, but these cultivators had mysterious and unpredictable resources.

There would always be many things that he did not understand.


Nevertheless, his top priority was to rescue Yi Yi.

He had to admit that the Fourth-Order Spirit Creek Realm Master stressed him out greatly, not to mention that there were four opponents in total.


“Young Master, what is that” A pleasant voice rang out.

That woman was the one who asked that question.

Although the Mystic Spirit Bell had been triggered, none of them had noticed how it had been triggered.

At this moment, only the owner of the Mystic Spirit Bell knew what had happened.


The handsome man holding her cast a Secret Technique with one hand.

After sensing for a brief moment, he raised his eyebrows and said, “How interesting.

Is that a Spirit”


The Mystic Spirit Bell was his Spirit Artefact.

It was an extremely powerful and hidden Spirit Artefact for protection.


“A Spirit” The woman shrunk back in fear and deliberately snuggled into the man’s embrace.

“Young Master, I’m scared.”


The Young Master laughed heartily and patted the other party’s tender waist reassuringly.

“Don’t be scared.

Don’t be scared.”


Then, he shot a glance at the Fourth-Order Spirit Creek Realm Master and issued an order.

“Senior Brother Zhang, give it a try.”


Senior Brother Zhang nodded and responded.



Striding toward the huge upside-down bell on the ground, he suddenly threw a punch when he got closer.

There was a loud bang, which was immediately followed by Yi Yi’s agonised screams coming from within the bell.

It was clear that she had been injured by the attack.


“Roar!” A tiger’s roar came from the forest.

A snow-white figure rushed out of its hiding place and charged toward Senior Brother Zhang.

Those actions had agitated the tiger.

Lu Ye had previously warned the tiger not to act impulsively and it had listened.

Unfortunately, its animalistic instinct won over its reason when it saw that Yi Yi was being hurt… In the first place, its intelligence had always been pitifully poor.


Not only were the four cultivators both shocked and frightened, but even Lu Ye was caught off guard.

He had been in the middle of thinking about how to rescue Yi Yi…


When the tiger rushed out, a beastly stench filled the air.

The woman let out a terrified scream.

This time around, she was really frightened.

Meanwhile, the burly man instantly changed his position so that he was standing in front of the Young Master and the woman.


On the other hand, the expression of Senior Brother Zhang, who had the highest cultivation of them all, turned grim.

He formed a sigil with one hand and lightning began to flicker at the tip of his fingers.

However, his expression changed drastically in the next moment.

That was because a humanoid figure appeared behind the tiger’s robust body.


That figure was none other than Lu Ye.

When the tiger lunged forward to attack rashly, he had no time to come up with a countermeasure.

He practically rushed out at the same time as the tiger.

By borrowing the tiger’s body to conceal himself, he managed to quietly buy himself some time.

He charged toward the Young Master!


Among these four, it was obvious that the Young Master was the most respected individual.

As long as he could defeat the Young Master, then all their problems could be solved easily.

That was the only way out since there was no other way at the moment.


“Stop him!” Senior Brother Zhang shouted.

Lifting his hand, he struck out at the tiger with his palm.

A lightning strike visible to the naked eye shot out of his palm and landed squarely on the tiger’s body.

The tiger roared in pain.

The sound of its roar reverberated through the sky and a visible blast of air spread out.


The tiger’s roar caused Senior Brother Zhang to become dazed for a moment.

Thus, he thought to himself.

[What a fearsome creature.

If this fierce beast were to grow and develop, it would surely attain strength that far exceeded its peers.]


He touched his Storage Bag lightly and two machetes appeared in his hands.

Turning the machetes upside down, he rushed forward to attack the tiger


On the other hand, Lu Ye pressed his hand against his knife and poured his Spiritual Power into his legs.

He charged toward the sturdy man like a gust of wind.


The other party let out a shout and his Spiritual Power surged violently.

His originally tight-fitting shirt exploded apart as his already well-built figure seemed to swell considerably.

After that, he touched his Storage Bag, took out a 60-centimetre-long hammer, and held it horizontally in front of him.


Just by standing there, he gave off a sense of impregnability.

It was not going to be easy to break through his defence and attack the Young Master standing behind him.

Besides, the Young Master himself was no ordinary person.

He was a Third-Order Spirit Creek Realm Master.

Furthermore, there was also another woman next to him who was in the Second-Order Spirit Creek Realm.


As the distance between them rapidly closed, Lu Ye pressed his hand against the hilt of his knife as though he was about to draw his knife.

Contrarily, there was no glint of a blade when he raised his hand.

Instead, a blazing fire snake appeared out of thin air and slithered toward the burly man.


“The Fiery Snake Talisman Paper!” the sturdy man shouted.

At the same time, he cursed his opponent for being cunning.

[Sneaky little bastard! He clearly pretended as if he was going to pull out his knife! I can’t believe he secretly took out a Spirit Talisman Paper instead!]


The attack had overwhelmed him.

The best solution at this time was to avoid the attack from this Spirit Talisman Paper.

The Fiery Snake Talisman Paper was quite powerful and the range of the attack was quite large.

Even so, he was perfectly capable of dodging out of the way if he wanted to.

It was just that he would be forced into a defensive situation after that.


Unfortunately, the Young Master was standing right behind him.

How could he dare to dodge aside Gritting his teeth, he hastily took out a Golden Body Talisman Paper and applied it to his body.

At the same time, he activated his Spiritual Power to protect himself.


There was a huge explosion of fire and light.

The Fire Snake that came dancing through the air swallowed the figure of the burly man.

In the next moment, he came out of the flames unscathed and rushed toward Lu Ye, who was also charging straight at him.

Raising the large hammer in his hand, he shouted furiously.

“Did you think a mere Spirit Talisman Paper could hurt me!”


Those arrogant words had just left his mouth when the light of a blade flashed.

He couldn’t help staggering backward and reaching out to clutch at his throat.

He even dropped his weapon to the ground.


“Guh… Uh…” He gasped for breath.

However, blood gushed out from between his hands.

He could not stop the blood from flowing out no matter what he did.

He could not understand what was going on.

[Why couldn’t the Spiritual Power that I put so much effort into tempering even block a single attack from that man!] 


The protection of the Golden Body Talisman Paper he applied on himself had been broken by the Fiery Snake Talisman Paper.

Even so, he still had the protection of his Spiritual Power.

Moreover, he was a body tempering cultivator.

That was part of the reason why he always stood in front of the Young Master.


In the Cultivation World, body tempering cultivators were the most durable among all other cultivators.

The more powerful body tempering cultivators could even resist various Spell Techniques of the spell cultivator with their body alone.

Although he was a weak body tempering cultivator who was not capable of fully bringing out the strengths of a body tempering cultivator, his defence should not have been penetrated with just a single blow from the other party.


Be that as it may, the reality was that his neck had been sliced open by a single move from Lu Ye.

If not for the toughness of his body, that attack would have severed his head from his neck! The destructive power of the long knife Spirit Artefact endowed with the Sharp Edge Spiritual Pattern was beyond his imagination.


Similarly, Lu Ye himself was extremely surprised.

He never imagined that he would be able to kill his opponent in a single strike.

He had instinctively swung the knife, hoping to force his opponent back.

Never did he imagine that the result of his attack would be so unexpectedly powerful.


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