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Chapter 61, Name Your Price

[An auxiliary cultivation technique that doubles a person’s cultivation efficiency! That’s obviously bull**! If there really were a cultivation technique like that, then it would be a secret scripture that would never be passed on to others.

Even the top major Sects would cherish a cultivation technique like that.

Why would there be a need to sell something as valuable as that on the streets!]


Looking at the male cultivator’s behaviour, Lu Ye could tell that the other party had not been targeting him specifically.

Rather, the male cultivator had been waiting outside the Trade Association and selecting random targets to approach.

He just so happened to come across Lu Ye at the right time.


“I’m not interested.” He refused to continue entertaining that male cultivator.

To his surprise, that person continued to chase after him, all the while explaining to him about the beauty of the cultivation technique.


According to the male cultivator, the cultivation technique was easy to cultivate, highly compatible with various low-grade cultivation techniques, and simple enough that anybody could master it easily.

He even went so far as to say with a solemn expression, “If you don’t believe me, I can take the Heavenly Oath to prove to you that everything I’ve said is the truth.

I will never deceive you, Fellow Cultivator.”


Lu Ye paused in his tracks and looked at the man, frowning.

He had taken the Heavenly Oath himself before, so he knew that an oath made while asking the Heavens to bear witness was not a joke.

Thus, he couldn’t help wondering.

[Is there really such a powerful cultivation technique in the world One that can even double a person’s cultivation efficiency What kind of concept is that]


When the male cultivator saw that Lu Ye was being swayed by his words, he stretched out his hand and said, “There are too many people here.

It’s not convenient to talk.

Please come this way, Fellow Cultivator.”


After a brief consideration, Lu Ye followed the man to a place with few people.

Then, he bluntly got straight to the point.

“Swear on it!”


The other party swallowed back the words that were already on the tip of his tongue and burst into laughter instead.


But, Fellow Cultivator, you have to buy this once I take the oath.”


“I’ll buy it if the price is right.”


The make cultivator nodded at those words and spoke with a stern expression.

“Rogue cultivator, Chen He, respectfully requests the Heavens to bear witness that everything I just said is true.

If there are any untruths among my words, then I will die a torturous death!”


There was a vague feeling as an invisible force descended from the sky and sank into the back of his hand.

That was clearly where his Battlefield Imprint was located.


On the other hand, Lu Ye’s expression became cold.

[This guy sure is working hard to sell off that cultivation technique.

I can’t believe he even dared to take such a poisonous oath!] “Show me the item.”


That male cultivator by the name of Chen He shook his head.

“You must be joking, Fellow Cultivator.

That cultivation technique is very simple and straightforward.

If you were to read it, you would be able to memorise it in an instant.

Why would you buy it from me then”


“How much are you selling”


“30 Spirit Stones!” Chen He announced his price.


Lu Ye turned to leave after hearing those words.

Although he did not know what was so special about that cultivation technique that Chen He would be willing to take a Heavenly Oath just to sell it, he was certain that there must be some kind of flaw to this cultivation technique.

Otherwise, forget 30 Spirit Stones, it would even sell for 3,000 Spirit Stones.


“Don’t go, Fellow Cultivator! It’s business! If the seller asks for a price that is too high, the buyer can make a more reasonable counter offer.

Why don’t you name your price How can you just turn around and leave! You have to show some sincerity!” Chen He quickly stopped Lu Ye and tried to persuade the latter with all his heart.


“Three Spirit Stones!” Lu Ye tried to be accommodating and replied with a counteroffer.


“Done!” Chen He took out a jade slip and slapped it on Lu Ye’s palm.


The corner of Lu Ye’s eyes twitched in response.


“Fellow Cultivator, I made a Heavenly Oath.

Just now you promised to buy it if the price was right.

You set the price of three Spirit Stones yourself! You can’t go back on your word, right”


Lu Ye was speechless.

There was nothing he could say to refute those words.

Thus, he finally forked out the three Spirit Stones and handed it to the other party.


Afterward, Chen He took the Spirit Stones and left happily.


On the other hand, Lu Ye held the jade slip in his hand.

Before he could check the contents, he saw somebody walking over with a smile.

That person teasingly said, “You got ripped off, didn’t you”


He looked up and observed the other party.

That person simply shrugged in response.

“I was tricked too.

That cultivation technique is useless.”


Lu Ye understood immediately.

“Were you watching just now”


That person laughed.

“It’s better to have two unlucky people so that I’m not the only unlucky one.

Don’t you agree This way, I feel much better now.”


He even winked at Lu Ye while saying that.


Lu Ye calmly replied, “If I were you, I would have tried to snatch his business instead.

If he can sell that cultivation technique, then why can’t you Instead of just watching other people getting tricked, you might as well do the tricking yourself and obtain some Spirit Stones while you’re at it.

Who knows You might end up making a fortune.”


That person became lost in thought after listening to what Lu Ye said.

After a while, he slapped his thigh and exclaimed, “That makes sense!”


When he looked up, Lu Ye was nowhere to be seen by then.


Lu Ye rode on the tiger’s back outside the city, having already taken his leave a long time ago.

He could not be bothered to involve himself in the intrigue of those profiteers.


It was pretty much confirmed that he had been tricked.

Fortunately, he had not spent a lot of Spirit Stones on the cultivation technique, only three.

Besides, he had just traded with the Trade Association and obtained more than 100 Spirit Stones in return.

He could be considered a rich man, so he was not too bothered by this expenditure.


Still, Chen He had taken a Heavenly Oath.

That could only mean that the cultivation technique was really as he said: It was capable of increasing a person’s cultivation efficiency.

Otherwise, he would have long since suffered the backlash of his oath.


[Just what is going on] Lu Ye couldn’t help feeling suspicious.

Hence, he began inspecting the name of the cultivation technique.


‘Gluttonous Feast’.

That was the name of the cultivation technique.

Moreover, it was a cultivation technique that was difficult to judge the value of.

That was because the entire training course of this cultivation technique only included a total of 15 Spiritual Points!


It had to be said the Golden Liberation Technique he was currently cultivating was already the lowest grade among the Yellow Grade cultivation techniques.

Nevertheless, even that could unlock 27 Spiritual Points.

On the other hand, the Gluttonous Feast could only unlock 15 Spiritual Points.

It was even less than that of a Yellow Grade cultivation technique.

However, it was understandable considering that this cultivation technique was not meant for cultivation but for auxiliary purposes.


Just as Chen He had mentioned before, the training course of the cultivation technique could be understood at a glance.

It was extremely simple.

That was because the number of Spiritual Points involved was very low and those Spiritual Points were scattered around the lower abdomen area.

That was also why it was highly compatible with most low-grade cultivation techniques.


The compatibility of two cultivation techniques depended on how many of the Spiritual Points that overlapped between the two cultivation techniques in their training courses.

The more they overlapped, the higher the compatibility.


The Spiritual Points unlocked by most of the low-grade cultivation techniques were scattered around the lower abdomen area.

That was because the Source Spiritual Point was located in that area.

Therefore, many low-grade cultivation techniques would unlock more or less similar Spiritual Points.

It was only the differences in the training courses that influenced the disparity in the characteristics of the cultivation techniques.


When nine identical Spiritual Points were connected in a different sequence, the speed of the Spiritual Power flowing through them would be different.

That would in turn affect the strength of a cultivator.

That was why the sequence that the Spiritual Points were connected was an extremely important matter.


The 15 Spiritual Points in the training course of the Gluttonous Feast basically overlapped with the 27 Spiritual Points in the training course of the Golden Liberation Technique.

There were only 2 Spiritual Points that were not included in the Golden Liberation Technique.

In other words, once he finished cultivating the Golden Liberation Technique and then unlocked the other 2 Spiritual Points, he could catch a glimpse of the Gluttonous Feast’s secrets.


In any case, he was in no hurry.

He decided to finish cultivating the Golden Liberation Technique first before testing to see if the Gluttonous Feast was truly as miraculous as described and could actually double his cultivation efficiency.


Putting the jade slip away, he took out the 10-point map again, compared the distance between Green Cloud City No.3 and Green Cloud City No.5, and calculated the time he had spent travelling.

Afterward, he checked the route he had planned to take on his journey to the Crimson Blood Sect.


After some calculations, he couldn’t help sighing.

At his current speed, it would take a very long time for him to return to the Crimson Blood Sect’s base even if he did not experience any delays during his journey.

If he ran into any delays, then it would take an even longer time to complete his journey.

The road ahead was long indeed, but he was fortunate that he was not alone.

At the very least, he had Yi Yi and the tiger accompanying him.


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