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Chapter 114, Dragon Spring Conference

During the Dragon Spring Conference 30 years ago, Green Feather Mountain invited a Sixth-Tier great force to interfere in the conference, which resulted in Tai Luo Clan and the Qin Family losing miserably.

Certainly, Tai Luo Clan and the Qin Family also had their allies.

Since Green Feather Mountain had broken the rule, the other parties didn’t want to be outdone.

Therefore, in the next few conferences, allies from all three parties joined the competition and killed each other.

Countless cultivators had been buried beneath the ground of One Hundred Peaks.

After about three to five times, they realized that this kind of competition benefited no one.

Besides the fact that the loser would suffer immense losses, even the winner had to share a large amount of the benefits to the allies, so only about 20 percent of the portion was left for them.

Moreover, this kind of large-scale battle would create chaos and cause a large number of cultivators to lose their lives.

For the past few conferences when allies were invited, all three parties suffered much greater losses than in the past.

If this farce dragged on, all three of them would have no one left to inherit their great forces.

In the end, it was Tai Luo Clan who took the initiative and invited the high-rank cultivators from the other two parties to have a discussion.

With the Heavens as their witness, they eventually came to an agreement, which was to never look for allies to take part in the competition again.

However, considering the fact that Green Feather Mountain had to battle against two great forces, they were allowed to invite some helpers from nearby places, and a restriction regarding the cultivators’ power had been imposed if they wanted to take part in the conference.

Besides that, they were also given some preferential treatment.

It wasn’t that Tai Luo Clan and the Qin Family were showing signs of weakness, but both of them knew that only by doing so could they ensure the continuation of their heritage.

Otherwise, a chaotic battle every three years would’ve cost innumerable lives.

Those from Green Feather Mountain were fully aware of the situation as well.

After all the conditions were discussed and agreed upon, all of them were satisfied.

The Dragon Spring Conference in its current form started 15 years ago.

As for the helpers Green Feather Mountain had to recruit, they were the rogue cultivators in nearby places.

They’d always offer attractive benefits, which was why many rogue cultivators would gladly take part in it.

In the past few conferences, it was Green Feather Mountain who gained the upper hand.

It couldn’t be said that they had won by a landslide, but they’d always gained the most benefits in the end.

However, it had been a few days since the start of the current conference and they had suffered immense losses as they were unable to protect their mountains.

There were exactly one hundred peaks in this mountain range.

In the agreement they had signed, they had also agreed on how the portions would be distributed, which was to fight for the ownership of all these mountains.

In that agreement, one particular condition was considered a preferential treatment for Green Feather Mountain.

Of all 100 peaks, they already owned 40 of them initially.

For the remaining 60 peaks, Tai Luo Clan had 35 while Qin Family had 25.

In other words, if such a situation persisted until the end of the conference, Green Feather Mountain would have 40 percent of the quota, and they’d be the first to enter the spring.

Tai Luo Clan would come next as they had 35 percent, and the Qin Family would be the last as they had 25 percent.

This kind of distribution wasn’t perfect, but they were fine with it.

Nevertheless, since it was a competition, the situation wouldn’t remain stagnant until the end of the conference.

Three days ago, the fight for the peaks had started.

Presently, of all 100 peaks, Green Feather Mountain owned 35 of them, and Tai Luo Clan had 40.

Things remained the same for the Qin Family as they still had 25.

That was because the Qin Family rarely made a move in the past few days as the other parties fell into intense battles.

In the hall, three people had surrounded Shadow Moon Disc in positions that resembled a triangle.

They represented the three different colors on the disc.

The person who represented Green Feather Mountain was Tang Wu.

He was about 30 years old and had a sturdy figure.

By just standing there, he gave off a feeling that he was as steady as a mountain, and his vitality was vigorous as well.

The representative of Tai Luo Clan was an alluring woman whose name was Han Zhe Yue.

Her clothes were on the skimpy side.

Seated on a wooden chair, she placed her long legs on the Shadow Moon Disc.

Her legs were blemish-free, and her toenails had been polished with a red gloss.

The layers of her dress separated at her thighs, so her private parts were not covered, which attracted the attention of the disciples who passed by.

However, she seemed oblivious to their attention.

Behind her, a fair-skinned young man was rubbing her shoulders.

The representative of the Qin Family was Qin Wan Li, who was a thin and short man.

There was a machete that had been hung on his waist.

Presently, he was staring fixedly at Han Zhe Yue.

When their eyes met from time to time, she would throw him a charming glance, which caused him to smile like a fool.

All three of them were Ninth-Order Spirit Creek Realm Masters.

Usually, they’d get their training in the Core Circle of the battlefield.

The reason they had come to this place was to chair the Dragon Spring Conference.

With an agreement that had been signed under the witness of Heavens, all three parties wouldn’t dare to go back on their word, but there might still be some loopholes one could take advantage of.

Therefore, every time the conference was held, all three parties would respectively send a Ninth-Order cultivator to chair the conference.

Normally, such powerful figures were not seen in the Outer Circle.

Mystic Sect and Nine Star Clan had some Ninth-Order cultivators as well, but they’d only send cultivators in the Sixth-Order and the Seventh-Order to be in charge of the stations.

Of these three people, Tang Wu sported a cold expression which seemed to be warning anyone against going near him.

On the other hand, Han Zhe Yue was behaving like a seductress while Qin Wan Li appeared somewhat harmless.

Staring at the alluring woman, Tang Wu said coldly, “Get your feet off the disc.

Otherwise, I’ll cut them off!”

With her mouth covered, she replied with a smile, “What’s wrong Are you displeased Are you going to flare up just like you did 30 years ago” Seeing as Tang Wu was upset, she was gleeful.

Since they were opponents, she certainly didn’t mind annoying him.

However, under his stern attention, she still moved her feet away and turned to look at Qin Wan Li.

“Let’s join forces and kill this guy!”

Qin Wan Li kept a foolish smile on his face.

“Senior Sister Han, stop pulling my leg.

I’m not powerful enough to do that.”

“What a coward!” Han Zhe Yue pressed her lips together as she appeared bored.

A moment later, someone walked up to Tang Wu and spoke in a low voice, upon which Tang Wu nodded.

After that person was gone, Tang Wu gazed at Han Zhe Yue and said, “Your clan has done a great job in hiding your true power by keeping a large number of disciples in another great force.

Aren’t you worried that they’d betray your clan”

All three great forces were based in this area, so they were fully aware of each other’s heritages.

That was why Tang Wu had been wondering what had gone wrong.

How did those from Green Feather Mountain suffer such tremendous losses when it had only been a few days since the battle started

It wasn’t until this moment that they found out the truth.

Previously, Tai Luo Clan had recruited some gifted disciples.

However, instead of keeping them in their own station, they let these people receive training in a great force which was their ally.

When the conference took place, they returned to the clan all of a sudden and caught those from Green Feather Mountain off guard.

These people were fairly powerful now as some of them were in the Fifth-Order.


Now, only cultivators between the Second-Order and the Fifth-Order were allowed to take part in the conference.

The restriction had been imposed because First-Order cultivators were inexperienced in battles, so they’d easily lose their lives if they participated.

On the other hand, Sixth-Order cultivators were too powerful.

If they accidentally killed some low-rank cultivators, a lot of their Contribution points would be deducted, which was unbearable for any cultivator.

At the same time, the restriction on cultivation could prevent unnecessary deaths for people who joined the competition.

Presently, the most powerful people in One Hundred Peaks were Fifth-Order cultivators.

Initially, Green Feather Mountain had the highest number of Fifth-Order cultivators, but these people from Tai Luo Clan who appeared out of nowhere tilted the balance.

It was the main reason Green Feather Mountain was on the losing side.


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