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Chapter 112, A Spell

After one night, Lu Ye stopped cultivating.

Just like what he had expected, after ascending to the Fourth-Order, he needed more pills to unlock one Spiritual Point.

If he wanted to unseal one Spiritual Point, he’d need about 18 pills.

Certainly, with the help of Gathering Spirits, he’d consume fewer pills.

As for his efficiency, there wasn’t any change.

With an auxiliary cultivation technique like Gluttonous Feast, the speed at which he refined a pill had always been faster than most people.

He had already expected the increased consumption of pills because when he unlocked the 46th point and the 47th point, he had used significantly more pills.

Riding on the tiger’s back, he went on with his journey.

With Yi Yi around, he didn’t feel lonely at all.

However, since they left Mount Ying, she had been acting mysteriously.

Besides disappearing all of a sudden when they were on the road, she’d also go away when they took a rest at night.

Lu Ye wondered what she was up to.

Nevertheless, since she refused to reveal anything, he stopped asking.

One day, after entering a city, Lu Ye decided to buy some supplies.

Suddenly, Yi Yi passed him a Storage Bag.

“Take these things with you and sell them all.”

“What’s inside” A puzzled Lu Ye took the bag and opened it, only to see many kinds of plants inside.

There were also some rhizomes and fruits.

[Are these herbs] All of a sudden, he came to the realization of what she had been doing recently.

The reason she’d disappear from time to time was that she had been picking herbs.

“How did you know all this” Lu Ye asked curiously.

She knew nothing about herbs in the past.

There was a proud smile on her face.

“Senior Sister Hua Ci and Ling Yu taught me a lot about it,” she explained.

“It’s not like Amber can rely on you forever.

Its appetite has been increasing.

What if you can’t afford to feed it pills anymore That’s why I asked Senior Sister Hua Ci and Ling Yu to teach me a thing or two about medicine.

I don’t know how many Spirit Stones these things are worth.

We’ll find out after selling them.”

There were many kinds of herbs in the bag, and they came in large quantities.

Nevertheless, it was apparent that she was still a rookie, so the way she handled the herbs was rough.

These herbs were all put together in a disorderly manner.

There were about 20 to 30 kinds of herbs.

With a smile, Lu Ye replied, “I’ll sell them now, then.”

“Alright.” Yi Yi nodded and snuck back into the tiger.

There were many cultivators in the city that brought Spirit Beasts with them.

However, to low-rank cultivators, it was impossible to tame powerful beasts.

Therefore, these beasts were meant to be a mode of transportation.

Basically, a Beast Taming Collar was wrapped around every beast’s neck.

Most Spirit Beasts appeared ugly and hideous, so it was rare to see a beast as handsome as Amber.

Therefore, as soon as Lu Ye appeared in the city, he attracted the attention of many cultivators.

Some of them even walked up to him and expressed their interest in buying Amber, which he had rejected.

After buying some food and clothes in the city, he brought Amber to Divine Trade Association.

A while later, they left the place and roamed around the city.

Riding on the tiger’s back, Lu Ye said with a smile, “Not bad.

Your herbs were sold for four Spirit Stones.”

Yi Yi didn’t utter a word or stick out her head.

Four stones were not even enough to buy pills for Amber to consume in a day.

The tiger’s appetite had increased significantly as it consumed as many pills as Lu Ye.

Nevertheless, its growth was also noticeable.

Lu Ye consoled her by saying, “That’s already a good profit.

Most rogue cultivators accumulate wealth slowly.

Four stones are enough for us to buy Four Spirit Restoring Pills.

You are still a green hand.

I’m sure you’ll definitely get better as you accumulate more experience along the way.”

Still, Yi Yi remained silent as she appeared crestfallen.

She thought that after she spent a few days collecting all these herbs, they could be sold for a good price, but the outcome was disappointing. 

Seeing as his attempt was futile, Lu Ye stopped talking.

The greater the hope, the more disappointed one would become if things didn’t go as expected.

She was still a young girl, so it was expected that she could be emotional.

After stuffing a Spirit Restoring Pill into his mouth and letting Gluttonous Feast refine it, he fished out Red Lotus Sky Mnemonic and studied the spell.

He had never studied spells before, and no one could teach him about it now, so he had to explore it on his own.

Soon, he became totally focused in learning the spell as his Spiritual Power surged.

Half a day later, Yi Yi appeared all of a sudden and took a seat in front of him before declaring, “I’ll find much better herbs in the future.”

Lu Ye took a glance at her and encouraged her with a smile.

“I’m looking forward to it.”

She balled up her fists and said through clenched teeth, “I’ll look for them now.” Then, she leaped off the tiger’s back and disappeared into the distance.

Lu Ye shook his head, but he didn’t stop her, for it would only bring the opposite of the desired results if he did that.

She was well-meaning to want to earn some money to buy pills for the tiger, so he just let her be.

Riding on the tiger, he studied the spell as he activated his Spiritual Power.

The first spell that came with Red Lotus Sky Mnemonic required the cultivator to be in the Fourth-Order at the very least.

As for the second spell, the cultivator had to be in the Seventh-Order.

The last spell required the cultivator to have fully cultivated the Mnemonic, which meant that he had to unlock all 180 Spiritual Points.

He still had a long way to go before he could learn the last two spells, so he focused on studying the first spell, which was called Fire Phoenix.

As he digested the spell, he became increasingly amazed.

That was because using a spell was similar to building a Spiritual Pattern.

Both of them required the cultivator to build a specific pattern using his Spiritual Power.

The head and the tail of a pattern had to be connected.

As Spiritual Power moved along a specific route, it would have some amazing effects.

[Are spells also a form of manifestation of Spiritual Patterns] He couldn’t help having this question.

Now, he was on his own, so no one could explain it to him.

Therefore, he decided to keep studying.

Fortunately, he had obtained three Spiritual Patterns from Skill Tree.

Every time he got a Spiritual Pattern, a lot of information would spring into his mind and allow him to master the Spiritual Pattern.

However, he hadn’t systematically learned one before.

Even though he was able to activate the three Spiritual Patterns with ease and use them in a battle, he still had no idea how they worked.

It was just like cooking.

Lu Ye, the chef, followed the instructions given to him and added some seasoning to the ingredients.

The dishes would turn out to be delicious as well.

However, if there was an experienced chef who knew exactly how much seasoning to add at the right time and how to control the heat, there was no doubt that the dishes he made were more palatable.

However, thanks to the knowledge regarding the three Spiritual Patterns he had obtained, he was able to study Fire Phoenix and realized that it wasn’t difficult to use it.


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