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 Chapter 111, Fourth-Order Spirit Creek Realm

As the pills dissolved, Lu Ye’s Spiritual Power streamed into the 47th point and filled it up.

On the second night after he left Mount Ying, he achieved the requirement needed to break through to the Fourth-Order.


However, in order to ascend to the Fourth-Order, he had to transition to a different cultivation technique.

Due to the fact that he always switched between Gluttonous Feast and Golden Liberation Technique, this matter wasn’t so difficult for him.

Under his control, the speed at which his Spiritual Power flowed slowed down, and the connections between the Spiritual Points broke off.


Then, he followed the training course of Red Lotus Sky Mnemonic and activated his Spiritual Power.

Starting from the Source Spiritual Point, his Spiritual Power penetrated his 1st point, 2nd point until the 9th point.

Perhaps it was because it was the first time he activated the Mnemonic, so the speed at which the Microcosmic Orbit was running was slow.

Patiently, he sustained it as the Spiritual Power, which was flowing along the Spiritual Points like the water in a creek, became increasingly faster.

In the end, it could run on its own.


After he was done establishing the first Microcosmic Orbit, he activated the 10th point as his Spiritual Power streamed from the 11th point to the 18th point in the same way.

A moment later, he established the second Microcosmic Orbit, and just a while later, he was done with the third one.


Then, it was followed by the fourth one.

However, it was a great leap forward from the Third-Order to the Fourth-Order as the Microcosmic Orbit of the Fourth-Order included 18 Spiritual Points.

It was the first time he activated a Microcosmic Orbit with 18 points, so he was extra careful.


Just 5 minutes later, his body shook a little.

With his location as the center, an air blast spread around and almost put out the bonfire.

He had ascended to the Fourth-Order Spirit Creek Realm! An elated Lu Ye silently felt the transformation he had gone through.


Compared to the Third-Order, he had indeed become much stronger as a Fourth-Order cultivator.

The benefits that came with 18 Spiritual Points were two times greater than that of the minior realm prior to this.

Presently, the Spiritual Power he could use had increased by 50 percent.

In that case, he could activate a greater power.


Moreover, Red Lotus Sky Mnemonic had many advantages over Golden Liberation Technique.

One was an Earth-Rank cultivation technique, and the other was a Yellow-Rank one, so the benefits they could bring to the cultivator were different.

The most conspicuous difference was the speed at which his Spiritual Power flowed.

There was a huge difference between the speeds at which the Spiritual Power moved when a person cultivated a Yellow-Rank technique versus an Earth-Rank technique.

For the latter, the speed was quicker than the former by 20 percent.

This kind of change could benefit the cultivator and increase his power.


After getting to his feet, Lu Ye unsheathed his sword and infused his Spiritual Power into it.

At that instant, a red glow radiated from the blade as though it had been engulfed in a layer of flame.

With the help of Sharp Edge, this kind of weapon was immensely lethal.

He arched his brow and wielded the sword.

Under the night sky, the sword looked just like a dancing Dragon.

Then, he pushed the weapon forward as the sound of breaking through the air was heard.


After his ascension to the Fourth-Order, his power had indeed increased significantly.

The increment was much greater than those of the previous ascensions.

It was no wonder that people always said the Fourth-Order was a dividing point.

If he already had this kind of cultivation when battling against Senior Brother Zhou from Serene Cloud Mountain at that time, he was confident of killing his opponent without paying a hefty price.


Upon retracting his Spiritual Power, he put the sword back into the sheath and sat back down.

Then, he fished out Red Lotus Sky Mnemonic and studied it.

This Earth-Rank cultivation technique came with several spells, which he had seen before.

However, the spells required the cultivator to have a powerful cultivation.

The weakest spell required the cultivator to be in the Fourth-Order at the very least.

In the past, he couldn’t cultivate it, but now, he was qualified.


Honestly speaking, when he was fighting against Luo Ji, he was envious of the other party for having the ability to use spells.

When low-rank cultivators got into a scuffle, the one who could use spells would be at an advantage.

On the other hand, Lu Ye could only charge forward and forcefully deal with the spells.

If it weren’t because of the fact that he had defensive Spiritual Patterns, he would’ve been tortured to death by Luo Ji.


In the past, he could make use of talisman papers to make up for the deficiency in his battle tactics, but now, he was left with only a small number of talisman papers, and he had already used up all the offensive ones.

If he could master a spell, his power might not increase by a lot, but he’d have one more technique to deal with his opponents at the very least.


Nevertheless, he wasn’t in a rush to study the spell.

He had never learned any of those before, so he might not be able to understand it at all.

He reckoned that he could study it at a later time.

At this moment, he was going through the Spiritual Points he needed to unlock to reach the Fifth-Order.


In order to ascend to the Fifth-Order, he had to unlock up to the 63th point, which was 18 more points than the Fourth-Order.

However, he had unsealed two extra points before, which were included in the training course of the Fifth-Order.

Hence, he only needed to unlock 16 points to attain the Fifth-Order.


Given his cultivation speed, as long as he had enough energy and no one disturbed him, it would only take him a month to achieve that.

Then, he recalled that when the Sect Master threw him into the Spirit Creek Battlefield in the past, he was only a rookie cultivator who had unlocked three Spiritual Points.

Upon entering this place, he was completely clueless and surrounded by danger.

Even a group of wolves were able to trap him on the tree.


It had been four months since the incident.

Although he still wasn’t powerful, he had gotten through the most difficult period.

Moreover, his life could be said to have been eventful in the past few months.

He had taken part in the epic battle between two great forces, was hunted down by a much stronger cultivator, and had battled against a disciple from a top great force who had cultivated a Heaven-Rank technique.

Besides that, he had fallen into life-and-death battles with those who were way more powerful than he was.


At the thought of this, he felt that the path he had walked down in the past four months had been paved with danger, so he couldn’t help feeling sorrowful for himself.

Anyway, all that was history.

In the past, he was weak, so he could only be oppressed, but now, he was a Fourth-Order cultivator.

Although he couldn’t swagger around the Outer Circle, he was already capable of defending himself.

In the Outer Circle, there were lots of people who were weaker than he was, so he was no longer at the bottom of the hierarchy.

Now, he had the right to stand on a high spot and look down at other people.


Then, he activated his Spiritual Power and took a look at his Battlefield Imprint.

The information about him was as simple as ever.


Name: Lu Ye

Identity: A disciple from Crimson Blood Sect

Cultivation: Up to 47th Spiritual Point

Location: Spirit Creek Battlefield

Contribution: 174 points


He remembered that when he left Split Sky Gorge, his Contribution was 142 points.

After killing the five people from Serene Cloud Mountain some time ago, he obtained 32 points.

Using a method he had come up with on his own, he realized that the numbers matched.

It seemed that if he wanted more Contribution points, he had to kill people in higher minor realms.

He had a feeling that Contribution would be immensely useful for him in the future.


It was time to practise sword-wielding.

He took off his top and revealed his lean upper body.

The scars that criss-crossed one another appeared hideous on his body.

Although his wounds had healed, he was left with scars.

Hua Ci still wasn’t able to erase the scars for him.


With a solemn expression, he slowly hacked at the air.

Four hours later, with his body drenched in sweat, he sheathed the sword and went over to take out a bota bag.

Then, he washed his body using the water from the bag.

A moment later, he took a seat beside the bonfire and meditated.

Now that he was a Fourth-Order cultivator, he had to find out how efficient he was at cultivating, and how many pills he needed to unlock one Spiritual Point.


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