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HC – Chapter 21: Unusual Injury

“That’s the only reasonable explanation possible.

This must’ve happened because our Qianhan is blessed by God!”

Xu Yuman’s cheeks were streaming with tears while her heart was filled with gratitude towards heaven.

She then told Xiao Baihao, “My husband, if it weren’t for you staying up all night to watch over the Heavenly Fungus Herb, Qianhan wouldn’t have stood up again today.”  

Xiao Baihao felt extremely moved.

He had never been truly happy since he was injured many years ago.

Back when he saw that Qianhan’s entire body was ruined, he even had the thought of death.

But now that he saw that Qianhan’s injuries were completely healed, he finally showed a rare smile.

He could only say repeatedly while still feeling deeply moved, “Great! Great! Great!” 

After the trio chatted joyfully for a moment, Xiao Qianhan held Xiao Baihao’s wrist as she remained calm and collected, then she let go again shortly after.

Xiao Qianhan felt shocked in her heart, yet she kept a smile on her face as she said, “Father, mother, please sit down and drink some tea.”  

Xiao Baihao drank the whole cup of tea in one gulp as he was still feeling deeply moved.

Upon finishing the tea, Xiao Baihao and Xu Yuman left the room.

Before leaving, they repeatedly urged Xiao Qianhan not to leave Xiao Clan’s residence, even though her injuries had completely healed.

They suggested that she should only leave the Xiao Clan’s residence after the National Test was over, when Xiao Yuluo and Murong Ce left.

In order not to let her parents worry, Xiao Qianhan agreed.

Xiao Qianhan lay on the bed after blowing out the candle.

She went into a state of meditation as she gazed at the roof beam.

Using Thousands Cauldron Mark as a way to feel the pulse, she analyzed that her father’s injury was an unusual one.

It seemed that there was some sign of poisoning.

Moreover,according to the medicinal knowledge’s description, the spirit herbs required to neutralize the poison weren’t easy to find.

They were only found in the Demonic Realm Forest.

“Mistress, let’s also take part in the National Test.

Only by taking part in the National Test could we have the opportunity to take part in the Seven Kingdoms Collective Test, too.

After that, we could go into the Demonic Realm Forest to collect the herbs.” Qianzi’s voice sounded.

Xiao Qianhan let out a ‘mhm’ before saying, “That’s exactly what I intend to do.

Not even the Wind Thunder Court sells those spirit herbs.

One could imagine just how rare those herbs are.

The only way I could gather them is to take part in the National Test.

It’s just…”

“Mistress, are you worried about cultivating Mistress has a special physique, so your cultivation method would be different from those fools.

Besides, mistress could cultivate inside the Thousands Cauldron Mark.

One day in there is equivalent to one year outside.

I could assure that the mistress would be able to absorb the spirit qi of spirit stones.” Qianzi said with a particularly proud voice.

With her Mistress’s special physique, her mistress could already leave those fools a few streets behind!

Xiao Qianhan was surprised.

“I can cultivate in the Thousands Cauldron Mark”


When it came to cultivating, what Xiao Qianhan needed the most was to cultivate as soon as possible so that she could surpass Xiao Yuluo and Murong Ce! She used to worry about the time she had to spend, but now she need not to worry about it anymore.

She picked up the books of cultivation techniques and immediately followed Qianzi’s guidance to enter the Thousands Cauldron Mark.

The huge and black cauldron pattern on her right arm was still the same as before.

After entering the Thousands Cauldron Mark, Xiao Qianhan noticed that the Thousands Cauldron Mark was actually huge.

The Thousands Cauldron was surrounded by open space, and there was a small bed beside it.

It was foggy all around, just like a world that was forsaken, as there wasn’t any sunshine, plants, or water.

All of sudden, she heard a voice coming into Thousands Cauldron Mark’s spatial zone.

“Xiao Qianhan!”

The familiar voice was from Xiao Yuluo.

Why is it her again

Following that, Murong Ce’s voice could also be heard, “Xiao Qianhan, come out now!”

Xiao Qianhan glanced at Qianzi, “I’ll go out first.” 

“Mistress, be careful of these two jerks!” As Qianzi mentioned them, she had a face of disgust.

Xiao Qianhan nodded as she smiled, “Alright.”

For them to suddenly come to look for her, they must already know that her injuries were healed.

Who could have expected that they would come to look for her this quickly


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