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"So you believe youve finally found a weakness master Bruce?" Alfred said to Bruce.

"I think so. The Liquid nitrogen didn work because there wasn enough of it to contain him however if I can manage to attack him with a large amount of it that should be able to keep him at bay long enough till I can contain him for good." Bruce said.

"And how do you plan on drawing him out for this to work?" Alfred asked.

"Thats the tricky part but Im confident enough I can manage to do it." Bruce said.


Sean groaned out as Diana gave him a blowjob in the shower. The Twins were at school right now and it was his week off and he was going to enjoy it greatly.

"Damn Diana." Sean said moving his fingers through her hair.

Diana would have smirked at him if her mouth wasn full. She moved her head back and fourth and played with his balls gently making him moan softly before he thrusted into her mouth making her moan softly as she swirled her tongue around his shaft.

Sean felt his release approaching and took hold of her head and shoved in her mouth deep making her eyes widen before moaning in bliss as he came inside her mouth and she gulped down every drop before pulling back and took one last gulp and smirked at him.

"Mmm Delicious." Diana said making him smirk and she pulled him down to the bottom before she held his face lovingly and kissed his forehead before pressing it against his both just enjoying each other closely before Sean flipped her on her stomach making her giggle before he grabbed her waist and has her legs over his shoulders and her pussy in his face and licked it slowly making her gasp and moan.

"Oh my." Diana said in bliss before moaning in absolute pleasure.

"Returning the favor Princess." Sean said making her grin at her nickname he and the others gave her though his meant something more then when the others said it.

"Like wise." Diana said seeing his still erect cock in her face and placed her breasts around it making him groan as she moved them up and down on his shaft. They pleasured each other perfectly knowing the others special spots before they both came at the same time.

Diana panted in bliss while the water washed off his seed from her face. Sean slowly picked her up and kissed her making her moan as she held him close.

"Time for the main action." Sean said placing her on her back about to shove in.

"Wait how about something new." Diana said with a sexy smirk on her beautiful face.

"Oh and whats that?" Sean asked before she shoved him down on his back and positioned his cock at her second hole making him smirk. "Oh I see." Sean said before he grabbed her hips as she inserted him in her ass making her whimper in slight pain since theyve never done this.

"Ok not what I was expecting." Diana said panting as she tried to deal with the pain before he leaned forward and kissed her breasts making her whimper before holding him close. Sean soon pulled back and kissed her neck making her moan before he pulled her into another kiss making her moan in bliss before she noticed the pain was replaced by great pleasure.

Sean slowly thrusted upwards into her second hole making her whimper with each thrust while her breasts bounced from each thrust.

"I could get used to this everyday." Sean said making her giggle.

"That makes two of us Oh god!" Diana yelled in bliss as she felt her orgasm approaching faster then she expected and closed her eyes shut as she came hard squeezing his cock as she did and he groaned out in bliss as he came in her ass making her whimper in ecstasy as she was filled to the brim.

"Had enough?" Sean asked making her grin before wincing as her ass hurt.

"I think Ive hit my limit with this for today but doesn mean we cant enjoy our naked bodies in bed." Diana said making him grin before his phone rang making them sigh.

"If its Talbot Im going to kill him." Sean said getting to his phone.

"Hello." Sean said.

"Call the Rider." Batman said making his eyes widen.

"You again? Im not going to have the Rider fight you when its pointless now just buzz off bats." Sean said.

"You will if you want your sisters back." Batman said making his and Dianas eyes widen in fear.

"What?" Sean said in an angered voice.

"Let us go!" Dawn yelled from a distance.

"Im scared!" Sarah yelled.

"MOTHER FUCKER IF YOU HURT THEM!" Sean yelled in rage.

"If you want them back call the Rider and tell him to come to this address and no one else." Batman said texting the address. "You have one hour." Batman said before hanging up.

"ARGH!" Sean yelled throwing the phone across the room.


Batman waited patiently for the Rider to show up.

"Why are you doing this?" Sarah asked trying to get out of the ropes tied around her.

"The Rider is a monster and needs to be stopped. How long till he ends up killing innocent people for small crimes?" Batman said not expecting them to understand being children and all.

"You call me the monster and yet here you are using innocent children as leverage to get my attention?" The Rider said jumping down in front of him glaring at him.

"Your methods are going to end up going to far and innocent people will get caught in the crossfire." Batman said making him scoff.

"How naive you are Batman how many innocent people have been killed by the joker. Thousands thats how many and its all your fault because you wouldn make the right choice in life by ending their life. Well Im not going to let you do so any longer. The world needs people like me to ensure the world is safe forever. You are no hero. You are nothing but a waste of flesh." The Rider said making Batman frown.

"And your a fool." Batman said pressing a button and a tub of liquid nitrogen fell on the Rider.

"No!" The Twins yelled in horror.

The Rider was frozen solid before the ice started to crack apart and the Rider was free but the flames around him were out just nothing but a skeleton. Batman soon attacked him with a mixed combo of marital arts before the Rider was thrown into the wall. He was on his last legs while Batman grabbed him by the neck.

"Any last words?" Batman said.

"Back off!" Another voice said wrapping a chain around him.

"What!" Batman yelled before he was thrown across the room and into the wall. He looked up and widen his eyes when he saw another Ghost Rider. This one was much more different though. This one had lines on his skull and dressed in black jeans black shoes and a black leather Jacket with white lines on it.

"There are two of you!" Batman said in disbelief before the room was barged in by Global Tech security.

"Get them out of here now!" The commander said as they got the twins out of the building.

"Your Relentless Ill give you that." Sean said walking in while the medical team got the wounded Rider out of the room.

"I wasn aware there were two of them." Batman said eying for escape doors while keeping a close eye on the other Rider who glared at him in anger wanting to tear him to pieces.

"Oh theres way more then two. Heres the thing though. The Riders only appear when theres to much evil in the world. And the only way to control that evil is by killing the ones consumed by it like those at Arkham. No mater what you do or try to do you cant stop them even if somehow you take down one another will take their place till all of the evil in the world is gone." Sean said making him frown seeing he was telling the truth meaning there was absolutely nothing he could do.

"Doesn mean people have to like or approve it. Killing doesn solve anything your taking a life away each time you kill." Batman said.

"Your one to talk after all you let innocent people die every single day and hundreds of innocent lives have been ruined because of your choices. Your just as guilty as all of them if not more since you do nothing while thousands of people in Gotham are killed and you just let it happen. Well no more." Sean said as his men aimed their weapons at Batman who quickly threw down a smoke bomb and got away.

"Son of a bitch." One of the men said annoyed.

"Search the area I don want him to get away." Sean said.


"Master Bruce I know you wanted to catch the Rider but using innocent children?" Alfred said disappointed in him.

"I hated myself for doing that Alfred but I had to lure him out only now it doesn matter anymore." Bruce said not happy about this.

"Why is that?" Alfred asked.

"Apparently there more then one Ghost Rider like I thought. Sean said they come out to destroy those consumed by evil and if somehow I take one down another will take their place. It would be a never ending battle if I kept this up." Bruce said.

"Master Bruce perhaps you should simple let this go. I myself am nod fond of these brutal deaths but the one you took down was able to defeat superman and he was the strongest of heroes before having his power taken awing from him." Alfred said.

"I don think I can." Bruce said.


"Girls how did this happen?" Sean asked getting the mud and sludge off their faces.

"We we

e walking to school like always and then some purple smoke came out of nowhere and then we woke up in there." Dawn said.

"I cant believe Batman would do this just to get to one of the Riders." Diana said not happy about that at all.

"How come you didn tell us there was more then one of them?" Lantern asked.

"Simple the world thinks theres only one of them or at least till today they did and we used that to our advantage since each of them always appeared all over the place." Talbot said.

"Spreading lots of fear into the criminal underworld." Hawkgirl said seeing the big advantage of that. "So how many are there?" Hawkgirl asked.

"Thats classified. The less you know as to how many the better." Talbot said.

"Oh come on." Flash said.

"Zip it." Sean said. "Hes right besides most of them keep popping up in the world so we really don know how many exactly just the ones we do know." Sean said finishing getting his sisters clean from the dirt and sludge on them.

"So what happens to Batman?" PowerGirl asked.

"I have no idea. Since we have no idea who he is we don know who to look for when hes not batman." Sean said.

"The united nations has placed a bounty on him for his capture." Talbot said having enough of the masked vigilante getting in the way of Global techs projects.

"So then hes no longer a member of the justice league." John said.

"Records show he was only a part time member so no. However though his little sidekicks might be good enough for another project of ours." Talbot said.

"What project is that?" Diana asked.

"A group of young teenage heroes who have the potential to be more then they are now in the future. Project Titan. A group of young heroes and sidekicks working side by side in the field. The base of the group will be in jump city. Tower is still under construction there on a small island a couple miles away from the city." Talbot said.

"Any list of potential members other then Robin Nightwing and batgirl?" Hawkgirl asked in interest.

"A small few such as Cyborg Speedy and Megan." Sean said.

"Come on there has to be more then that." Lantern said.

"Well weve kept tabs on a few others but they tend to isolate themselves from others for understandable reasons. Raven Jinx and Terra are three others weve selected." Sean said.

"And where are they now?" Hawkgirl asked.

"Well Tera and Raven are at Global Tech learning to control their powers Jinx on the other hand while has been given an offer said she wants to think about it before making a final decision." Sean said.

"And who will be leading this team?" Lantern asked.

"We still haven found someone yet but we

e looking for one who qualifies." Talbot said.


Sean sighed as he sat at his desk looking over various projects his company was working on before something happened to his computer.

"Huh?" Sean said before a bold of lightning shot out and landed on his desk int he form of a person. The person was none other then live wire.

"Hello handsome." Livewire said seductively.

"Hello Leslie Willis." Sean said making her blink before smiling.

"Aw you know my real name." LiveWire said trailing a finger on his face making him smirk at her.

"Who doesn know your real name anymore other then ex fly boy?" Sean said making her giggle.

"True ever since he made me into this my life has been a little hectic but maybe you could help me out with that." LiveWire said.

"In what getting rid of your powers?" Sean asked making her scoff.

"Please do you really think I want to get rid of these powers when I can actually help people like you do." LiveWire said making him smirk.

"Ok then what exactly do you want?" Sean asked placing his feet on his desk.

"Oh you know my original looks back when Im on my free time and then can switch back to this and help others like you and matchstick." LiveWire said making him chuckle at her nickname for the Riders.

"Funny. Yeah Im sure I can help with that the question I have though is this? If I help you in able to switch from your original body to this one on your free will what guarantee do I have that youll help others?" Sean asked making her smirk before pulling him into a kiss.

"Does that answer your question big man?" LiveWire asked.

"Not exactly but Im not complaining." Sean said making her smirk.

"Look Truth is I was more then willing to help others once I was in jail for my screw ups but Superman kept getting in the way and said I would never change." LiveWire said.

"Big shock there hes always been an asshole. Alright Willis Ill..." Sean tried to say.

"Its liveWire honey. I like it better." LiveWire said making him smirk.

"Alright LiveWire Ill see what I can do." Sean said.


"Oh wow." Live Wire said as she ended up in a small orgy with Diana Lois and Harley who was finally allowed out of her cell in Global Tech.

"Like old times huh Sparky." Harley said licking her breasts.

"Oh yeah." LiveWire said before gasping as Sean thrusted into her wet sec that sends jolts of electric vibes on his cock that made the sensations twice as good.

"Damn your whole body is electrical." Sean said in approval.

"I thought youd like that big man." Live Wire said before gasping as Lois kissed her butt cheeks and licked them as did Diana and both of them ended up getting small electrical jolts on their tongues.

"Wow your not joking about her body." Lois said before she got an idea and got in front of LiveWire presenting her pussy in front of her. "Lets test how far that goes." Lois said making LiveWire smirk before placing her mouth on her pussy and Lois gasped in bliss as she felt more electrical pulses enter her body.

"Wow Sparky your whole body is one electric charge." Harley said stilling licking her body with Diana before both ended up kissing each other.

Sean soon groaned out as he came inside LiveWire who moaned into Loiss pussy as she came as well and vice versa.

"Oh wow." LiveWire said before Sean pulled her close to him and kissed her making her moan.

"Still up for more?" Sean asked.

"Oh yeah." LiveWire said with a smirk on her face.

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