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Li Hao nodded and looked at Shen Mange.

“Come on, lets board the plane.”

“What… whats going on Just… just the two of us” said Shen Mange in surprise when she saw this scene.

How could she and Li Hao be the only ones at the boarding gate

Could it be that they were the only two on this flight

Also, why was the captain out to welcome him And he could take off at any time

Why did it seem like this flight was specially for the two of them

“Thats right! Just the two of us.” Seeing Shen Manges reaction, Li Hao smiled again.


Hearing Li Haos words, Shen Manges eyes widened again.

“Because our flight is special.

Our plane belongs to the boss.” At this moment, one of the stewardesses smiled again.

“What This plane is private”

“Li Hao, you actually have a private jet Oh my god…”

When Shen Mange heard this flight attendants words, her beautiful eyes were filled with shock, and her heart was trembling.

She could not help but cry out.

It was a private jet.

No wonder Li Hao did not even book a flight.

Why would he need to buy a ticket to take his own plane

It was no wonder.

There was actually no one at this boarding gate and there was no need to queue.

They could board and take off at any time.

Was this the treatment of a private jet

Shen Mange was excited.

She had never taken a private jet before.

She wondered how it felt to take a private jet.

Immediately after, Li Hao and Shen Mange boarded the plane.

In the next moment, Shen Mange was shocked by the incomparably luxurious interior of the private jet.


It was extremely luxurious.

“Wow, its so comfortable to sit!” Shen Mange exclaimed and sat on the sofa, feeling extremely comfortable.

In the huge space, there were a few luxurious sofas made of genuine leather, massage chairs… televisions…

Immediately after, Shen Mange stood up again and looked inside.

Behind them was a conference room, a restaurant, and so on.

When Shen Mange arrived at the back of the plane, she was deeply attracted to the independent bedroom in front of her.

“Wow, theres a bathroom and a bed… This is a moving mansion,” said Shen Mange in surprise.

There was a separate bedroom with a huge bed in the middle.

It could sleep four or five people.

There was also a separate bathroom…

This bed looked very comfortable.

Shen Mange could not help but want to lie down.

As she thought of it, Shen Mange really did it.


Shen Mange stood by the bed and lay down.

Looking at Shen Mange, Li Haos blood surged.

Shen Mange was lying like this and accidentally flashed.

“Li Hao, this plane should be very expensive, right”

The next moment, Shen Mange sat up again.

Her face was red and she was extremely excited.

“Its alright! Its only a billion,” said Li Hao calmly again.

“Oh my god, a billion yuan.

Li Hao, how much money do you have” When Shen Mange heard Li Haos words, she could not help but ask.

“Haha, I dont know either.” Li Hao smiled again.

Li Hao knew the money in the bank card, but he was not sure about his current net worth.

He had never calculated it carefully.

He had shares in the Billionaire Group and the Mountain River Group.

He still had a piece of land in his hands.

Two days ago, he also had shares in the Huayi Siblings and Ying Di Entertainment…

Li Hao really did not know how rich he was, but if these were announced, the richest man in Jiangbei would definitely have been replaced.

Shen Mange looked straight at Li Hao again, her eyes burning.

“Why are you looking at me like that” Li Hao felt Shen Manges gaze and could not help but ask.

As soon as Li Hao finished speaking, Shen Mange took two steps forward and arrived in front of Li Hao, less than an inch away.

“What for”

Li Hao did not understand.

Shen Mange was actually so close to him Moreover, she was looking straight at him with a passionate expression.

Could it be that she was obsessed with him because he was too handsome

Shen Mange did not answer.

In the next moment, Shen Mange actually took another step forward, then leaned forward and kissed Li Hao on the lips.

“Holy **!”

Li Hao was stunned and could not help but curse in his heart.

He was actually forced a kiss

Shen Mange actually took the initiative to kiss him

Damn, she did not even warn him.

He was the owner of this plane.

Was Shen Mange trying to take over


‘Absolutely not.

Li Hao had the thought of not taking advantage of her, so he turned passive into active.

He was not a casual person, but when he was casual… m

Li Hao was a normal man.

For a moment, the entire plane was filled with charm.

Of course, it was over quickly.

That was because just as Li Hao was about to take another step forward, Shen Mange pushed him away.

“No, Li Hao! Not now! You arent my boyfriend!” Shen Mange pushed Li Hao away and blushed.

“However, Li Hao, I really like you! Why dont you be my boyfriend” Shen Mange asked Li Hao again, wanting him to be her boyfriend.

She was very direct.

If an outstanding person like Li Hao did not make a move, he might belong to someone else.

Although she felt a little guilty to do this behind Qin Yaqings back, she still had to say it.

Moreover, it was not easy to survive in the entertainment industry, especially for a beautiful woman with no background like her.

The big shots in the industry had long been eyeing her covetously.

Just like this grand ceremony, many of the big shots definitely wanted to attack her.

She had asked Li Hao to help her.

She really liked Li Hao.

Although she was drunk the first time they met, she vaguely remembered Li Hao saving her and Yaqing.

Li Hao always surprised her.

Shen Mange felt that Li Hao was filled with mystery.

Li Hao was stunned by Shen Manges words.

‘Be her boyfriend

It had to be said that Shen Mange was very beautiful and a big star.

Any man would like her.

However, for some reason, Li Hao thought of something else.

“Sigh, forget it! Forget it… Lets talk about it later.” However, before Li Hao could answer, Shen Mange thought of something and sighed.

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