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The Moon Demon mystic realm was the largest mystic realm in the Nanzhou Region.

This mystic realm was extremely vast.

It was said that the master of this mystic realm was a unity realm expert, and the inheritance of that expert was hidden in this mystic realm.

Every time the Moon Demon mystic realm opened, it would cause a sensation throughout the entire Nanzhou Region.

Countless powerful sects, families, and empires would swarm over.

Although Ye Xuan had already reached the peak of the core formation realm, the Moon Demon mystic realm was still worth exploring.

If he could obtain a bountiful harvest in the mystic realm, he could give those treasuresto his disciples and receive the corresponding rewards from the system.

Moreover, Ye Xuan had a bold idea in mind.

It was said that powerful experts could completely refine the mystic realm through special means, thus becoming the true master of the mystic realm.

If he could refine the mystic realm and then give it to one of his disciples, would he not be able to obtain an even more precious mystic realm through the systems reward

The Moon Demon mystic realm was huge, and there were even many cultivators who said that the mystic realm was as large as the Nanzhou Region.

Still, the location of the Moon Demon mystic realm was extremely obscure.

It was hidden in the depths of the spatial dimensions all year round and would only open at specific times.

According to the current information he had, the Moon Demon mystic realm was very likely to be as large as Earth itself, or at least as vast as the Earths oceans.

Therefore, it was unrealistic for Ye Xuan to consider refining the Moon Demon mystic realm and making it his own.

However, even if he could not refine it, the heavenly treasures and resources it contained were still very attractive.

Therefore, he would definitely be there when the Moon Demon mystic realm opened!

In addition to that, as the largest mystic realm in the Nanzhou Region, it would definitely attract countless talented cultivators from various sects and forces, as well as the royal family.

He could also take this opportunity to see if there was a suitable disciple candidate among them.

Anyhow, he had to deal with the Xuanyin sect first.

The Moon Demon mystic realm could wait.

With Ye Xuans current strength, it would take him one day to reach the Xuanyin sect even if he traveled at full speed!

The patriarch of the Xuanyin sect, its sect leader, vice sect leaders and more than a dozen elders had joined hands to attack and destroy the Qingyun sect.

Such a huge commotion naturally shocked countless cultivators!

This was especially so when Ming Xue attacked the Qingyun sects mountain guardian array formation.

The terrifying shockwaves that swept out shocked the cultivators in the surrounding area.

Although they were hundreds of kilometers away, they could still feel the terrifying shockwaves rippling through the air.

Immediately, everyones attention turned to the Qingyun sect.

Although they could not see the people who were attacking the Qingyun sect, they could guess their identities based on the attributes of the spiritual power fluctuations that they emitted.

When Ming He finally made his move and easily destroyed the mountain guardian array formation, the power he displayed shocked everyone.

The patriarch of the Xuanyin sect had actually reached the peak of the core formation realm!

This meant that he had become one of the strongest cultivators within the Great Qian Dynasty.

Today, it seemed that one of the top ten sects, the Qingyun sect, was destined to be destroyed!

However, at the critical moment, there was an even more shocking turn of events.

Powerful sword qi soared into the sky.

The sword qi was filled with an aura that threatened to destroy Heaven and Earth!

The brilliant divine light it released instantly slew the powerful core formation realm elders of the Xuanyin sect.

The core formation cultivators who were observing the battle were awestruck.

Although they did not know who the owner of that terrifying sword qi was, it was obvious that the person was from the Qingyun sect.

Could it have been the patriarch of the Qingyun sect

That was not right.

The patriarch of the Qingyun sect had already fallen during that shocking battle hundreds of years ago.

When Ye Xuan personally chased after Ming He, everyone saw who he was clearly.

The resplendent sword qi that had soared into the sky actually belonged to this young man!

He was the youngest elder of the Qingyun sect and the strongest genius of the Great Qian Dynasty, Ye Xuan!

When everyones eyes fell on Ye Xuan, they were all stunned, as if they had been struck by lightning.

Then, Ye Xuan turned into a stream of light and chased after Ming He.

However, before he left, he casually glanced at everyone.

However, from just that glance, everyones bodies and souls trembled slightly!

At that moment, they were glad that Ye Xuan was not a bloodthirsty person.

News of the battle that happened in the Qingyun sect also reached the Great Qian royal family and the Qian Gate.

The Great Qian royal family possessed an extremely rare treasure called the scrying orb, which could transmit important information within an extremely short period of time.

However, the scrying orb also had a limited range.

It could only transmit information within a range of 2,000 kilometers.

After some time, the news was immediately transmitted to the Great Qian royal family and the Qian Gate!

It was also on that day that a terrifying aura that caused everyones hearts to palpitate erupted from the depths of the royal palace.

Everyones expressions changed drastically, and they kept quiet out of fear!

Fortunately, this terrifying aura did not persist for too long, and it did not target anyone on purpose.

Otherwise, the royal palace of the Great Qian Empire might have become a river of blood.

Apart from that, powerful energy fluctuations also appeared from the direction of the Qian Gate.

In less than a moment, the crowd saw two figures suddenly appear above the royal palace and the Qian Gate.

Then, they flashed through the sky and disappeared.

One of them went to the Qingyun sect, while the other went to the Xuanyin sect.

After receiving the news of the battle between the Qingyun sect and the Xuanyin sect, the grand elder of the Qian Gate and the old monster of the Great Qian royal family discussed things with each other briefly, and then decided to act separately.

When they thought about the attack on the Qingyun sect, they were furious, but they were even more shocked.

Ye Xuan had actually reached the peak of the core formation realm How old was this guy again

This news was like a thunderclap that exploded in their hearts.

When they first heard the news, their hearts were filled with disbelief.

Ye Xuan was only twenty years old! How could he have reached the peak of the core formation realm

They even suspected that someone had transmitted fake news through the scrying orb.

In order to discover the truth of the matter, they chose to split up and personally visit both sides to figure things out.

“Thats ridiculous! How can a 20-year-old reach the peak of the core formation realm”

An old man in a golden robe turned into a streak of light and tore through the sky, heading toward the Xuanyin sect.


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