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“All disciples of the Qingyun sect, watch closely!”

“This is my sword!”

Ye Xuans voice was like roaring thunder.

The cultivators of the Qingyun sect, who were still in a daze, came to their senses immediately.

Given his strength, whether it was killing the sect leader of the Xuanyin sect, the elders, or the ancestor, Ming He, with his strength, he did not need to use the God-slaying Sword, or even his sword intent.

However, he wanted to give an opportunity to the cultivators of the Qingyun sect!

After all, in these moments of crisis for the sect, no matter what intentions they had, these disciples had stood firmly behind the sect!

It was also because everyone had activated the second layer of the mountain guardian array formation, which had delayed Ming He for some time, that Ye Xuan had gained enough time to fill up the final gaps and completely cover his golden core.

Therefore, this opportunity was what they deserved.

Ye Xuan was not stingy in the slightest, and all the power in his body burst forth!

As soon as he finished speaking, the swords in the hands of countless cultivators suddenly burst forth with bright spiritual light, which then gathered toward the God-slaying Sword.

This sword…

Would be the strongest sword strike within the current era of the Great Qian Dynasty! It could split mountains and rivers, and split Heaven and Earth!

The God-slaying Sword started to tremble violently.

The seven blood-colored patterns on the sword shone with brilliant divine light.

In the blink of an eye, seven blood-colored sword qi patterns flew forward and appeared in front of a Xuanyin sect elder.

Before the elder could fully react, the shocked expression on his face was frozen in time.

Struck by the brilliant sword qi, he turned into ashes and dissipated slowly.

A swordsman in the middle stage of the true core realm had fallen!

The blood-colored sword qi patterns from the God-slaying Sword swept across Heaven and Earth, as if it had cut open a path through space itself.

It was like a constellation of nine stars from the heavens had descended, the sword qi patterns appeared on the bodies of two other Xuanyin sect elders in an instant.

A line of stars!

All of a sudden, the eyes of the two elders widened.

They did not feel any pain, but were cut open by the sword qi patterns and dismembered!

Just as their heads left the corpses, a resplendent pillar of sword qi suddenly descended.

In an instant, their heads were destroyed and turned into ashes.

Another sword strike had easily killed two core formation realm experts!

Seeing this, Ming Hes expression could not help but change greatly.

The hand holding the black long spear trembled.

Then, he hurriedly withdrew it.

His old body erupted with a terrifying power as he frantically retreated.

Ye Xuans power was so terrifying that it made his heart palpitate!

If he fought Ye Xuan, he would die without a doubt!

Before such terrifying power, even he, a peak core formation realm expert, would not be able to withstand a single move.

He felt his entire soul tremble wildly, and the last trace of his self-esteem as a supreme expert instantly dissipated.

“Old Man, trying to escape”

Seeing this, a sneer hung on the corners of Ye Xuans mouth.

He waved his sleeve and turned into a stream of light, chasing after Ming He at an even faster speed.

If there was anyone among the cultivators of the Xuanyin sect present who had the greatest chance of escaping, it would definitely be Ming He!

Although Ye Xuans power could easily crush him, the latter was still a peak core formation realm expert.

If he focused on escaping, his chances were far higher than the rest!

If he really managed to escape and hide, even Ye Xuan might not be able to find him.

In an instant, the figures of Ye Xuan and Ming He suddenly disappeared!

The remaining eleven people of the Xuanyin sect were stunned.

It was as if they had been struck by lightning and petrified.

They had never imagined Ye Xuans strength to be so terrifying that even a peak core formation realm expert would retreat without trying to put up a fight.

Right now, their minds were constantly replaying the shocked and terrified expression of their patriarch before he escaped.

If even the patriarch was no match for Ye Xuan, then what about them


They had to escape quickly! They had to get away as fast as they could!

It just so happened that Ye Xuan was currently chasing after the patriarch! He had no time to deal with them at all.

This was a perfect opportunity to escape!

Ming Xue immediately made his move.

However, moments later, he suddenly felt a chilling sensation from his waist.

When he turned around to look, he saw that the bottom half of his body had been separated from the top half…

“I… Not like this!”

That incomparably terrifying sword qi rampaged crazily through his body.

Ming Xues eyes were filled with unwillingness.

Still, so what

His vision was gradually fading, and the life force in his body was rapidly dissipating!

However, just as he was about to die, he suddenly reflected on his life.

He often sat on the mountain peak in a daze, looking at the soaring eagles in the sky.

His heart was filled with envy! He longed to one day be like an eagle, soaring through the heavens and standing at the peak of the food chain.

He had not reached the peak of the core formation realm yet, and his ambition had not been fulfilled yet!

“Ye… Ye Xuan… I… I am not reconciled…”

Once the violent sword qi reached his dantian, the final vestiges of his consciousness faded away.

Ming Xue had… fallen!

At the same time, the two vice sect leaders of the Xuanyin sect also fell.

This was because, before Ye Xuan chased after Ming He, he casually sent forth a few streaks of sword qi at Ming Xue and the others.

Although it was just a casual attack, Ye Xuans golden core had already reached full completion.

There was no way Ming Xue or the others would be able to withstand even the simplest of his strikes.

Now that the most powerful cultivators of the Xuanyin sect had fallen, even if the other elders were lucky enough to escape, it would not be difficult to find and uproot them in the future.


Looking at Ye Xuans approaching figure, Ming Hes expression changed drastically.

His eyes struggled for a moment, and then revealed a hint of madness.

Moments later, the power in his dantian turned violent.

In addition, a dazzling jade token appeared in Ming Hes hand.

He was the patriarch of the Xuanyin sect, after all.

How could he not have a trump card

The jade token cracked and broke into pieces slowly, forming a tough energy shield around him.

This energy shield could withstand the strike of a supreme unity realm cultivator!


In the next second, a beam of brilliant sword energy suddenly struck the energy shield.

The energy shield rippled and trembled crazily, and shattered into pieces just two seconds later.

“This is impossible!”

Seeing this, Ming He stared in disbelief.

The energy shield could even resist the strike of a supreme unity realm expert.

How had it shattered after one of Ye Xuans sword strikes

What kind of monster was this guy!

He was only at the peak of the core formation realm, yet the power contained in his sword qi was equivalent to a supreme unity realm experts!

Ming He revealed a look of despair!

The resplendent sword qi did not dissipate.

It shot forth and pierced Ming Hes chest instantly.


Ming He spat out a mouthful of blood.

Several ribs had been broken, and the violent sword qi was wreaking havoc through his meridians.

Although he had used the energy shield to block most of Ye Xuans sword qi, even so, he was already heavily injured.

In his current state, he could not block Ye Xuans next sword strike!


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