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“Silly girl, why arent you putting it away”

Ye Xuan smiled and reminded Yue, who was still in a daze.

If Yue did not accept it, he would not be able to get a critical hit from the systems feedback.

“Thank you, master.”

Yue knew that what her master had given her could not be rejected.

She put the mountain of gold into her storage ring.

[Ding! As the host has given 32,510,000 gold coins to his disciple, you have received a 10-fold feedback critical hit.

Congratulations, the host has received 325,100,000 gold coins!]

The systems voice rang out in Ye Xuans mind.

“Hehe, its time to go to the auction house and spend some money!” Hearing this, Ye Xuan could not help but smile.

He had given all the gold coins in his storage ring to Yue to obtain a critical hit from the systems feedback, so he would have enough funds to go to the auction house and auction on items!

There were three major forces in Yunhei City that were the most powerful around, and the auction house was one of them.

To be able to carve out a place for oneself in Yunhei City, one needed the auction house on your side.

However, that was no simple feat.

There was a rumor that an early stage empty core state cultivator ran the auction house.

The headquarters of the auction house was in the center of Yunhei City.

In a city where the strong preyed on the weak, being able to occupy such a central area was enough to prove ones majesty.

Ye Xuan only put a little bit of pressure on them before the staff of the auction house invited him inside with great respect.

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“Essence condensation pill, first-grade.

It can help cultivators refine the spiritual energy of Heaven and Earth, and transform it into the power of true essence in their core.

If cultivators below the fifth stage of true essence state take this pill, they can skip over a few stages!

“The starting price is 300,000 gold coins.”

“I bid 360,000 gold coins!”

“I bid 390,000.”

“I bid 430,000.”

As the voice of the sexy female auctioneer rang out, several voices pierced the auction hall.

“Is a first-grade essence condensing pill so expensive” Witnessing this scene, Yue could not help but reveal a shocked expression.

Although she figured that the price of a first-grade pill would not be low, she also did not have a good concept of how much gold coins were worth.

After all, Yue had only been with the Qingyun sect for two years, so her knowledge and experience were extremely limited.

Most of her knowledge outside the sect came from the scripture depository or from the other disciples discussions.

Yue was a girl who had yet to experience the world.

Yue knew that her fathers annual income had been less than 50 gold coins.

However, these unremarkable 50 gold coins could easily support her family for the year.

In her backward village, if ones annual income was 90 gold coins, they were already considered to be rolling in dough.

The price of a mere first-grade medicinal pill was 300,000 gold coins This was simply unimaginable to her.

If the price of a first-grade medicinal pill was already so ridiculous, how much would the third-grade medicinal pill that master previously gifted to her be

How about the heavenly and earthly treasures and the gold coins that master had gifted to her over these past few days, too How much did the value of those things add up to! Even some cultivators in the core formation state might not possess such wealth, right !

Thinking of this, Yue could not help but put on a complicated expression.

Her master treated her so well.

Could she really repay her masters kindness in this lifetime

Ye Xuan did not know what Yue was thinking.

Looking at the items being auctioned off in the hall, he could not help but feel bored.

Although the female announcer had already auctioned off many treasures, and the cultivators in the auction hall were intensely bidding, he was uninterested.

Of course, Ye Xuan did not choose to leave.

After all, as one of the three major forces in Yunhei City, how could the auction hall not have at least a few good things

“Fellow cultivators, the item were about to auction is an extremely rare natural treasure.

We call it theViolet Orchid Valley.

Its a treasure that even purple spirit state cultivators are extremely envious of, because this treasure can help condense purple qi!

“It can allow a purple spirit state cultivator to cross a few stages.

Most importantly…”

Speaking up to emphasize her point, the female auctioneer deliberately paused for a moment before speaking slowly again.

“After consuming the Violet Orchid Valley, the probability of a cultivator at the peak of the Purple Spirit state stepping into the core formation state will increase by 10%!”

As soon as she finished speaking, the cultivators in the auction hall instantly grew excited.

Most of the cultivators had been waiting for this treasure, especially those who had been at the tenth stage of the purple spirit state for many years.

Being able to increase the chance of breaking through by 10% was already enough to make them pay any price.

Seeing this, a hint of interest appeared in Ye Xuans rather bored eyes.

This Violet Orchid Valley was indeed a rare natural treasure.

“But… this treasure is still somewhat incomplete!”

The female auctioneer once again poured cold water on everyone.

She spoke slowly.

“Although the effects of the Violet Orchid Valley are quite powerful, its still immature and somewhat incomplete.

But in any case, it is indeed of great help to purple spirit state cultivators!

“Especially to cultivators below the tenth level of the purple spirit state… If youre already at the peak of a lower state, there is an almost 100% chance that youll immediately jump stages!

“Although this Violet Orchid Valley doesnt have a 10% chance increase of breaking through for the cultivators of the tenth stage of the purple spirit state, the chance increase is still 3% to 4%!

“Everyone, the starting price of the Violet Orchid Valley is 10 million gold coins!

“Let the bidding begin!”

As soon as those words were spoken, the cultivators in the auction house were once again in an uproar.

Although this Violet Orchid Valley was immature, it was still extremely useful.

It still possessed a fatal allure, especially for purple spirit state cultivators.

The auction value of the mature Violet Orchid Valley was around 70 million.

Some wealthy purple spirit state cultivators were even willing to spend 100 million gold coins on it.

Very few cultivators would ever choose to auction off a mature Violet Orchid Valley that they had found!


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