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Windstorm sword technique, mid-grade black-rank.

In a top-tier sect, this was not considered a high-grade martial technique!

However, the moment this sword qi hurricane appeared, everyones pupils suddenly contracted.

Clang Clang Clang!

When the blood-colored chain landed on the sword qi hurricane, the qi and blood essence that filled the sky was instantly torn apart.

Following that, cracks appeared on the chain, which continued to multiply.

“How is this possible”

Seeing this, Li Wujis expression changed.

The spiritual power in his dantian gushed out to form a strong energy shield in front of him.

However, everything was futile.

Ye Xuans sword qi instantly pierced through the energy shield and Li Wuji!

Was… was this really Ye Xuan

Li Wujis eyes were filled with disbelief, and his life force started to fade.

Why is this guy so terrifying

His heart was filled with despair and fear.

He had imagined many possibilities, but the possibility of him not being able to take even one of his opponents moves was not one of them.

Moreover, judging from his relaxed expression, this had just been a casual strike, and he had not even used his weapon.

It was obvious that the difference in strength between the two of them was akin to the difference between Heaven and Earth!

The light in Li Wujis pupils finally dissipated, and his body smashed into the ground below.

The surroundings fell silent.

Li Wuji, the ninth elder of the Xuanyin sect, a top-tier expert in the advanced stage of the Xudan realm, had been killed by his opponents finger.

“How is this possible”

Gongsun Wuji, who was not far away, could not help but narrow his eyes when he saw what had happened.

He was very clear about Ye Xuans strength.

When he had been besieging the latter back then, they had easily overpowered him.

It had only been two months since then, yet he had instantly killed Li Wuji, who was at the same level as Gongsun Wuji himself.

How was this possible How terrifyingly strong was this guy Was he at the middle stage of the true core realm or the advanced stage of the true core realm

Gongsun Wuji did not know, but he knew that if he did not start running quickly, he would become a cold corpse.


Gongsun Wuji immediately halted his advance, and then fled frantically in the direction of the patriarch.

“Ha! Since youve come, stay a while!”

Seeing him run off, a sneer hung on the corners of Ye Xuans mouth.

Moments later, he slowly raised his fingers again and gently swiped in Gongsun Wujis direction.

Suddenly, a sword qi hurricane appeared again and rushed toward Gongsun Wuji like a violent storm!


Accompanied by an indignant roar, the sword qi hurricane engulfed Gongsun Wuji.

“Oh, right, you were here too!”

Suddenly, Ye Xuans gaze turned to Gu Da, who was in the crowd, and he waved his sleeve once again.

In an instant, another sword qi hurricane appeared, sweeping toward Gu Da, this time, flickering with bolts of lightning.

Windstorm Slash, high-grade black-rank!

“Damn it!”

Seeing this, Gu Das expression changed greatly.

This terrifying power had firmly locked onto him.

Li Wuji and Gongsun Wuji had been killed by Ye Xuan easily.

With his limited strength, there was no way he would do any better.

Moreover, this attack was even more terrifying than the previous two.

If it reached him, there might not even be ashes left to bury him.

However, just as the sword qi hurricane was about to engulf Gu Da, a cold snort echoed across the sky.

A dazzling stream of light flashed by, and Ming Xue, the sect leader of the Xuanyin sect, suddenly appeared in front of Gu Da.

His eyes were icy cold, and his golden core power gushed out of his palm.

He then struck the incoming sword qi hurricane.


The two powerful forces collided with each other, and both the skies and the ground trembled.

The shockwaves wreaked havoc on the surroundings.

It was like a scene from an apocalyptic movie!

Moments later, Ming Xue waved his sleeve again and destroyed the violent sword qi hurricane.

It was only then that the turbulent surroundings gradually calmed down.

“Thank you for saving my life, Sect Leader!”

Gu Da looked at Ye Xuan with fear on his face, and then bowed to Ming Xue gratefully.

Ming Xue did not pay attention to him, but looked at Ye Xuan with shock on his face.

Golden core realm!

The other party had casually attacked, but the power of that attack was comparable to that of a golden core realm cultivator.

If he had not reacted quickly enough, Gu Da would have died.

This guy was only twenty years old, but he had already reached the golden core realm.

Was this not too unbelievable

Ming Xues heart was full of shock.

He had never imagined that Ye Xuan would be a golden core realm cultivator.

Moreover, he did not even think that the other party had reached the true core realm.

After all, no matter how monstrous Ye Xuan was, he was only 20 years old.

Once a cultivator reached the core formation realm, the difficulty of breaking through each minor realm was extremely terrifying.

However, reality had other ideas.

Other than him and the two vice sect leaders, only the forefather could deal with Ye Xuans casual attack.

Other than them, the other core formation elders would almost have certainly died.

Wan Shanhai saw this scene unfold and was transfixed.

He was completely stunned.

He had been extremely curious about Ye Xuans true cultivation level, but unfortunately, his spiritual sense had not been able to sense anything at all.

So it turned out that this guys strength was so terrifying!

Even he would only die if he had been on the receiving end of that sword qi hurricane!

One had to know that although Wan Shanhai was only at the middle stage of the true core realm, with the support of his sword intent, his strength was already comparable to that of an advanced-stage true core realm cultivator.

Even so, he knew that the sword qi hurricane would kill him.

Compared to Wan Shanhai, the elders of the Huolie and Shenshan sects were even more shocked.

Was the person in front of them really the heavily injured Ye Xuan who was supposed to be on the verge of death

Was this guy not only a middle-stage Xudan realm cultivator How did he kill Li Wuji and Gongsun Wuji, who were late-stage Xudan realm cultivators, with just one strike

Unbelievably, the sect leader of the Xuanyin sect, Ming Xue, had to personally deal with the sword qi hurricane.

Their hearts were filled with doubt, shock, and other complicated emotions.

Was this guy really only 20 years old How had he already reached the golden core realm at such a young age This was too terrifying!


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