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Lingjiu, peak, cultivation room.

Ye Xuan had already reached the most critical stage of the tempering process.

In fact, he had already noticed Ming Xues arrival at the Qingyun sect a long time ago.

However, because the tempering of his qi and blood essence had reached the most critical juncture, he did not choose to show himself.

Although the remaining gaps were extremely small, the process remained difficult.

Only after his qi and blood power had been tempered a thousand times could he form the perfect blood-red strand to fill the gaps.

At that time, he would be able to reach the unity realm.

If he gave up halfway, then the blood-red strand that he had spent a lot of effort to condense would collapse, and he would then have to spend several days condensing it again.

It was precisely because of this that Ye Xuan chose not to show himself.

Moreover, as an elder of the Qingyun sect, he naturally knew that the sect was protected by the mountain guardian array formation.

Even if Ming Xues strength had reached the advanced stage of the golden core realm, he would still be unable to penetrate the mountain guardian array formation.

Moreover, it would only take the time for one incense stick to burn before he could completely surpass the core formation realm and advance to the unity realm!

Ye Xuan was also quite surprised by Ming Xues arrival.

He was supposed to be the one with a score to settle with him, but they had come looking for him first.

It seemed that they were desperate to kill him in case he leaked news of their crimes.

In that case, he would pick a proper gravestone for them when he buried them on Qingyun Mountain.

After killing Ming Xue and the others, he would bathe the Xuanyin sect in blood!

As the second-ranked top sect in the Great Qian Dynasty, the sect must have collected a large number of heavenly and earthly treasures in its treasury over the years.

This was a good opportunity to plunder them.

Perhaps the amount might even fill up his storage ring completely.

Why could Ming Xue not sense Ye Xuans aura

In fact, it was not that Ye Xuan had set up some secret array, but he had used the Nihility technique.

Compared to the aura concealment technique, the Nihility technique was undoubtedly more powerful.

Not only could it perfectly hide a cultivators aura, but it could also decrease the flow of time around the cultivator.

If he chose to use the Nihility technique while he was in secluded cultivation, unless the other partys strength was much greater than his, they would not be able to sense his aura.

“Eh I didnt expect them to bring a bunch of people over!”

Ye Xuan suddenly narrowed his eyes slightly and inwardly sneered.

After seeing these people, he understood the intentions of the Xuanyin sect.

It seemed that these people were not just here to kill him, but also wanted to destroy the entire Qingyun sect.

It was likely that they would not even spare cultivators of the Huolie and Shenshan sects who had come for the competition this time.

“In that case, their patriarch should be here as well, right That old man must want to completely conceal the fact that the Xuanyin sect was collecting qi and blood essence.

By destroying the Qingyun sect, not only would he be tying up loose ends, but he would also be able to obtain another large sum of qi and blood essence!”

“That old man has a good plan.

He wants to kill two birds with one stone!”

Thinking this, Ye Xuans gaze suddenly turned cold, and killing intent flashed across his eyes.

“Ye Xuan, if you really want to hide underneath this turtle shell, then I will break it and drag you out!”

“Patriarch, please make your move!”

Ming Xue suddenly bowed respectfully in a certain direction.


Seeing this, the expressions on the faces of the crowd changed drastically, and their pupils constricted abruptly.

Was he the ancestor of the Xuanyin sect

How old was the patriarch for Ming Xue to be calling him as such Also, how terrifying was his strength

The crowd felt uneasy!


All of a sudden, a gentle breeze blew past.

Before everyone could react, an old man suddenly appeared in their field of vision.

He may have had white hair, but his body seemed to be filled with astonishing power.

He flew through the air and slowly moved forward, his body emanating out surging qi and blood essence!

Everyone felt an invisible force suddenly descend, almost strangling their necks, making it much more difficult for them to breathe.

“Ye Xuan, you killed the personal disciples of my sect.

You deserve to die!”

“The Qingyun sect is aiding the wicked.

You deserve to be exterminated!”

The old man stood in mid-air, his black robe fluttering in the wind.

His words were indifferent, but they were filled with unquestionable power!

He seemed to be one with Heaven and Earth.

It felt like he could destroy everything with a single move.

He spoke those words as if he was passing judgment on behalf of the heavens.

If he wanted the Qingyun sect to be destroyed, then the Qingyun sect would no longer exist.

If he wanted Ye Xuan to die, then Ye Xuan would definitely not be able to survive.

In an instant, the entire mountain had turned silent.

Everyone could not stop trembling.

“This… This is the peak of the core formation realm…”

Wan Shanhais teeth chattered crazily as he spat out those few words with difficulty.

The appearance of the Ming Xue had made him very nervous, but the appearance of this old man had engulfed him in despair.

It was true that cultivators in the advanced stage of the golden core realm could not break through the mountain guardian array formation, but it was a completely different story for a peak core formation realm cultivator!

The expressions on the faces of the elders of the Huolie and Shenshan sects changed drastically as well.

The patriarch of the Xuanyin sect was still alive, and had reached the peak of the core formation realm

As soon as those words were spoken, more than a dozen experts flew through the sky and surrounded Qingyun Mountain, each one exuding the aura of a core formation realm expert.

They stood guard over every corner of the mountain.

It was obvious that they did not want to let anyone go!

At that moment, everyone trembled in despair.

The Xuanyin sect had mobilized in full force!

They… they wanted to destroy the Qingyun sect!

The elders of the Huolie and Shenshan sect were also in despair.

The other party did not only want to destroy the Qingyun sect, but they might also perish alongside them.

“Sect Leader Ming, we have nothing to do with Ye Xuan.

Can your sect let us go” The first elder of the Shenshan sect gritted his teeth and asked.

Although the great elder of the Huolie sect did not speak up, his eyes conveyed the same question!

Faced with a super powerhouse who had reached the peak of the core formation realm, they had lost all hope.

Only by distancing themselves from the Qingyun sect and Ye Xuan would they have a chance at survival.

No matter what, this was all because Ye Xuan had killed the personal disciples of the elder of the Xuanyin sect, causing the other party to seek revenge!

Although the three great sects were friendly with each other, it was not to the point where they could rely on each other in life or death situations.

Thus, in order to survive, they could only choose to abandon the Qingyun sect.

Hearing this, Wan Shanhai looked at the elders of the Huolie and Shenshan sects with disappointment.

However, he did not say anything.

After all, this was their choice!

Lin Qing and the other elders also remained silent.

The disciples of the Huolie and Shenshan sects ignored the glances they received from the disciples of the Qingyun sect.

They did not want to die here.

Was it wrong to admit defeat

Besides, they had nothing to do with Ye Xuan.

Why should they sacrifice their lives for him

However, when they thought about their original relationship with the Qingyun sect, they still felt a little shame.

“You want to leave That depends on the Patriarchs mood!”

Seeing this, Ming Xue smiled faintly.


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