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“Your words mean nothing.

Do you have any evidence”

Wan Shanhai narrowed his eyes and looked at Ming Xue.

“Ridiculous! I am the sect leader of the Xuanyin sect.

Do you think that I will accuse someone unjustly”

Seeing this, Ming Xue revealed a sneer while his hands were behind his back!

“Come out!”

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Two streams of light flashed past, and Li Wuji and Gu Da suddenly made their appearance.

They were each carrying a true essence realm cultivator from the Qingyun sect.

Seeing this, the faces of the elders changed.

Could it be that Ming Xue was not the only one from the Xuanyin sect who had come today

“Tell me what you know.

Is Ye Xuan the murderer who killed my beloved disciples, Duan Wujie, and Duan Wuyi”

They had casually picked up the two true essence realm cultivators.

“Yes, yes, yes.

I saw Elder Ye Xuan kill the two of them with my own eyes!”

“I… I swear on my life that it was indeed Elder Ye Xuans doing!”

Feeling the terrifying power that radiated from Li Wujis fingertips, the two of them could not help but tremble.

“Its really ridiculous.

Do you think that you can convict an elder of my sect with just a one-sided statement As for the truth, youd better wait for Elder Ye Xuan to return.

He will respond to your accusations!”

“Besides, Ive never seen those two men in my Qingyun sect!”

Wan Shanhai said with a sneer.

“It seems that you guys are not going to take the easy way out!”

Seeing this, Ming Xues eyes turned cold.

This group of stubborn old men.

It seemed that killing all of you was the only way to make you understand the terror of the Xuanyin sect.

However, he was still a little worried.

He himself could not detect Ye Xuans whereabouts, and the patriarch had not appeared.

Could it be that even the patriarch could not detect Ye Xuan

Could it be that what Wan Shanhai said was true, and that Ye Xuan was really training in the outside world Or was the secret array formation he had constructed too high-level

In their plan, they had to confirm Ye Xuans location as soon as possible, then divertWan Shanhais attention.

Before the other party could activate the mountain guardian array formation, they would kill Ye Xuan as fast as they could, preferably instantly.

As long as they were fast enough, Ye Xuan would not have time to react before he died.

At that time, no one would know that the Xuanyin sect had been collecting qi and blood essence.

This was the safest way.

However, they were unable to determine Ye Xuans location, so it was obvious that their plan had failed.

Their only choice was to act now.

After the mountain guardian array formation was activated by Wan Shanhai, Ye Xuan would not continue hiding like a mouse, would he

However, if they did things this way, Ye Xuan would definitely choose to expose the fact that the Xuanyin sect was collecting the qi and blood essences of commoners by massacring villages.

Still, so what With the patriarch around, no one would survive today!

Even the Great Qian Royal Family could no longer do anything to them.

Since the patriarch had already reached the peak of the core formation realm, there was no need for them to fear the Great Qian Royal Family at all.

They could even continue to carry out the collection of qi and blood essence openly.

As long as the patriarch advanced to the unity realm, he would become the absolute ruler of the Great Qian Dynasty.


Ming Xues figure suddenly disappeared, and a terrifying power suddenly filled the world.

At the same time, Wan Shanhai quickly crushed the jade token in his hand.

Moments later, Qingyun Mountain began to tremble, and countless mountain peaks emitted resplendent pillars of light and energy, which then condensed into an enormous energy barrier that completely enveloped the Qingyun sect.


Seeing this, Ming Xue snorted coldly.

Although he had moved extremely quickly, the mountain guardian array formation had still been successfully activated.

“I would like to see for myself just how hard this turtle shell of yours is!”

As soon as his words were spoken, his surging golden core power suddenly swept out.

His fist emitted bright and dazzling golden light, and it was filled with a terrifyingly destructive force.

Even though the mountain guardian array formation was standing between them and him, everyones bodies could not help but tremble.

If they were to face this force directly, it was likely that they would be turned into ashes in an instant.


They saw the outline of Ming Xues fist strike.

That incomparably powerful fist suddenly smashed onto the mountain guardian array formation.


The mountain guardian array formation trembled.

The barrier rippled layer by layer.

However, the great mountain peaks of the Qingyun sect continued to pour out energy.

Ming Xues attack did not shake the foundation of the mountain guardian array formation.

Even so, the power of an advanced-stage golden core realm expert was still incomparably terrifying.

The aftermath of the impact instantly flattened some of the mountain peaks outside the Qingyun sect, and the surrounding forest instantly turned into a barren wasteland.

Seeing this, the disciples of the various sects turned pale.

They gulped as they tried their best to restrain the fear and shock they were feeling inside.

Was this the power of the sect leader of the Xuanyin sect

With just one punch, the terrifying aftermath of the attack had destroyed three mountain peaks.

A thought emerged in their minds at the same time.

How terrifying!

Previously, they had only heard about the terror of golden core realm cultivators on paper and by word of mouth.

Now that they were witnessing it with their own eyes, they knew that the strength of the other party could no longer be described with words.

With just one punch, their bodies and souls would probably be torn apart.

It was not only the disciples who were shocked, even those core formation realm elders also had pale expressions on their faces.

Although they were core formation realm cultivators as well, the Xudan realm and golden core realm were not on the same level at all.

The gap between the two was like the gap between Heaven and Earth.

It was insurmountable!

They knew very well that even if they worked together, they would not be a match for Ming Xue.

Wan Shanhai was a top-tier powerhouse at the middle stage of the true core realm.

Thanks to Ye Xuans display of sword intent, he had even comprehended his own sword intent.

His own strength was already comparable to an advanced realm true core realm cultivator.

Even so, faced with a super expert at the advanced stage of the golden core realm, there was only despair on their faces.

“Ye Xuan! Are you still planning to hide”

After throwing that punch, the Ming Xue gave up on attacking.

The power of the mountain guardian formation array was too powerful, and he alone was unable to break it.

“Do you really think that Ill leave just because I cant break this shield”

Ming Xue looked around the entire Qingyun clan, but he still could not find any trace of Ye Xuan.

Could it be that Ye Xuan had really left the Qingyun sect

Thinking this, Ming Xue could not help but frown.

If that was the case, things would be troublesome.


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