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Ming Xue stood in mid-air, looking around the crowd as if he was looking for something.

His expression was calm at first, but after a moment, he frowned slightly.

Where was Ye Xuan

Why did he not see Ye Xuan here

The Xuanyin sect had mobilized the sect leader, two vice sect leaders and thirteen elders, in addition to the patriarch.

In total, seventeen core formation realm cultivators had come to Qingyun Mountain.

The reason why Ming Xue had appeared was to determine Ye Xuans location.

This way, he could kill him instantly and prevent him from exposing the secret of the Xuanyins sect collection of qi and blood essence.

However, his spiritual sense had scoured all of the Qingyun sect members present, yet he had not found Ye Xuan.

This meant that there were two possibilities.

First, Ye Xuan was not on Qingyun Mountain at the moment.

Second, Ye Xuan was on Qingyun Mountain, but had used an array formation to conceal his aura and presence.

It was very likely that the other party was in secluded cultivation.

If they could not determine Ye Xuans location, they would be able to kill him quickly.

Wan Shanhai and the other elders looked at Ming Xue, whose expression was gradually turning colder and colder.

Their bodies could not help but tense up.

What was this guy trying to do

“Where is Ye Xuan”

After Ming Xue failed to obtain the result he wanted, he turned his gaze to Wan Shanhai, and a cold gleam flashed across his eyes.

Wan Shanhai and the other elders faces changed greatly when they heard his question.

As expected, this guy had come to the Qingyun sect because of Ye Xuan!

The damn Xuanyin sect was still unwilling to let Ye Xuan go.

Many thoughts flashed through Wan Shanhais mind.

No matter what, the Xuanyin sect must have somehow confirmed that Ye Xuan was still alive.

Previously, their elders had failed to besiege Ye Xuan.

After finding out that Ye Xuan was still alive, they were probably afraid of Ye Xuans talent and feared that Ye Xuan would take revenge in the future.

This was why they had come to the Qingyun sect! They wanted to eradicate him!

“Elder Ye is temporarily training outside.

He is not in the Qingyun sect!” Wan Shanhai said calmly.

He wanted to force them to hand over Ye Xuan Impossible!

Putting aside the fact that he and the elders had practically watched Ye Xuan grow up, simply based on the fact that Ye Xuan was monstrously talented, the Qingyun sect would definitely not hand him over.

This guy was the living signboard of the Qingyun sect.

Moreover, if nothing unexpected happened, he would definitely be able to reach the golden core realm in the future.

As long as Ye Xuan could reach the golden core realm, they would no longer have to be afraid no matter how powerful the Xuanyin sect was.

Moreover, the Qingyun sect still had the mountain guardian array formation.

They did not need to fear cultivators in the advanced stage of the golden core realm.

“Humph! You shouldnt lie to me!

Ming Xue squinted his eyes slightly as he looked at the jade token in Wan Shanhais hand.

“Although his aura is untraceable, he must be in the Qingyun sect.

If you let me thoroughly search the Qingyun sect, then Ill believe that you are not lying!”

“Why should we agree to your request”

Before Wan Shanhai could reply, Lin Qing, who was not far away, could no longer hold it.

She naturally knew that the jade token to activate the Mountain guardian array formation was in Wan Shanhais hands.

Therefore, although she was extremely nervous while facing a top-tier powerhouse at the advanced stage of the golden core realm, she was not afraid.

The most important thing was that, through Huang Ling and Xue Mins stories, she already had her guesses regarding Ye Xuans current cultivation.

Of course, those were just her guesses.

She was also unaware of Ye Xuans exact cultivation level.

Even if Ye Xuan had really reached the golden core realm, he might not be able to resolve the current crisis that the Qingyun sect was facing.

After all, Ming Xue was an advanced-stage golden core realm cultivator.

“Why” Seeing this, Ming Xue glanced at Lin Qing coldly.

“Ye Xuan killed the personal disciples of an elder of the Xuanyin sect.

Shouldnt I pursue this matter”

As soon as he finished speaking, everyones expressions changed.

So Ye Xuan had killed the personal disciples of an elder of the Xuanyin sect.

It was no wonder that Ming Xue had come to the Qingyun sect then.

This guy was too bold.

He even dared to kill the personal disciples of an elder of the Xuanyin sect Even if he wanted to take revenge on the Xuanyin sect, he should not have done it so obviously.

He was too impulsive.

However, was Ye Xuan not seriously injured and currently in secluded cultivation How could he kill the personal disciples of the elder of the Xuanyin sect

The elders of the Huolie and Shenshan sects squinted their eyes.

They were uncertain as to whether or not Ming Xue was speaking the truth.

If it was really Ye Xuans doing, they could also understand his appearance here!

“Was it really Elder Ye Xuans doing”

“What should we do”

Many cultivators of the Qingyun sect were worried about the situation.

They did not know that Ye Xuan had once been besieged by all of the Xuanyin sects elders.

Therefore, after learning that Ye Xuan had killed the personal disciples of an elder of the Xuanyin sect, their hearts were full of confusion and worry.

If he had killed ordinary outer sect disciples, there would be no need for such a hoo-hah.

However, the ones who had died were the personal disciples of an elder of the Xuanyin sect.

Killing them was almost equivalent to declaring war on the Xuanyin sect.

Huang Ling and Xue Min, who were in the crowd, revealed complicated expressions when they saw what was happening.

They had never expected the Xuanyin sect to find out about this matter.

If this was the case, the two sects would not be able to find a peaceful resolution to this matter!

Ye Xuan had killed Duan Wujie in order to save them, so they were both feeling extremely guilty at this moment.

However, they were too weak, and they were not qualified to face the Xuanyin sect directly.

Seeing this, Yue tightened her grip on the longsword in her hand.

They had come in the end!

Could her teacher deal with such a powerful opponent

She was not confident!

Although she knew that her teacher was very strong, she was not clear about his exact cultivation level, let alone whether he could resist the power of an advanced-stage golden core realm expert.

Still, no matter what, she would choose to live and die by her teachers side.

If there was really no way out, she would also choose to go to the Netherworld with her teacher without hesitation.

She would never abandon her teacher in this life.

Ever since she became her teachers disciple, ever since her teacher traveled thousands of miles to avenge her blood feud, her life had already belonged to her teacher.

Li Qingyans thoughts were the same.

Although she had not personally experienced the incidents between Duan Wujie and Duan Wuyi, Yue had already told her about the past!

When her teacher had helped her to awaken the dual-spirit physique, she had sensed the strength of Ye Xuan.

Her teachers power was like an abyss, deep and unfathomable.

Unfortunately, her feelings were just feelings.

She did not know exactly how strong Ye Xuan was

Still, no matter what, were it not for her teachers appearance, she would have long been sacrificed for the survival of her family, or perhaps she would have become Chen Pings plaything!

Her teachers kindness was a debt she planned to spend her whole life repaying.

Even if she had to sacrifice her own life to repay it, she would not hesitate.

The two of them had only joined the Qingyun sect for a short period of time, so they did not know about the mountain guardian array.

So what though

They had no intention of retreating.

As long as they could stay by their teachers side, death was an acceptable cost!


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