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The powerful energy fluctuations swept across the entire Xuanyin sect crazily.

It exuded terrifying and overbearing power.

Even the sect leader of the Xuanyin sect, who was at the advanced stage of the golden core realm, felt his heart tremble.

“Is this the power of a peak core formation realm expert”

The eyes of the sect leader of the Xuanyin sect were filled with shock.

Although the patriarch had not made a move, the energy fluctuations he exuded were enough to suppress everyone here.

However, this pressure dissipated slowly like the receding tide.

Moreover, they had set up an array formation to block the energy beforehand, which prevented the patriarchs energy from leaking out.

Otherwise, it was highly likely that it would attract the attention of the other top sects or the Great Qian Royal Family.

After this terrifying pressure slowly dissipated, the ancient hall in the depths of the mountain range once again became deathly silent!

“Congratulations, Patriarch, on your breakthrough!”

Although they could not sense the patriarchs aura, the sect leader and the elders knew what had happened.

The patriarch had already reached the peak of the core formation realm!

“Hahaha! After hundreds of years, I, Ming He, have finally reached the peak of the core formation realm!”

As soon as he finished speaking, wanton laughter rang out.

Everyone saw a streak of light flash past before a figure appeared in the air.

It was an old man with white hair.

He had his hands behind his back and his eyes were filled with glee.

He had suffered so much in order to reach this point.

500 years ago, he had been lucky enough to survive that great battle.

After that, he had been cultivating in seclusion in the ancient hall to treat his injuries.

During this period, the Great Qian Dynasty experienced another shocking war.

In this shocking war, almost all of the top cultivators of the Great Qian Dynasty had perished.

Yet, he was lucky enough to survive because he was cultivating in seclusion in the ancient hall.


Ming He opened his palm slowly.

The center of his palm was filled with surging qi and blood essence.

As it rippled slightly, even space was distorted.

Seeing this, the sect leader of the Xuanyin sect and all the elders were shocked.

They could sense the terrible destructive power contained within it, and felt that they could not withstand a single blow of that power.

The sect leader of the Xuanyin sect was even more shocked.

Was this the terrifying power of a peak core formation realm expert

“For hundreds of years, no one in the Great Qian Dynasty has managed to reach the unity realm.

I will be the first and I will be invincible!”

Ming He clenched his fists slowly.

His gaze was filled with ambition.

The power that made Heaven and Earth tremble slowly dissipated.

If the Great Qian Dynasty and the Qian Gate did not have peak core formation realm cultivators, he would have become the emperor of the Great Qian Dynasty!

“Congratulations, Patriarch!”

“The Xuanyin sect will prosper!”

The sect leader and elders of the Xuanyin sect looked at each other and kneeled before Ming He in unison.

Their eyes were filled with respect.

“Rise!” Ming He nodded lightly and said slowly.

“In two days, you will follow me as I flatten the Qingyun sect!”


“We will obey the order of the Patriarch!”

However, at this moment, the outside world was unaware of the changes that had taken place in the Xuanyin sect.

Ye Xuan was still in secluded cultivation, and the Qingyun sect, the Huolie sect, and the Shenshan sect were blissfully unaware of the impending danger!

They would never expect that the competition between great sects would become the site of a world-shaking battle!

Lingjiu peak, cultivation room.

Ye Xuan sat cross-legged on the floor and circulated his spiritual power within his body.

He breathed in and out, drawing in the spiritual energy of Heaven and Earth, and slowly condensing qi and blood essence in his body,turning into blood-red strands that slowly filled in the gaps around his golden core.

According to his calculations, it would take another two or three days to completely fill up the gaps.

He also did not expect that, given his monstrous talent, it would still take such a long time to complete this process.

However, he soon understood why.

When he had infused spiritual power into Yue earlier, he had obtained 15 years worth of cultivation, but still remained at the peak of the core formation realm.

Only by tempering his qi and blood essence to the extreme could he turn them into the blood-red strands that were coiled around his golden core.

In order for the golden core in his body to completely undergo a qualitative change, the number of blood-red strands wrapped around his golden core had to be in multiples of 36.

In other words, only by truly forming 36 blood-red strands would the cultivator truly reach the peak of the core formation realm, and more strands would signify the cultivators progress toward the unity realm.

Currently, there were 107 blood-red strands wrapped around Ye Xuans golden core.

He only needed to condense one more blood-red strand to fill in the gaps!

In other words, he would reach the unity realm after 108 blood-red strands were wrapped around his golden core.

However, condensing a blood-red strand from his qi and blood essence would take several days with Ye Xuans current innate bone value.

From this, one could see how difficult it was for other cultivators to reach the peak of the core formation realm.

“Going by how things are progressing, I should be able to reach the unity realm before the end of the competition between the three great sects!”

Thinking this, Ye Xuan smiled.

Although the strength of the Qingyun sect was lacking compared to the Huolie and Shenshan sects, the gap between the three sects was not particularly large! Their cultivators might not be much stronger than those from the Qingyun sect.

Moreover, in the previous competitions, most of the winners of the competition had only reached the first level of the purple spirit realm.

Given Yue and Li Qingyans current strength, they could easily crush them.

Moreover, Ye Xuan had his eye on the first place rewards.

First was the thousand-year ice silk armor given by Wan Shanhai.

It was an artifact with strong defensive capabilities, which was what Ye Xuan lacked at the moment.

Moreover, he could obtain a reward from the system by giving it to his disciple.

Then there was the Shenshan sects Spirit Burst Flower.

It was a rare treasure that could increase a cultivators comprehension value, and its effect was even better than the Heart-seeking Fruit.

Ye Xuan naturally would not let go of any spiritual items that could increase comprehension and innate bone values.

As an elder of the Qingyun sect, it was not unusual for him to take up the responsibility for distributing the champions reward, right

As it turned out, although they were a little puzzled, no one objected.

Therefore, he had to end his secluded cultivation before the finals of the competition.

Otherwise, he would not be the one to distribute the rewards.

Would that not be a huge loss

However, he had just given his disciple a spiritual item that increased her comprehension value a few days ago, so if he repeated it again, he would not receive a reward from the system.

Still, Ye Xuan could wait a month before helping them to refine it.

At that time, he could continue to reap the rewards once more.

Moreover, he had never given his disciples any defensive artifacts.

The thousand-year ice silk armor was a perfect opportunity to earn a good reward.

Thinking this, Ye Xuan sped up the tempering of his qi and blood essence…


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