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Just after Ye Xuan went into secluded cultivation, a major event happened in the Xuanyin sect.

In the sects Grand Hall.

The sect leader and all of the elders were gathered in the Grand Hall.

They were discussing how to kill Ye Xuan.

Once the patriarch came out of secluded cultivation, he would eliminate the Qingyun sect in one fell swoop.

As the second-ranked top sect in the Great Qian Dynasty, the Xuanyin sects strength was extremely terrifying.

The Qingyun sect was ranked tenth, and was a far cry from them in terms of strength.

Adding the sect leader, vice sect leader, and the elders of the Qingyun sect together, they had seven core formation realm cultivators.

On the other hand, the Xuanyin sect had a total of eighteen elders who had reached the core formation realm.

Including the sect leader and the vice sect leaders, they had 21 cultivators in the core formation realm!

In terms of the number, as well as the quality, of their core formation realm cultivators, there Xuanyin sect clearly eclipsed the Qingyun sect by a country mile.

The sect leader of the Xuanyin sect was at the advanced stage of the golden core realm, while the two vice sect leaders were in the early stage of the golden core realm!

The chief elders strength had reached the advanced stage of the true core realm, and he was only a hairs breadth away from reaching the golden core realm!

Even the weakest of the eighteen elders had reached the early stage of the Xudan realm, and was about to advance to the middle stage of the Xudan realm.

It was precisely because of this that the various elders of the Xuanyin sect had the confidence to choose to besiege Ye Xuan back then!

However, there was now a very serious problem.

Not only was Ye Xuan alive, but he had even killed the beloved personal disciples of the ninth elder, Li Wuji.

Most importantly, Ye Xuan had also learned about the fact that the Xuanyin sect had massacred villages to collect qi and blood essence from the common folk.

Therefore, before Ye Xuan spread the news, they had to kill him swiftly in order to completely keep this secret hidden.

“Everyone, the patriarch will finish his secluded cultivation session in a few days!”

“When do you think it would be better for Ye Xuan to die”

The sect leader of the Xuanyin sect sat at the head of the table with a cold expression, looking at the vice sect leaders and elders below.

Everyone had already agreed to kill Ye Xuan.

Whether it was his act of killing Li Wujis personal disciples or his possession of the knowledge that the Xuanyin sect had massacred the villages, both warranted death in the eyes of the Xuanyin sects leadership.

Moreover, Ye Xuan was a monstrous talent.

Although the other party had been poisoned by the Five Poisons powder earlier, who could guarantee that the other party had not obtained a heaven-defying opportunity that would turn the situation around

Therefore, Ye Xuan had to die!

The only question was when.

Some elders suggested that the matter of killing Ye Xuan could not be delayed, as they had to prevent him from revealing their secret to the Qian Gate.

Some even suggested that they attack the Qingyun sect today and completely wipe them out.

Of course, some elders suggested that it was safer to wait for the patriarch to finish his secluded cultivation and give the Huolie, Qingyun and Shenshan sects a big surprise when they held their competition.

Ideas and opinions were tossed around left and right, and they were all stuck at an impasse as to which was the best way forward.

“Everyone! Please be quiet and listen to me!”

At this moment, Li Wuji stood up slowly.

Seeing this, everyone stopped arguing and immediately turned their gazes to the latter.

Seeing this, Li Wuji said slowly, “Regarding Ye Xuans matter, there are undoubtedly two perspectives!”

“The first is to kill him as soon as possible, and the second is to wait for the patriarch to end his secluded cultivation!”

“Elder Lin, Elder Chen, and the others feel that the earlier the better.

After all, Ye Xuans possession of our secret means that he represents a significant threat to our Xuanyin sect!”

“However, everyone has forgotten something very important.

Although the Qingyun sect is not as powerful as we are, it is still a top-tier sect with thousands of years of history.

The opponents guardian formation cannot be underestimated!”

“Moreover, why is Ye Xuan only known as the strongest genius in a thousand years since the founding of the Qingyun sect Why isnt he the strongest genius in history of the Qingyun sect”

“You may not know this, but before Ye Xuan, there were also two extremely talented people in the Qingyun sect.

One of them even reached the peak of the core formation realm, and possessed a deep understanding of array formations.”

“Although he was killed by his enemies in the end, with his knowledge and mastery of array formations, its impossible that he didnt leave behind a powerful guardian formation for the Qingyun sect.”

“Do you think we can destroy an array formation left behind by a peak core formation realm cultivator”

“For now, we can only wait for the patriarch to finish his secluded cultivation, after which we will be able to defeat the Qingyun sect in one fell swoop.”

“Even if we attack the Qingyun sect immediately, it is unlikely that we will be able to harm him, much less kill him.

It might even force him to reveal our secret in advance.

At that time, our Xuanyin sect will be the one in danger!”

“There are only four days left until the competition between the three great sects at the Qingyun sect!”

“We just need to wait patiently.

Once the patriarch leaves secluded cultivation, we will attack the Qingyun sect immediately and annihilate them all!”

Li Wuji did not say anything else at this point.

He then turned his gaze to the various elders.

When the various elders heard this, they could not help but nod to themselves.

In their hearts, they agreed with Li Wujis words.

“Elder Li is right.

However, when the competition between the three great sects is being held, other than the Qingyun sect, the Huolie and Shenshan sects will also be present.

Are we going to face these three great sects at the same time”

There were also some elders who did not agree with Li Wujis words.

“Whats there to worry about If the patriarch is in a good mood, those two sects will be able to survive.

If he is in a bad mood, why not just destroy them as well”

“At that time, we can announce to the Great Qian Royal Family that our Xuanyin sect already has an expert who has reached the peak of the core formation realm!”

“Our patriarch will be unmatched by anyone below the unity realm.

No matter how many golden core realm cultivators come, it will be of no use!”

Li Wuji could not help but laugh after he finished speaking.

“Hahaha, Elder Li is right! I am being too cautious! In that case, we will wait patiently for the patriarch to leave secluded cultivation!”

“At that time, the position of the strongest sect in the Great Qian Dynasty will be changed!”

An elder said with a smile.

In fact, the strength of the Qian Gate and the Xuanyin sect were very similar.

The reason why the Qian Gate was able to secure the position of the number one sect in the Great Qian Dynasty was because the Qian sect had a peak core formation realm cultivator.

The three stages of the core formation realm were divided into the Xudan, true core and golden core realms.

The peak of the core formation realm meant that one had completed their golden core.

Below the unity realm, peak core formation realm experts were invincible.

As long as the patriarch could reach the peak of the core formation realm, even if the Great Qian Dynasty learned that they had collected qi and blood essence by massacring villages, so what



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