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As soon as Ye Xuan returned to Lingjiu peak, he started thinking of ways to obtain medicinal herbs.

After all, he was already a third-rank alchemist.

If he could get his hands on a supply of medicinal herbs, he could refine pills and give them to his disciples to reap more rewards from the system.

Moreover, he could also obtain higher-grade medicinal herbs via this method.

Of course, he had to have medicinal herbs first.

“Hmm it looks like I have to go to Elder Situs mountain to gather some medicinal herbs.

Ive refined a perfect soul-returning pill for him anyway!”

Thinking this, Ye Xuan did just that.

Situ Yufei was the only third-rank alchemist in the sect.

Naturally, there were many medicinal fields on the mountain.

Although the other party might not give him the rare medicinal herbs, he would at least get some ordinary ones.

He only needed to get his hands on some ordinary herbs and give them to Li Qingyan, from which he would be able to get higher-grade herbs.

After discovering Ye Xuans purpose in coming, Situ Yufei did not hesitate at all and directly gave him a pile of herbs.

Then, Ye Xuan directly gave those herbs to Li Qingyan and Yue!

Now that Li Qingyan was already a first-rank alchemist, she could naturally use these herbs to refine pills.

Although it was useless to give the medicinal herbs to Yue, in order to receive the systems reward, Ye Xuan could not be bothered with that technicality.

Besides, Yue could give those medicinal herbs to Li Qingyan.

After receiving the systems rewards, Ye Xuan started refining pills in the pill refining room.

Time passed quickly, and soon four days had passed.

Ye Xuan walked out of the pill refining room.

Today was very special.

It had been a month since Ye Xuan had performed spiritual power infusion for Yue!

Thus, Ye Xuan called Yue over.

“It has been a month since I last performed spiritual power infusion for you.

I plan to infuse spiritual power into you to help you reach the purple spirit realm!”

Yue was wearing a light white robe.

Her beauty was like that of a fairy.

She was absolutely stunning.

Her jet-black hair was draped over her shoulders, exuding a cold and aloof aura.

However, the moment Yue saw Ye Xuan, she revealed a brilliant smile.

“As you command, Teacher!”

Her eyes, which were like the stars, emitted a faint light.

The smile on her face momentarily stunned Ye Xuan.

No one would believe that such a devastatingly beautiful person was so young.

“Alright! Sit down cross-legged and well begin immediately!”

Ye Xuan quickly stabilized his thoughts and began the spiritual power infusion process.

“As expected! Teacher is getting stronger and stronger!”

Sensing Ye Xuans power, which was like a vast ocean, Yues heart was filled with emotion.

Teachers talent was extremely monstrous.

Could she really follow in Teachers footsteps

However, she did not have time to dwell on this matter at the moment.

Once she felt her teachers spiritual power slowly enter her body, she quickly calmed herself down!

After the Qingyun sect competition, Yue had been cultivating and training diligently.

Her current cultivation level had reached the peak of the sixth level of the true essence realm.

Even without Ye Xuans spiritual power infusion, she would still reach the seventh level of the true essence realm within ten days.

However, with the assistance of Ye Xuans spiritual power, which was supported by his peak core formation realm cultivation, Yue advanced multiple realms in an instant.

Seventh level of the true essence realm!

Eighth level of the true essence realm!

Ninth level of the true essence realm!

Tenth level of the true essence realm!

As Yues innate bone value was already extremely close to 400 points, she could withstand the spiritual power infusion better now.

However, cultivators would gradually need more spiritual power to break through each minor realm, and even more so, when breaking through a major realm.

When Yues meridians and dantian were filled to the brim with true essence power, it meant that she had already reached the tenth level of the true essence realm.

If a cultivator wanted to step into the purple spirit realm, they had to condense their own true essence power and open up the void in their dantian.

Once the void in the dantian was formed, the true essence power in the cultivators body would undergo a qualitative change.

With the help of the void in the dantian, the spiritual power in the cultivators body would become even more majestic and, at the same time, strands of purple spiritual power would be produced.

This was known as the purple spirit realm! The void in the dantian was also known as the purple mansion!

However, the difficulty of forming the purple mansion was extremely high.

Many cultivators at the true essence realm spent their entire lives striving, but were unable to cause even the slightest crack to appear in their dantian, which meant that they could not form the purple mansion.


Under the surging strength of Ye Xuans core formation realm spiritual power, cracks appeared one after another in Yues incomparably sturdy dantian, naturally forming a void.

At the same time, strands of purple spiritual power emerged from her purple mansion, slowly spreading from her dantian to her entire body.

Under the nourishment of this purple qi, Yues cultivation started increasing at a mind-blowing pace!

First-level purple spirit realm!

Second-level purple spirit realm!

Third-level purple spirit realm!

Fourth-level purple spirit realm!

Fifth-level purple spirit realm!

When Yue reached the fifth level of the purple spirit realm, Ye Xuan discovered that if he continued the spiritual power infusion, it would cause her cultivation foundation to become unstable!

Helpless, Ye Xuan could only choose to stop.

“Ding! As the host has imparted 90 days worth of cultivation to his disciple, the host has received a randomized 60x critical reward.

Congratulations on obtaining 5,400 days worth of cultivation!”

As the systems notification rang out, strands of boundless qi and blood essence suddenly appeared in Ye Xuans body.

In the next second, the qi and blood essence turned into streams and slowly poured into his golden core, winding itself around it.

At this moment, the golden core in Ye Xuans dantian was almost completely wrapped up by the boundless qi and blood essence, leaving very few gaps.

As long as these gaps were filled, he would be able to reach the limits of the core formation realm, and would be considered half a step away from reaching the unity realm.

“I didnt expect qi and blood essence to be so difficult to condense!” Seeing this, Ye Xuan could not help but squint his eyes.

Through the critical reward from the system just now, he had gained close to 15 years worth of cultivation.

In addition to his extremely monstrous innate ability, he had not expected to still be at the peak of the core formation realm.

It was no wonder no one had stepped into the unity realm in the past hundreds of years in the Great Qian Dynasty.

The difficulty level of doing so was extremely high.

However, it was also because of this that a cultivator at the peak of the core formation realm was considered extremely terrifying.

On Earth, one might even be regarded as a humanoid atomic bomb.

“As long as I condense a few more strands of qi and blood essence, I will be able to reach the limits of the core formation realm.

At that time, I will be able to break through to the unity realm at any time!”

At the thought of this, Ye Xuans pupils flashed with a bright light.

Since there had never been a cultivator in the Great Qian Dynasty who had stepped into the unity realm over the past hundreds of years, then it would be up to me, Ye Xuan, to break through!

At that time, it would be time to settle the score with the Xuanyin sect!

Thinking this, Ye Xuan asked Yue to pass on a message to Li Qingyan, the sect leader, and the other elders, that he would be going into secluded cultivation for a period of time!

He would not have time to participate in the competition between the three great sects.

The participants of this competition were the sects disciples anyway.

The sect leader and elders were only there to keep an eye on things to prevent accidents from happening.

It did not matter whether Ye Xuan participated or not.


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