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The previous two competitions between the three great sects were held in the Huolie sect and the Shenshan sects territories respectively.

Hence, it was the Qingyun sects turn to host this years competition.

Many Qingyun sect cultivators were also looking forward to this.

In the Great Qian Dynasty, the Qingyun sect, the Huolie sect, and the Shenshan sect were among the top ten sects.

The Shenshan sect was ranked eighth, the Huolie sect was ranked ninth, and the Qingyun sect was ranked tenth.

Compared to the other two great sects, the Qingyun sects strength was undoubtedly much weaker.

It was also because of this that the Qingyun sect cultivators did not obtain good results in the previous competition between the great sects.

However, things were different this time around.

Now that the Azure Cloud sect had the two freaks, Li Qingyan and Yue, they might be able to create an upset in the competition between the great sects.

They were placing their hopes on Li Qingyan.

Her Windstorm Slash was comparable to a full-strength attack of a purple spirit realm cultivator.

Although there was no guarantee of winning first place, given Yue and Li Qingyans strength, they would at least secure one of the top three ranks.

Those ranks would no longer be completely occupied by disciples of the other sects.

Not long after, Ye Xuan brought Li Qingyan and Yue back to Lingjiu peak.

As soon as they arrived at the main hall, Ye Xuan took out the Heart Meditation Fruit.

He still had a chance to earn free rewards, so how could he waste it

“Qingyan has already obtained the Heart-seeking Fruit.

Now, I will bestow this Heart Meditation Fruit to Yue!”

Then, Ye Xuan waved his sleeve, and a stream of light suddenly landed in Yues palm.

“Ding! As the host has given his disciple the Heart Meditation Fruit, the host has received a randomized 25x critical reward.

Congratulations! The host has obtained the Spirit Absorbing Flower!”

The systems notification suddenly rang out in Ye Xuans mind and, at the same time, a flower exuding faint white energy appeared out of thin air in the systems storage space.

When Ye Xuans gaze fell on the Spirit Absorbing Flower, he suddenly felt absent-minded.

He seemed to hear some strange music that captivated ones mind.

“This thing is extraordinary!” Ye Xuan squinted his eyes.

After examining it for a moment, he withdrew his spiritual sense.

“Today, I will help you refine the Heart-seeking Fruit and the Heart Meditation Fruit!”

Then, Ye Xuan brought the two girls to the cultivation room in the main hall.

Just like how he had refined the Dark Glacial Frost and the Mountain Chalcedony, he played a supporting role throughout the whole refining and absorption process.

It seemed that due to the rarity of these spiritual treasures, even with Ye Xuans assistance, the two girls only managed to absorb 90% of their effects.

“What a waste!” Seeing this, Ye Xuan felt his heart ache.

Although only 10% was wasted, he still felt that it was a pity.

“Ding! As the host has helped his disciple obtain 12 comprehension value points, the host has received a randomized 4x critical reward.

Congratulations! The host has obtained 48 comprehension value points!”

“Ding! As the host has helped his disciple obtain 23 comprehension value points, you have received a randomized 2x critical reward.

Congratulations! The host has obtained 46 comprehension value points!”

As soon as the systems notifications concluded, his disciples comprehension values underwent significant changes.


Comprehension value: 257

Innate bone value: 337

Li Qingyan

Comprehension value: 320

Innate bone value: 104

Ye Xuan

Comprehension value: 488

Innate bone value: 519

“It seems that it wont be long before my comprehension value surpasses 500!”

Seeing this, Ye Xuan smiled.

He had spent no effort at all, and not only had his two disciples comprehension value points increased, but he had also received quite a few comprehension value points from the systems rewards.

It was simply too satisfying.

As for the Spirit Absorbing Flower, Ye Xuan did not know if his comprehension value points would exceed 500 after refining it, but he would never try it.

To maximize the benefits, he would have to give it to his disciples to receive a better system reward in return.

If he did not use the system as a cheat and absorbed it himself, would that not be a waste of Gods gift

Besides, given his current comprehension value, he was not lacking the tiny amount of comprehension value points he would gain from refining it.

“The most urgent task now is to make Li Qingyan an alchemist before the start of the competition between the great sects!”

“At that time, I can also perform spiritual power infusion on Yue!”

Ye Xuan was thinking to himself.

The things that he had previously used on a disciple could be used again after a month.

Ye Xuan then made Li Qingyan and Yue cultivate separately, while he went over to the fifth mountain peak of the Qingyun sect.

This was the mountain peak of the third elder of the Qingyun sect, Situ Yufei.

His cultivation had already reached the middle stage of the Xudan realm, and he was a true alchemist.

If Ye Xuan wanted to guide Li Qingyan to become a real alchemist, he had to learn the related alchemy knowledge himself.

Situ Yufei was a third-rank alchemist, but he was just an ordinary third-rank alchemist.

He could only refine some ordinary third-grade pills.

His failure rate of refining high-quality third-grade pills was quite high.

However, Ye Xuan did not care about this.

After all, he just wanted to learn knowledge related to alchemy.

It did not matter what his failure rate was.

When Situ Yufei learned of Ye Xuans purpose, he welcomed the latter with enthusiasm.

Ye Xuan was a perfect cultivator in their eyes.

He was young, talented, and powerful.

Now, the disciples he took in crushed all of the other young cultivators of the Qingyun sect.

When they thought of Ye Xuan, they felt inferior.

However, now it seemed that Ye Xuan was not perfect either.

There were also areas that he was not good at.

Situ Yufei found some alchemy books and handed them to Ye Xuan.

He first had Ye Xuan read them carefully.

If there was anything he did not understand, he could ask him at any time.

“Hahaha, Elder Ye, you have to study hard!” Situ Yufei laughed

“It is not so easy to become a real alchemist.

Without years of studying, it is impossible to succeed!”

“Its especially difficult for those who have never studied alchemy before!”

Situ Yufei stroked his beard and said with a smile.

At the same time, he envisioned Ye Xuans discouraged expression when he failed to become a realm alchemist.

If they could see Ye Xuan suffer a little, they would feel much better.

It could not be helped.

This guy was always so fond of surpassing everyone.

They both loved and hated Ye Xuan.

The so-called love was because Ye Xuan was the youngest core formation realm elder of the Qingyun sect.

The sect leader and most of the elders had seen him grow up.

As for hate It was because this guys talent was too monstrous.

From time to time, he would surpass them in one aspect or another.

Compared to this monster, they felt like they were wasting their time, and it made them feel like trash.

“Third Elder, I wonder how much time you spent to become a real alchemist” Ye Xuan asked.

He had naturally noticed Situ Yufeis intentions, but he did not expose the latter.


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