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The longsword in Li Qingyans hand shone with a sharp gleam, and a surging true essence power swept out.

Ninth-level true essence realm!


When he sensed the powerful aura emanating from Li Qingyans body, not only did Chen Xiaofeng not panic at all, he even revealed a smile.

“Only then can we be considered evenly matched!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the aura around Chen Xiaofengs body became stronger once again.

Ninth-level true essence realm!

When everyone saw this, they could not help but stare with widened eyes.

Their eyes were filled with shock.

“So powerful! What cultivation realm have these two reached” Some of the cultivators with lower cultivation levels were puzzled and had to ask.

“They have reached the ninth level of the true essence realm! Senior Brother Chen Xiaofeng and Senior Sister Li Qingyan have both reached the ninth level of the true essence realm!”

Some cultivators explained patiently, but their eyes were solemn as they watched the fight.

“My God, they have actually reached the ninth level of the true essence realm!”

“As expected of our Qingyun sects eldest senior brother, his strength is indeed extraordinary!”

“Since the two are evenly matched in terms of cultivation level, it seems that this battle will be interesting to watch!”

“Previously, I thought that Senior Sister Li Qingyan had a higher chance of winning, but now the outcome of the battle between these two is hard to predict!”

Many cultivators began to discuss the battle enthusiastically.

After watching a few of Yues and Li Qingyans battles, everyone had gained a certain level of understanding of their strength.

In the same realm, the strength of these two disciples far exceeded that of ordinary cultivators; even the talented personal disciples were crushed.

This was especially true for Yue, her sword qi was extremely powerful and contained potent destructive power.

Although she was only at the sixth level of the true essence realm, she could easily defeat a seventh-level true essence realm personal disciple.

In the entire Qingyun sect, only Chen Xiaofeng was able to suppress her!

Now, Chen Xiaofengs strength had improved again, and he was now on par with Li Qingyan in terms of cultivation level.

As for who was stronger and who was weaker, the battle would answer that question.

As the sect leaders eldest disciple, Chen Xiaofengs strength and cultivation level had always been far above the other personal disciples.

He was also the eldest senior brother of the Qingyun sect.

Once everyone saw Chen Xiaofengs breakthrough, they were excited.

“Eldest Senior Brother, go for it!”

Within the Qingyun sect, Chen Xiaofengs prestige was still quite high.

Therefore, many supporters were already cheering for him excitedly.

However, in comparison, there were undoubtedly more people who supported Li Qingyan.

After all, no matter what era it was, those with good looks would always be more popular.

Moreover, Li Qingyan was so powerful, so naturally, she easily gained a group of little fans.

Yue was the same.

“Senior Sister Li, you have to work hard!”

“Beat Eldest Senior Brother into pulp for us!”

The cultivators watching the battle immediately turned into fanboys and fangirls and shouted excitedly.

Most of them were older than Li Qingyan, but in the Tian Yuan continent, status was determined according to the identity of the disciple and their strength.

Although Li Qingyan had just become Ye Xuans disciple, according to the rules of the Qingyun sect, other than personal disciples, the rest of the disciples had to call her senior sister.

“Junior Sister, please draw your sword!”

Chen Xiaofeng smiled faintly and pointed his sword at Li Qingyan.

As the eldest senior brother of the Qingyun sect, he had absolute confidence in himself.

After all, he was far ahead of the other personal disciples.

Of course, this did not include Li Qingyan, who had suddenly appeared as a variable.

Because his own strength far surpassed the other personal disciples, Chen Xiaofeng naturally developed an aura of invincibility!

Although his teacher said that Li Qingyan was extremely strong, he did not believe it.

After all, ones strength did not depend on the words of others, nor did it depend on ones own evaluation, but depended on the richness of ones true essence power, and ones combat ability.

They were both at the ninth level of the true essence realm, how could he cower before the fight

Even if Li Qingyan was Elder Ye Xuans disciple, she was still not Elder Ye Xuan himself.

Therefore, Chen Xiaofeng chose to retain his gentlemanly disposition…

Ladies first.

“Senior Brother, in that case, Junior Sister will attack first!”

Li Qingyan did not hesitate, and with a light leap, her figure suddenly turned into an afterimage as she rushed towards the other party.

Since she had promised her teacher that she would take home the championship, then she should give it her all.

‘I, Li Qingyan, had the good karma to become my teachers disciple in this life.

‘I will never forget Teachers kindness, so I should spend my whole life repaying Teachers kindness! My life belongs to Teacher!

‘Teachers words, to me, are like an imperial edict.

Even if the words were said casually, I will not ignore them!

‘Since Teacher wants me to win the championship, then I, Li Qingyan, will do my best to win.

Thinking this, Li Qingyans gaze became more determined than ever.

Ever since she met Ye Xuan in Jiaohei City, her life had changed!

The Li family had faced a desperate situation, and just when they were about to sacrifice her happiness, her teacher appeared!

The young man with a smile as bright as the sun brought her out of the darkness with a gentle gaze.

Then, he took her in as his disciple and taught her high-level cultivation methods and martial techniques without any hesitation..

The scenes of the past flashed through Li Qingyans mind.

She then entered a strange state of enlightenment, and insights started filling her mind.

The next second, the true essence power in her body surged out and enveloped Li Qingyan.

The power that was emitting a bright light was slowly imbued into the longsword.

In an instant, the tip of the sword started vibrating.

It was as if a violent beast was quietly awakening.

Immediately, Li Qingyans unfocused eyes, which were emitting a bright light, landed on Chen Xiaofeng who was not far away.

The longsword in her hand suddenly slashed down.

Sword qi burst forth and created waves as it traveled forward!

Cracks immediately appeared on the extremely tough arena platform, and it suddenly shattered.

“This power…”

Seeing this, the elders were shocked.

Wan Shanhai abruptly stood up, his eyes were full of shock.

Windstorm Slash (High-grade Black-rank).

Seeing this, a hint of surprise appeared on Ye Xuans face.

He had not expected Li Qingyan to actually comprehend the true essence of the Windstorm Slash in this fight.

Although she was only a ninth-level true essence realm cultivator, augmented by the Windstorm Slash, the power she unleashed was no weaker than that of a purple spirit realm cultivator.


The hurricane-like strike, which was filled with destructive power, surged forward and swept toward Chen Xiaofeng.


Seeing this, Chen Xiaofengs facial expression changed greatly.

Seeing this overwhelming hurricane, he actually felt his heart palpitate violently.

When the hurricane was about to land on Chen Xiaofengs body, a bright golden light suddenly flashed, and a huge palm crushed the hurricane.

It was Ye Xuan!

If he did not make a move, Chen Xiaofeng would have to use the trump card that Wan Shanhai had left for him to protect himself.

However, if he did not use it in time, it was very likely that the Windstorm Slash would kill him.

When Chen Xiaofeng came back to his senses, his eyes were glazed over.

He was completely stunned, and his face became extremely pale.

He had… lost! Completely lost!


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