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As everyone knew, every cultivator with a special physique had a limitless future.

Ye Xuan had struck gold!

“No, I still have to pay more attention to the handyman disciples in the future.

Who knows, there might be some unpolished gems among them!”

Wan Shanhai muttered to himself.

It seemed that even if Chen Xiaofeng faced this sixth-level true essence realm disciple, he might not be able to obtain absolute victory.

Thinking this, Wan Shanhai revealed a helpless expression.

What was going on in this world Why were all the supreme geniuses grouping up with each other

Although Ye Xuan had suppressed his own cultivation, and on the surface it was indeed a battle between true essence realm cultivators, Wan Shanhai was somehow drawn into the fight.

He even felt that he had gained some insights from Ye Xuan!

“Whats going on”

Wan Shanhai was dumbfounded.

He had only wanted to watch the fight, but why had he gained some insights from a battle between true essence realm cultivators

Most importantly, when he mentally simulated a fight between himself and Ye Xuan at the same suppressed cultivation level, he discovered that he would not be able to defeat the latter, and would even be beaten quite badly.

This was too f*cking ridiculous!

At the thought of this, Wan Shanhai was not convinced.

He began to mentally simulate the fight again.

However, he soon realized that even though he repeated it dozens of times, the result was still the same.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

At this moment, several streaks of light flew across the sky from not far away.

The vice sect leader of the Qingyun sect and the other elders had arrived.

“Greetings, sect leader!”

They quickly bowed to Wan Shanhai.

However, Wan Shanhai acted as if he had not seen them.

He watched the battle between Ye Xuan, Yue, and the others with a fascinated look.

“Sect leader”

Seeing this, everyone revealed looks of confusion.

Was Elder Ye Xuan not just suppressing his own cultivation and sparring with his disciples What was so special about this

“Dont disturb me!” Wan Shanhai glared at the vice sect leader and the others, and then turned his attention back to the fight again.

Seeing this, everyone felt helpless.

They then followed Wan Shanhais gaze and looked over.

They had only come over after they had noticed the commotion at the training ground.

Moreover, countless cultivators had already gathered around Ye Xuan, Yue, and Li Qingyan.

With the addition of the vice sect leader and the elders, almost all the cultivators of the Qingyun sect had come.

Such a lively and crowded atmosphere was similar to the atmosphere during the Qingyun sects previous competitions.

The vice sect leader and the elders had only wanted to come and watch the fun, but when their gazes fell on the battle between Ye Xuan, Yue, and Li Qingyan, they were shocked.

Just like Wan Shanhai, they also started gaining insights from this battle.

In particular, from the moves that Ye Xuan used.

He had obviously deliberately suppressed his cultivation to the fifth level of the true essence realm.

Holding a very ordinary bronze sword, he easily blocked the full-strength attacks of Yue and Li Qingyan.

However, what shocked them the most was that Ye Xuan did not rely on true essence power to do so, but rather on his mastery of the moves themselves.

Ye Xuan had almost perfectly integrated the sword intent he had comprehended into his moves, which was why Wan Shanhai and the others could not take their eyes off the fight.

Seeing this, many of the Qingyun sect cultivators also came to a realization, and they were all glued to the fight.

All they focused on was the scene of Ye Xuan sparring with his disciples.The attacks of these three people were overwhelmingly powerful, and their surroundings were filled with sword qi.

Ye Xuans attacks were especially awe-inspiring.

His casual sword strikes contained mysterious sword intent, seemingly showing the way forward.

An opportunity!

This was clearly an opportunity given by Ye Xuan; an opportunity given to the Qingyun sect.

Anyone from the Qingyun sect, regardless of their status or cultivation level, could watch and comprehend.

Of course, how much they would obtain from their comprehension depended on their own talent and luck.


Suddenly, Wan Shanhais body suddenly trembled, and a terrifying aura soared into the sky.

Seeing this, the vice sect leader and elders could not help but narrow their eyes.

“This power… seems to be sword intent!”

“Sect leader… Did you successfully comprehend sword intent”

Seeing this scene, the elders could not help but be shocked.


Ye Xuan, who was still sparring with his disciples, revealed a smile.

It seemed that the sect leaders comprehension ability was quite good.

He was actually able to use Ye Xuans sword intent to comprehend his own sword intent.

“Alright, thats it for today! You all should go back and digest your gains!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the bronze sword in Ye Xuans hand turned into a stream of light and returned to the training grounds equipment storage area.

At the same time, Yue and Li Qingyan also stopped attacking.

Both looked like they were out of breath, and sweat was dripping from their foreheads.

“Ding! As the host has accompanied his disciples through10 actual battles, the host has received a randomized 7x critical reward.

Congratulations! The host has obtained combat experience from undergoing 70 actual battles!”

As the systems notification rang out, Ye Xuan had gained a lot of valuable practical combat experience out of thin air.

Through this sparring session, Li Qingyans strength had greatly increased, but in comparison, Yues gains were more substantial.

After all, Yue had already awakened the Sword Jade physique, which was an extremely rare sword physique.

Ye Xuans sword intent was undoubtedly incredibly useful to her.


Suddenly, a white torrent suddenly swept across the entire training ground.

The torrent contained soaring sword qi.

Seeing this, many cultivators could not help but tremble.

They felt their hearts palpitate, but then suddenly awoke from their dazed state.

In the presence of this invisible sword qi, their skin started to sting.

Of course, this was all an illusion!


At the same time, a hearty laughter resounded throughout the surroundings.

Wan Shanhai could not suppress the wild joy in his heart.

He threw his head back and laughed loudly.

This was sword intent.

He had actually comprehended the extremely rare and legendary sword intent.

He was originally a Sword Dao genius, but unfortunately, he had already been stuck at the embryonic form of sword intent for almost ten years, and had never been able to break through the shackles that held him back.

However, just now, when he saw Ye Xuans sword intent, the fog clouding his heart suddenly cleared up.

His surging sword qi broke through the shackles and he successfully comprehended sword intent.

At this moment, his mind was clear.

It was like he embodied the sword intent itself!

“Congratulations to the sect leader for comprehending sword intent!”

Seeing this, the elders were also overjoyed and went forward to congratulate him.

Wan Shanhais comprehension of sword intent, meant that the overall strength of the Qingyun sect had also increased by a lot.


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