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However, in the next second, Duan Wujie discovered to his horror that he could not move anymore.

An invisible force had restrained his body.

It was a terrifying force from the core formation state.

At the same time, the two other cultivation practitioners from the Xuanyin sect not far away were also restrained by this invisible force, unable to move.

However, Huang Ling and Xue Min were not affected in the slightest.


Right at this moment, a loud and clear cry rang out in the void.

The wings of the firebird vibrated with the terrifying power of flames, slowly hovering above a big tree.

The terrifying pressure of the air even pushed the surrounding big trees to the ground.

“Elder Ye!”

When Huang Ling and Xue Mins gazes fell on the figure on the back of the firebird, they could not help but reveal the wild joy in their eyes.

There was hope!

Ye Xuan, the idol they worshipped in Qingyun sect, was here! His cultivation was a terrifying existence on the same level as their master.

A true expert at the middle stage of the empty core state.

Even if Duan Wujie was a monster, it would be impossible for him to snatch the Dark Glacial Frost away from them in front of a core formation cultivator.

“Duan Wujie… greets Elder Ye…”

Under Ye Xuans terrifying pressure, Duan Wujie could not move at all.

However, he still forced a smile.

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He could not help but curse in his heart.

“Damn it, why would an elder of the Qingyun sect appear in such a goddamn place This is going to be so troublesome!”

When he thought about how he had been acting so pretentious one second ago and had gotten slapped in the face the next, he immediately felt extremely aggrieved.

“Youre quite arrogant.

How dare a mere personal disciple look down on the elders of my Qingyun sect!” Seeing him, Ye Xuan could not help but put on a sneer.

Although the Qingyun sects strength could not compare to the Xuanyin sect, it was still a powerful sect that had been around for thousands of years.

It was not weak enough to kowtow to the Xuanyin sect.

Most importantly, the Qingyun sect and the Xuanyin sect were not on good terms, anyway.

A few days ago, the elders of the Xuanyin sect had besieged Ye Xuan, so the two sides were enemies.

However, since Duan Wujie left the sect thirty days ago to train, he did not know about this matter.

“It was all my fault.

Please forgive me, Elder Ye, for my unintentional mistake.”

Seeing this, Duan Wujie quickly forced another smile.

“Hehe, do you think this is fun” Ye Xuan looked at Duan Wujie indifferently before the qi transformation power in his core suddenly exploded.

Seeing this, Duan Wujie could not help but change his expression.

The bones in his body made no sound, but it was as if a huge mountain was pressing down on him.

He could not help but kneel down.

Huang Ling and Xue Min watched this scene from not far away.

They were overjoyed.

Duan Wujie had been extremely arrogant before, and his face had been full of pride, but now he was smiling like a dog in front of Elder Ye Xuan.

This was the absolute power that only those with great strength could possess.

By simply relying on pressure, he was able to immobilize another seventh stage true essence state genius cultivator and make him nearly kneel down and beg for mercy.

“Elder Ye.”

“My master is Gongsun Wuji! Please show mercy on account of my master!”

Duan Wujie did not want to kneel down.

A powerful energy burst out of his body and resisted Ye Xuans pressure with great difficulty.

For a moment, Duan Wujies face was extremely red, and his blue veins almost burst out of his skin.

“Gongsun Wuji”

Hearing this, Ye Xuans eyes immediately turned cold.

Gongsun Wuji was the ninth elder of the Xuanyin sect and was one of the people who had besieged him.


Immediately, Ye Xuan unleashed all the terrifying power of the true core state.

In an instant, Duan Wujie and the other two cultivators of the Xuanyin sect were pressed down to the ground.


The three of them simultaneously spat out blood.

They were severely injured!

“This… This pressure…”

Witnessing this, Duan Wujies pupils constricted abruptly, and his expression changed drastically.

He had never felt such a terrifying pressure before, not even from his master.

“T-this is the pressure of the true core state… how is it possible How could he have broken through to the true core state”

For a moment, Duan Wujies eyes were filled with disbelief.

Ye Xuan should have been in the middle stage of the empty core state.

Why did he have the terrifying pressure of a true core realm cultivator

He had broken through to the true core state after just twenty years of cultivation!

Even the founder of the Xuanyin sect could not have done so when he was younger!

“Elder Ye!”

Duan Wujie immediately shouted with a face full of fear.

He could already sense the killing intent in Ye Xuans pupils.

This guy was probably going to kill him.

Previously, he had been at most scared and worried that Ye Xuan would punish him, so he did not want to reveal such a fearful expression.

However, he could now sense Ye Xuans killing intent.

He might die.

H-he would not dare, right

For a moment, Duan Wujies eyes were filled with disbelief.

If he really died at Ye Xuans hands, the Xuanyin sect might declare war on the Qingyun sect.

How could the Qingyun sect survive that

“Elder Ye Xuan, Please…”

However, before Duan Wujie could beg for mercy, Ye Xuan slowly raised his hand, expressionless.

When Duan Wujie saw this, he was instantly scared out of his wits.

“Elder Ye, dont be rash! If you make a move against me, the Xuanyin sect will definitely not give up!” Duan Wujie shouted with a face full of fear.


“Dont worry.

After you leave, I will send Gongsun Wuji to find you very soon.

As for the Xuanyin sect, they will also be buried with you!” Ye Xuan said indifferently.


Then, in response to Duan Wujies desperate expression, Ye Xuan waved his hand lightly.

A terrifying force that could collapse mountains and crack rocks suddenly erupted.


In an instant, the three cultivators of the Xuanyin sect turned into nothingness and disappeared from the world.

Huang Ling and Xue Min, who were not far away, witnessed this entire scene and could not help but stare blankly, almost rooted to the spot.

Had Elder Ye really killed Duan Wujie!

Was he not worried that the Xuanyin sect would take revenge on the Qingyun sect!

The two of them thought that Ye Xuan would at most punish Duan Wujie by as breaking his limbs or something like that.

There was nothing they could do.

The Xuanyin sect was very powerful.

They were the second most powerful sect in the great Qian Dynasty.

The Qingyun sect usually did not dare to offend the Xuanyin sect.

They never expected Elder Ye to be so decisive in killing him.

Although they felt slightly relieved at Duan Wujies death, they were more afraid now.

If the Xuanyin sect took revenge on the Qingyun sect, how would they deal with it

Since Ye Xuans pressure had only swept over Duan Wujie and the others, Huang Ling and Huang Ling did not know that Ye Xuans cultivation had already broken through to the true core state.

“What are you waiting for Hurry up, and come over.”

Ye Xuans voice slowly drifted over to their ears.

“Ah… Okay!”

Hearing this, the two came back to their senses.

They jumped onto the back of the firebird.

The next second, the firebird faced the sky and let out a long howl before it flapped its wings and flew off into the distance.


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