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“However, we have also confirmed that Ye Xuan is indeed still alive! We must inform the elders of this as soon as possible!”

“It seems that Elder Lis beloved disciples may very well have fallen at Ye Xuans hands.

This debt must be settled!”

After confirming the news that Ye Xuan was still alive, the sub-leaders of the Xuanyin sect rushed back to the sect.

Of course, as for whether Ye Xuan had killed Duan Wujie and Duan Wuyi, there would be other sub-leaders who would specifically investigate that matter.

If they could not find any evidence to prove that Ye Xuan was the murderer, they would still probably put the blame on Ye Xuan.

In a magnificent hall in the Xuanyin sect.

“As expected, Ye Xuan is still alive!”

When Li Wuji heard the news, he narrowed his eyes.

Menace filled his gaze.

“But how did this guy neutralize the Five Poisons powder” Gu Da frowned.

The previous sub-leader had already sent news back, and told Li Wuji and Gu Da of Ye Xuans deeds in Jiangqing City in detail.

“It seems that the murderer who killed Wu Jie and Wu Yi is this guy for sure!”

Li Wujis eyes turned cold.

In the entire Great Qian dynasty, other than the Qian Gate and the royal family of the Great Qian Dynasty, no other force dared to provoke the Xuanyin, let alone kill one of their elders personal disciples.

Who else could it be but Ye Xuan, who previously was in a conflict with the Xuanyin sect

Back then, the elders of the Xuanyin sect had besieged Ye Xuan.

He had been seriously injured and on the verge of death after that battle.

It was impossible for the other party to not take revenge after forming such a great enmity with the Xuanyin sect.

“However, according to the news, Ye Xuan suppressed the leader of the Mad Saber sect in a seemingly effortless manner.

Could it be that his cultivation has not regressed”

Gu Da rubbed his chin as he pondered this matter, his eyes were filled with doubt.

It was already a miracle that Ye Xuan had survived the Five Poisons powder.

It was almost certain that his cultivation had regressed.

In that case, how did he manage to suppress the leader of the Mad Saber sect

“Humph, maybe this guys luck is too heaven-defying, and he completely eliminated the sequelae of the Five Poisons powder!”

“As for the Mad Saber sect, thats just a small second-rate sect.

The strongest cultivator there has just stepped into the core formation realm, so how can someone like that resist Ye Xuan, who is in the middle stage of the Xudan realm”

“Of course, the so-called suppression here probably does not refer to Ye Xuan himself, but the Qingyun sect behind him.

Faced with a top-tier sect, the leader of the Mad Saber sect was forced to admit defeat!”

“Its impossible for Ye Xuan to have a breakthrough in cultivation after miraculously surviving, right To easily suppress a Xudan realm cultivator, his strength must have reached the true core realm at the very least!”

“But only less than half a month has passed since Ye Xuan was poisoned by the Five Poisons powder.

Even if he is supremely talented, its impossible for him to achieve such a feat!”

“And those people saying that Ye Xuan has reached the golden core realm are just spewing utter nonsense!”

A cold smile hung on Li Wujis lips.

It was impossible for him to believe such a ridiculous thing.

How was it possible for anyone to directly break through from the middle stage of the Xudan realm to the golden core realm in just half a months time

Of course, he also had his own speculations regarding this matter.

To reach such a realm, the only possibility was that he had been infused with the spiritual power of a super expert.

However, this possibility was struck off by Li Wuji.

For a super expert to infuse enough spiritual power into Ye Xuans body for him to go from the middle stage of the Xudan realm into the gold core realm, then that super expert had to have reached the unity realm at the very least.

Throughout the history of the entire Great Qian Dynasty, it had been hundreds of years since the appearance of the last unity realm expert.

If Ye Xuan really got to know such a super expert, why would he need to ask the other party to perform spiritual power infusion on him He could just directly ask the other party to destroy the Xuanyin sect.

Besides, anyone who could step into the unity realm was very like an old monster.

How could they sacrifice themselves and their hard-earned cultivation to help others

After eliminating this possibility, Li Wuji could not help but think of another possibility that might have allowed Ye Xuan to survive!

It was very likely that this guy had obtained a treasure left behind by a unity realm super expert by chance, and it was very likely that it was left behind when the other party was on the verge of death!

Could it be that this fellow had fallen off a cliff after being deeply poisoned and obtained a peerless cultivation technique

Although this idea was a little ridiculous, it was not impossible.

After all, although the Five Poisons powder was powerful, it was still useless when confronted with a supreme unity realm expert.

If the other party had left behind some kind of antidote pill, the poison would have been easily negated

Thinking this, Li Wujis gaze hardened, and his eyes were filled with greed.

If the other party really obtained an inheritance left behind by a unity realm super expert, it was probably not as simple as a simple detoxification pill.

Perhaps there were even more advanced cultivation methods and martial techniques in Ye Xuans possession.

If he could steal them from him, he might be able to take this opportunity to step into the golden core realm.

“Thats true.

In a small place like Jiangqing City, most of the cultivators are weak as hell.

How knowledgeable could they be”

Gu Das furrowed brows relaxed as he thought of this.

At the same time, he interrupted Li Wujis train of thought.

“However, as long as this guy is still alive, the danger to the Xuanyin sect still exists.

If the matter of the sect collecting the blood essence and qi is exposed, the royal family will definitely be furious!”

Li Wuji said.

The royal family would definitely be furious about them massacring common people and the collection of blood essence and qi.

Although the Xuanyin sect would not be destroyed because of this, the elders would probably have to step down from their positions as elders.

Otherwise, how else could they appease the anger of the royal family of the Great Qian Dynasty

“If Ye Xuan really killed Duan Wujie and Duan Wuyi, he must have found out about the collection of qi and blood essence by the sect.

But why didnt he report it to the royal family of the Great Qian Dynasty”

Thinking this, Li Wujis facial expression changed.

He did not understand why Ye Xuan would choose to hide it from them

Did he think that he could take revenge on his own without relying on the power of the royal family of the Great Qian Dynasty

All of a sudden, Li Wujis eyes lit up, and a possibility suddenly appeared in his mind.

It was highly possible that Ye Xuan wanted to use the collection of qi and blood essence as a bargaining chip with the Xuanyin sect.

That way, he could start a massacre and slaughter the personal disciples of the Xuanyin sect at will.

If the elders came to settle the score, the other party would definitely expose the matter of the collection of qi and blood essence.

That matter was taboo to the Great Qian dynasty, so the Xuanyin sect would have to swallow their anger.

“What a good plan!”

Li Wujis gaze suddenly turned cold, and he was even more certain of his speculation.

If Ye Xuan knew what this guy was thinking, he would probably burst into laughter!

“Humph! You can stay arrogant for a few days first.

After the patriarch exits secluded cultivation, the Qingyun sect will no longer exist!” Li Wujis thoughts were dripping with venom.

He wanted to get rid of Ye Xuan quickly.

Not only had Ye Xuan killed two of his personal disciples, he was holding on to the secret of the Xuanyin sect collecting qi and blood essence.

Ye Xuan deserved to die!

The most important thing was that Ye Xuans talent was extremely monstrous.

Now that the other party had been completely cured of the Five Poisons powder, if he was allowed to grow, he would definitely become a great threat to the Xuanyin sect in the future.

Only by killing him completely could the Xuanyin sect rest easy.


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