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“Teacher Could it be that this person is Li Qingyans teacher”

“Wow! Hes so handsome and so young!”

“F*ck! I feel a little jealous for some reason!”

When everyones eyes fell on Ye Xuan, they could not help but be amazed.

Were it not for Li Qingyan and Yue calling him Teacher, they would have noticed Ye Xuans presence.

When Li Qingyan and Yue saw Ye Xuan appear, they revealed brilliant smiles, which were like blooming flowers, stunning the crowd.

However, the crowd was not in the mood to admire the beauty of Li Qingyan and Yue.

Their gazes were all focused on Ye Xuan.

When they realized that they could not sense any aura fluctuations from the latter, their expressions changed drastically.

He was Li Qingyans teacher… How could there be no aura fluctuations Was this even possible

This undoubtedly meant that the latter could easily escape the detection of their spiritual sense.

After Ye Xuan appeared, Li Qingyan and Yues slightly nervous expressions loosened up.

Although they knew that their teacher would definitely appear, when their teacher was not by their side, they could not help but feel a little uneasy.

After all, the leader of the Mad Saber sect was not a minor character, but a true top-tier core formation realm powerhouse.

Most importantly, the other party was only a few hundred meters away from them.

If the other party wanted to kill them, he could probably do so in an instant.

In fact, the reason why Ye Xuan had not arrived in advance was because he was refining the seventh-grade Nirvana pill in the cultivation room.

However, just now, he had completed the refining another portion of the medicinal effects of the seventh-grade Nirvana pill.

His cultivation level had advanced to the middle stage of the Golden Core realm, and he was only half a step away from reaching the advanced stage of the Golden Core Realm.


Of course, even though he was in secluded cultivation, he split a portion of his spiritual sense to keep an eye on the situation outside.

He was very clear about what had happened on the arena platform.

Moreover, he had long since known that the leader of the Mad Saber sect had arrived in Jiangqing City.

However, when he discovered that the latter had arrived in Jiangqing City, he had already entered secluded cultivation, and thus could not be bothered to pay attention to it.

After all, for Ye Xuan, the most urgent thing was to reach the middle stage of the Golden Cpre Realm.


Of course, if the leader of the Mad Saber sect really attacked Li Qingyan and the others during this period, Ye Xuan would not have hesitated to give up on breaking through and save them.

However, luck was on his side.

He had already exited secluded cultivation before the leader of the Mad Saber sect even attacked Li Qingyan and the others.


Ye Xuan stepped forward slightly and appeared in front of Li Qingyan in an instant.

Seeing this, the leader of the Mad Saber sect could not help but narrow his eyes.

This guy was so fast.

His strength must have far surpassed his own.

Was he at the middle stage of the Xudan realm or the advanced stage

“You… Who are you”

Chen Pings gaze fell on Ye Xuan on the ring as he asked that question.

However, because of this, his injuries worsened and he spat out a mouthful of blood while grimacing.

From Chen Pings perspective, no matter how strong this young man was, there would still be an upper limit.

After all, he looked to be only around nineteen years old.

It was impossible for him to be a top-tier core formation realm expert, right

As long as he was not a core formation realm expert, his master could kill him with a single slap!

In the entire Great Qian Dynasty, there was only one genius cultivator who had become extremely famous for his monstrous achievements at such a young age, and that was Ye Xuan of the Qingyun sect.

There could not be a second one, right

Seeing this, the leader of the Mad Saber sects face changed drastically.

‘You little b*stard, what nonsense are you spouting If I had known earlier, I would have slapped you to death myself and would not have bothered to save you.

However, Ye Xuan did not even pay attention to Chen Ping.

Instead, his gaze fell on the leader of the Mad Saber sect as he continued speaking with an indifferent expression.

“You… were you trying to discipline my disciple just now”

“May I know who you are”

After learning of the other partys terrifying strength, the leader of the Mad Saber sects expression turned vigilant, and he cautiously inquired.

When everyone saw this scene, they could not help but stare with their eyes wide open, their pupils were filled with shock.

Had this fellow not been acting very arrogantly just a moment ago The incomparably terrifying spiritual pressure of a core formation realm expert had even enveloped the entire arena, scaring everyone to the point that they did not even dare to release a fart.

Even that incomparably powerful sixth-level purple spirit realm cultivator had been directly slapped to death by the other party.

Yet now this guy was actually behaving so subserviently to a young man He even cupped his fists and saluted toward the young man

Did this mean that the other partys strength was at least the same level as the leader of the Mad Saber sect

“I was asking you a question.

What gave you the gall to reply to my question with another question”

Seeing this, Ye Xuans gaze turned cold.

This fellow had just wanted to make a move on his disciple, but now he was backtracking and did not dare to admit it

“Dont be too arrogant!” Seeing this, the leader of the Mad Saber sect also felt a little angry.

So what if your cultivation is at the middle stage of the Xudan realm Although Im not your match in terms of strength, cultivators below the True Core realm might not be able to kill me.

No matter what, Im also a top-notch expert at the early stage of the Xudan realm.

I have my own sense of dignity and pride!

This young man even shouted at him in front of so many cultivators.

Was he not clearly disregarding him Was he not clearly disregarding the Mad Saber sect

Although he was slightly surprised by Ye Xuans strength, it was impossible for him to lower his head because of this.

“I am arrogant.

Is that something you have a problem with”

Ye Xuan smiled.

His incomparably strong spiritual pressure gushed out and instantly enveloped the leader of the Mad Saber sect.

‘Hehe, so what if you called me arrogant I can kill you without lifting a single finger.


The expression of the leader of the Mad Saber sect contorted.

It felt like a mountain weighing hundreds of thousands of pounds was weighing down upon him.

The next second, his legs started trembling, and then he crashed into the arena platform.

At the same time, cracks appeared on the extremely hard arena platform, and then it broke into pieces.

“This… how is this possible”

The leader of the Mad Saber sect had a shocked and dumbfounded expression on his face.

He had been wrong.

How could the opponent be a mere middle stage Xudan realm cultivator Someone with such terrifying strength had at least reached the True Core realm!

Moreover, it was very likely that the opponent was only half a step away from the peak of the True Core realm!

Only such a terrifying expert could use mere spiritual pressure to suppress him!


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