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“Damn b*tch, how dare you injure my precious son!”

After feeding Chen Ping the pill, Chen Junhao stood up slowly.

His eyes were filled with anger and his body was bursting with purple spiritual power.

At this moment, his mind was filled with anger.

He no longer cared about the fact that Li Qingyan was the woman that his precious son had been longing for.

He did not even care about why Li Qingyans cultivation had increased by so much.

He just wanted to slap Li Qingyan to death.

“How could this be How could this be”

Chen Ping, who was lying unconscious on the arena platform, muttered those words to himself in a daze.

His expression was filled with unwillingness, and streams of blood slowly flowed out of his mouth.


Seeing this, Chen Junhaos facial expression changed.

He quickly gave up on the idea of killing Li Qingyan and rushed over to Chen Pings side.

“Son, dont think too much now.

That b*tch must have relied on dumb luck to have been able to break through to the eighth level true essence realm!”

“Faced with such a realm gap, its understandable why you couldnt defeat her.

Its not your fault!”

Chen Junhao quickly patted Chen Pings back and slowly comforted him.


Hearing this, Chen Ping widened his eyes and spat out a mouthful of blood.

“What She… Shes reached the eighth level of the true essence realm”

Chen Pings body trembled violently, and his eyes filled with despair.

In the next second, a slight cracking sound could be heard.

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He suddenly felt that something in his Dantian had shattered.

This was not some bodily organ, but his Dao heart.

Not only had she reached the true essence realm, but the eighth level of the true essence realm.

This was truly beyond his wildest imaginations.

So the clown was me…

“Me and my big mouth!”

Chen Junhao could not help but curse when he saw this.

It was all his fault for being too anxious.

He had wanted to comfort his precious son, but he did not expect his words to backfire on him.

“Chen Ping, calm your mind!”

At this moment, a deep voice rumbled.

The leader of the Mad Saber sect had appeared in front of Chen Ping at some point in time.

“Sir, Im begging you to save my son, Im begging you!”

When Chen Junhao saw the leader of the Mad Saber sect appear, his eyes immediately revealed a look of surprise and joy, and he hurriedly pleaded with the latter!

“Dont worry, I will do my best!”

The leader of the Mad Saber sect nodded.

Then, with a wave of his sleeve, an invisible force immediately helped Chen Ping up.

The hands of the leader of the Mad Saber sect were suffused with a gentle white force, which gradually adhered itself to Chen Pings back, gradually restoring his vitality.

Although Chen Pings current situation was indeed precarious, it was not difficult to resolve for a core formation realm cultivator like him.

In just a short while, Chen Pings injuries had stabilized.

“Damn b*tch! You actually dared to injure my precious son.

Today, I will cripple your cultivation.

In the future, you will be my Chen familys slave and serve my son well!”

After seeing that Chen Pings injuries had stabilized, Chen Junhao stood up and stared at Li Qingyan with a fierce gaze.

“Father, not only do I want Li Qingyan to be my slave, but the women beside her must also come and serve me!”

Once Chen Pings injuries had stabilized, he quickly looked at Yue and the others.

Not only did he want Li Qingyan, but he also wanted Yue, Huang Ling, and the others as his concubines.

Just now, his Dao heart had been completely crushed by Li Qingyans strength.

Now, he wanted to enslave Li Qingyan and the others to restore his Dao heart!

“Okay, son, I will capture them now!”

Chen Junhao saw that his precious sons face had become a lot brighter, so he quickly agreed to do it.

“You are so young, yet you are so ruthless.

Today, I will teach you a good lesson on behalf of your teacher!”

After the leader of the Mad Saber sect stabilized Chen Pings injuries, he took out a pill and got the latter to consume it.

Then, he slowly stood up and looked at Li Qingyan with an ice-cold gaze.

Although Chen Pings character was not good, he was still his disciple.

Now that someone had personally injured his disciple in front of him, if he did not seek justice for the latter, what would happen to his reputation if the news got out

Of course, this was indeed an accident.

After all, Chen Junhao also did not expect that Li Qingyans cultivation had reached the eighth level of the true essence realm.

Although the leader of the Mad Saber sect had already noticed Li Qingyans cultivation level earlier, he did not know her identity.

After all, according to the information Chen Junhao gave earlier, Li Qingyans cultivation had only reached the seventh level of the qi transformation realm.

Therefore, Chen Pings current injury could be said to be related to their combined negligence.

However, how could they admit that it was their fault They would let Li Qingyan take the blame.

“Not good, were doomed this time!”

“Although we dont know why Li Qingyan cultivation increased by such a huge margin, regardless of whether she is a true essence realm or a purple spirit realm cultivator, there is no way she can resist a core formation realm powerhouse!”

“The leader of the Mad Saber sect seems to be really angry too.

Its over now!”

“An eighth-level true essence realm cultivator who is not even eighteen years old.

She is truly a monster.

Is she really going to die today”

When the cultivators in the stands saw this scene, a complicated feeling arose in their hearts.

They could sigh inwardly as they did not dare to confront the leader of the Mad Saber sect head-on.

The strength that Li Qingyan displayed had indeed shocked everyone.

No one had expected the former to have actually stepped into the eighth level of the true essence realm.

As the eldest daughter of the Li family, and also the favored daughter of the younger generation of Jiangqing City, Li Qingyans strength had always been the focus of everyones attention.

Moreover, Li Qingyans strength on the surface had indeed only been at the seventh level of the qi transformation realm.

Now that she had revealed the terrifying strength of an eighth-level true essence realm cultivator, it naturally shocked everyone.

Moreover, when they saw that Li Qingyan had heavily injured Chen Ping with one sword strike, many cultivators could not help but secretly cheer!

However, what made everyone feel regret was that Li Qingyan had offended a core formation realm super powerhouse because of this.

However, the moment the leader of the Mad Saber sect finished speaking, an indifferent voice suddenly rang out.

“Who do you think you are How dare you even think of touching my disciple”

Although the voice was not loud, everyone heard it clearly.

“Who is it”

When the leader of the Mad Saber sect heard those words, his expression changed drastically.

A sense of vigilance arose in his heart.

This was an expert… an absolute top-notch expert.

Moreover, it was an existence whose presence he could not even sense.

“Who is acting so sneakily Hurry up and come out!”

Chen Junhaos expression also changed when he saw this, and his body tensed up.

Everyone looked around in confusion, but found nothing.



However, the next second, two voices filled with pleasant surprise suddenly were heard from the direction of the Li familys group.

A young man with an extraordinarily handsome face, sword-like eyebrows, and starry eyes suddenly appeared beside Yue.

Among the cultivators present, only the leader of the Mad Saber sect had sensed Ye Xuans aura.

If the others had not heard his voice, they would not have been able to react.


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