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Just as countless cultivators were discussing things amongst themselves, the atmosphere in the distance suddenly turned quiet.

When everyone noticed this, they revealed puzzled expressions.

However, when they directed their gazes to the front, they discovered the reason for this.

The people from the Chen and Zhu families had arrived.

Everyone immediately stopped their discussion.

The people from the Zhu family who came to the arena were basically the remaining top-tier forces they had.

Besides the Zhu family head, only Zhu Peng and two family elders were left.

The rest of the forces had been killed off by that elder from the Mad Saber sect.

In contrast, on the Chen familys side, almost all the top-tier forces of the family were sent out.

Of course, that elder from the Mad Saber sect did not appear.

Obviously, he was constantly monitoring the Li familys movements.

He was worried that the Li family would take this opportunity to withdraw from Jiangqing City.

“As expected, the Li family didnt accept the challenge!”

Chen Ping looked around and discovered that the beautiful figure he was thinking about did not appear.

He could not help but feel a little disappointed.

“Humph, Li Zhengyang is quite bold!”

When Chen Junhao saw this scene, he revealed a cold smile.

He also did not expect the Li family to ignore him even though he had the backing of the Mad Saber sect.

Was there a hole in their brains or did they really want to fight to the death

“Hehe, no matter what, in front of a core formation realm cultivator, all resistance is futile!” Although Chen Junhao appeared unfazed on the surface, he was inwardly displeased.

“Wait, its the Li family.

The Li family has appeared!”

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“As expected of the number one beauty of our Jiangqing City.

Let alone Chen Ping, any other cultivator would probably also be tempted, right”

“Wait, who is the woman next to Li Qingyan Why is her appearance more outstanding than Li Qingyans”

“Oh my God, shes like a fairy that descended from the heavens.

I have never seen a woman so beautiful!”

All of a sudden, the cultivators in the audience stand were thrown into an uproar.

Seeing this, Chen Junhao and Chen Ping could not help but look as well.

They saw Li Zhengyang and the elders of the Li family slowly walking over with Li Qingyan and the others.

In addition to the people of the Li family, there were also three unidentified young girls.

When Chen Pings eyes fell on Li Qingyan, his eyes lit up, and a smile appeared on his face.

However, when he noticed Yue, who was even more beautiful than Li Qingyan, he was stunned.

Who was this woman Why was she so beautiful What a fairy!

Chen Ping was shocked.

Li Qingyan had been the number one beauty in his eyes, but now she was relegated to second place.

“Hehe, I told you that Li Zhengyang wouldnt have the guts to refuse our request!” Seeing this scene, Chen Junhao sneered.

He thought that Li Zhengyang did not dare to come over initially.

Presumably, the other party had detected the presence of the elder of the Mad Saber sect and had no choice but to come.

“Now that everyone is here, its time for the arena battle to begin!”

Chen Junhao looked indifferently at the cultivators in the audience stand and then spoke in an arrogant tone of voice.

‘Hmph, my Chen family deserves respect and adultation.

“Zhu family head, this is your only chance.

You all must cherish it!”

Chen Junhaos gaze turned toward the Zhu family as he spoke in a mocking tone.

The Zhu family heads expression did not change in the slightest when he heard those words.

He stood motionless with an expressionless face.

Zhu Peng, who was beside him, immediately understood.

He did not reply to the Chen familys taunts.

However, his eyes contained a monstrous hatred.

‘Chen family, even if my Zhu family is completely destroyed, I will make your entire family pay a heavy price.

The two people slowly walked into the arena.

At the same time, the defensive array formation around the arena was activated.

“Make your move!”

Chen Ping looked at Zhu Peng indifferently.

The large saber in his hand emitted a sharp gleam.

The power of a peak-level qi transformation realm cultivator suddenly erupted.

However, what surprised everyone was that Chen Ping actually chose to hold the saber with one hand and put the other hand behind his back!

This guy was really arrogant! However, he had reached the tenth level of the qi transformation realm at such a young age, so he indeed had the right to be arrogant.

When everyone saw this scene, they could not help but think to themselves.

Previously, when Chen Ping had been in the eighth level of the qi transformation realm, Zhu Peng was not a match for him.

Nothing could have possibly changed since then.

After making what he thought was a very heroic pose, Chen Pings gaze fell proudly on Li Qingyan.

At the same time, he sized up Yue without any scruples.

In his opinion, after he displayed his tenth-level qi transformation realm cultivation, the two girls would definitely have grave expressions and be extremely shocked.

However, what made his expression turn ugly was that the two girls were not paying attention to him.

Instead, they were smiling at each other and talking about something.

When Chen Ping saw this, his face turned green with anger.

“You piece of trash, why arent you making a move What are you waiting for”

Chen Ping could only vent his anger on Zhu Peng.

His eyes were filled with murderous intent.

Zhu Peng did not respond.

Instead, he slowly gathered all of the spiritual power in his body.

The next second, a ball of spiritual power hidden within Zhu Pengs body shattered.

Zhu Peng immediately leapt forward.

He was as fast as lightning.

In an instant, he charged toward Chen Ping.

“Be careful!”

When Chen Junhao saw this, his expression changed drastically.

He hurriedly shouted a warning.

The power that erupted from Zhu Pengs body was extremely powerful.

This was not something that a seventh-level qi transformation realm cultivator should possess.


However, by the time Chen Junhao opened his mouth to speak, Zhu Peng had already arrived in front of Chen Ping.

Chen Ping had just turned around when Zhu Pengs resentment-filled face suddenly appeared in his field of vision.

He saw that power was surging from Zhu Pengs hand, which was clutching a jade slip, which suddenly shot towards Chen Ping.

That jade slip contained the full power strike of a sixth-level purple spirit realm cultivator.

No matter how powerful Chen Ping was, he would not be able to block it, and his body would definitely be reduced to ashes.

However, Chen Pings expression did not display the slightest bit of panic.

Before entering the arena, he had already expected that the other party would very likely fight to the death, so how could he not have a backup plan

In the next second, a jade slip in Chen Pings arms suddenly shattered, transforming into an invisible energy barrier that enveloped him within.

This was the jade slip that his teacher had given him.

It was strong enough to block the power of a purple spirit realm cultivator.

He still had three or four such jade slips.


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