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Why did he have to choose to marry someone from the Li Family Chen Junhao was just worried that Li Qingyan would choose the extreme option to avoid marrying Chen Ping..

If the Li family was really stubborn, then they could only use absolute means to suppress them.

First, they would kidnap Li Qingyan.

Then, they would completely destroy the Li family.

“Chen Ping is just a playboy.

Hes not worthy of my precious daughter.”

Li Zhengyang looked at Chen Ping with disgust.

Everyone in Jiangqing City knew of Chen Pings reputation as a playboy.

He had used the Chen familys power and influence to ruin the innocence of countless women.

Now, someone was asking him to sacrifice his daughters happiness.

Was this something he could tolerate

At the same time, Li Zhengyangs heart was filled with lingering fear.

He had been too muddle-headed at that time.

He had actually considered sacrificing his precious daughters happiness.

This kind of person was really unworthy of his daughter.

Of course, were it not for Ye Xuans appearance, he would not have had the courage to speak to Chen Junhao like this today.

Perhaps, for the survival of the Li family, he might really have had to sacrifice his precious daughters happiness.

I am too incompetent as a father.

Li Zhengyangs heart was filled with self-blame.

His previous choice would have been one that he regretted for the rest of his life.

If his precious daughter really married such a flirtatious and immoral person, how would he live with himself in the future And even if he survived the inevitable purge afterward, he would spend the rest of his life in guilt.

Thinking this, Li Zhengyangs heart was filled with gratitude towards Ye Xuan.

“Hehe, you said that Im not worthy of Li Qingyan”

Chen Junhao had not spoken yet, but Chen Ping could not help but interject.

He took a step forward, his facial expression was as cold as ice.

The vigorous spiritual power in his Dantian gushed out as he said, “Li Qingyan is lucky to be able to marry me, Chen Ping!”

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“I, Chen Ping, am the strongest cultivator of the younger generation in Jiangqing City.

I have now joined the Mad Saber sect and become the personal disciple of the leader of the Mad Saber sect!”

“I am already a tenth-level qi transformation realm cultivator.

Within a few months, I will definitely advance into the true essence realm.

Yet you think I am not worthy of Li Qingyan How ridiculous!”

As he spoke, Chen Pings face was filled with pride.

With his talent and cultivation, it was obvious that Li Qingyan, that b*tch, was benefiting from this arrangement, okay

Chen Junhao, who was beside him, also sneered.

He puffed out his chest, and his expression was full of pride as he looked at Chen Ping.

The thing that made him the proudest in his life was that he had given birth to such a talented son.

At such a young age, his son had already reached the peak of the qi transformation realm.

He was the youngest and strongest cultivator in Jiangqing City, and perhaps even in the regions beyond.

“Hehe!” When Li Zhengyang saw this, he could not help but laugh.

Although Chen Ping said that his talent was not bad, did he really think that his arrogance was warranted just because he joined the Mad Saber sect

Although the leader of the Mad Saber sect was powerful, how could he be compared to an elder of the Qingyun sect How could he be compared to Ye Xuan

Their teachers were not on the same level, let alone their disciples.

Did he really think that his tenth-level qi transformation realm cultivation was very powerful Did he really think that he could suppress the prodigies of this era

Had he ever met Elder Ye Xuan He had raised his disciples realm from the seventh level of the qi transformation realm to the eighth level of the true essence realm in just a few hours.

That was what it meant to be f*cking awesome, okay

Never in my lifetime have I seen such a feat.

Seeing the smile on Li Zhengyangs face, Chen Ping could no longer suppress the anger in his heart.

Chen Junhao, who was beside him, was also so furious that his whole body was trembling.

If Li Zhengyangs strength had yet to recover, he would have already made a move.

“Very good.

Didnt you say that I am not worthy of Li Qingyan Why dont you ask Li Qingyan to come out and compete with me I will be waiting for her in the arena in the city in two hours!”

“If she can withstand three moves from me, I, Chen Ping, will never mention marriage again! But if she loses to me, not only will she marry into my family, but she will also have to be my slave!”

“When I kill Zhu Peng, I will definitely slow it down for her to watch.

I will let her know who is the real strong one!”

Chen Pings eyes were filled with coldness.

He had never been looked down upon so much.

He was only seventeen years old, and had already reached the peak of the qi transformation realm.

Even the geniuses of the countys main city, which was even bigger than Jiangqing City, could not compare to him, what more a mere seventh-level qi transformation realm girl

What gave them the qualifications to look down on him like this Where did Li Zhengyang get the confidence to say that he was unworthy of Li Qingyan

“Li Zhengyang, Ill see you in the city arena in two hours!”

Chen Junhao looked at Li Zhengyang coldly.

Without waiting for a response, he took Chen Ping and left.

If Li Qingyan did not come, then things would be very simple.

After the Zhu familys matter was settled, he would bring his people to destroy the Li family.

Li Zhengyang looked at the retreating backs of Chen Junhao and the others leaving and could not help but shake his head.

This fellow was courting death.

How could a mere tenth-level qi transformation realm cultivator withstand an eighth-level true essence realm cultivator Qingyan probably did not even need to use a weapon!

“Ill inform Qing Yan about this right now!”

“Although Elder Ye Xuan is in secluded cultivation, given Elder Yes strength, he is definitely aware of the changes happening in Jiangqing City!”

“Moreover, Elder Ye agreed to help my Li family settle this matter.

Why should I be worried about it”

Thinking this, Li Zhengyang could not help but smile.

Then, he walked toward the training ground in the courtyard.

Whether or not she agreed to the Chen familys duel request was not something he could decide.

It would depend on Li Qingyans decision.

Over the past few days, Yue and Li Qingyan had been sparring in the training ground and exchanging pointers.

However, when Li Zhengyang told Li Qingyan about Chen Ping, she could not help but frown.

“He said that if I can withstand three of his moves he would never mention marriage again And that if I lost I would be his slave”

“That guy is so arrogant.

I wonder how he would react if he knew my current strength”

‘Still, it made sense.

Even within the Li family, only father and the elders knew about Teacher.

The outside world did not know that Teacher was here in Jiangqing City.

‘Moreover, even if Chen Ping knew that I had already become Teachers disciple, he would never have imagined that I had already advanced to the eighth level of the true essence realm.

‘Should I accept the challenge

Thinking this, Li Qingyan looked toward Yue.

She was not worried about the Chen family or Chen Ping, nor was she afraid of the so-called Mad Saber sect behind them.

She was just thinking about her teacher.

Her teacher was currently in secluded cultivation.

If she defeated Chen Ping now and caused the leader of the Mad Saber sect to attack in advance, it might interfere with her teachers cultivation.


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