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Now that Li Qingyan was Ye Xuans disciple, the Li family did not need to work together with the Zhu family.

Of course, the Zhu family had also considered seeking refuge with the City Lords mansion of Jiangqing City.

However, although the City Lords mansion was powerful, it would not interfere with the conflict between the three families.

Moreover, the conflict between the families was unavoidable.

Even the imperial family of the Great Qian Dynasty did not interfere much in such matters, let alone the City Lords mansion.

As long as the conflict did not affect the general populace, the City Lords mansion would definitely not take action.

Hence, the Zhu family had to face the Chen family alone.

If the Chen family was their only opponent, the Zhu family would naturally not be afraid.

However, much to the Zhu familys surprise, the Made Saber sect had actually sent a powerful elder to take charge of the Chen familys forces.

This elders strength had reached the ninth level of the purple spirit realm.

Thanks to the presence of this elder, the Zhu familys plan to escape completely failed.

As everyone knew, in the absence of a core formation realm cultivator, a ninth level or tenth level purple spirit realm cultivator would be an invincible existence.

“Chen Junhao, are you really going to exterminate my Zhu Family”

Outside Jiangqing City, a furious roar suddenly erupted from inside a dense forest.

The Zhu family heads face was filled with despair.

They could have moved a portion of their clansmen to escape, but they had not expected the Mad Saber sect elder to actually intervene.

A ninth-level purple spirit realm cultivator was extremely powerful, and his presence alone was sufficient to suppress the entire Zhu family.

“Hmph, seeing that our two families have cooperated before, I gave you a chance.

Its a pity that you didnt cherish it!”

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Chen Junhao, the head of the Chen family, said this with a mocking expression.


When the head of the Zhu family heard this, he was almost angered to death.

What kind of f*cking chance did he even give them It was clearly an attempt to annex the Zhu family.

“However, in consideration of our past relationship, I will give you one last chance.

This morning, Chen Ping returned to Jiangqing City!”

“Chen Ping wants to fight with your Zhu familys Zhu Peng.

If Zhu Peng wins, I will let your Zhu family leave!”

Chen Junhao looked at the leader of the Zhu family and said indifferently.

The leader of the Zhu family clenched his fists when he heard this.

He felt extremely humiliated.

Not only was Zhu Peng his son, but he was also the strongest cultivator of the Zhu familys younger generation.

However, his strength had only reached the seventh level of the qi transformation realm.

Now that Chen Ping had already entered the tenth level of the qi transformation realm, this was not a fight, it was clearly torture!

Moreover, he also heard the hidden meaning implied by Chen Junhaos words.

If Chen Ping had returned to Jiangqing City, it meant that the leader of the Mad Saber sect had also arrived in Jiangqing City.

The Zhu family was doomed!

“What Are you still hesitating Do you think you have any other choices” Seeing this, Chen Junhao sneered.

“I… I can agree, but you must give me two hours to prepare!”

The Zhu family heads fingernails dug into his palms.

He gritted his teeth and spat out a few words.

“Hehe, do you think that with your Zhu familys strength, you have the qualifications to negotiate with us” Chen Junhao mocked him.

However, he soon revealed a strange smile.

“Forget it! How about four hours I hope that when the time is up, your Zhu family will be at the citys arena on time.

Otherwise… Hehe!”

When the Zhu family head heard this, he took a deep breath.

It was obvious that the Chen family intended to force their Zhu family into a dead end this time.

‘Very good.

Since that was the case, even if our Zhu family dies trying, we wont let Chen Ping have it easy.

‘Isnt Chen Ping very strong Isnt he the greatest pride of your Chen Family Then Ill have Zhu Peng destroy him at all costs, even if they perish together.

At the thought of this, the Zhu family heads expression revealed a trace ofthe viciousness in his heart.

Now, with a ninth-level purple spirit realm cultivator present, he had absolutely no chance of escaping.

He could only bring his remaining clansmen back to Jiangqing City.

Moreover, he only had four hours left.

However, the current Zhu family head had completely given up on escaping.

He was thinking about how to kill Chen Ping.

Why would Chen Junhao give them such a chance The Zhu family head knew very well that this was due to Chen Junhaos vanity.

Chen Ping was not only the pride of the Chen family, but also the pride of Chen Junhao.

Chen Junhao had always been ambitious.

Now that Chen Ping had become the disciple of the leader of the Mad Saber sect, he no longer had to hide his ambition at all.

Now, he even wanted Chen Ping to stomp on Zhu Peng in front of all the cultivators in the city.

To him,this was a form of pleasure.

Most importantly, the Chen family could use this chance to announce to all the cultivators in the city that, from today onward, there would only be one strongest family in Jiangqing City, which was the Chen family.

From Chen Junhaos perspective, how could Chen Ping lose

A tenth-level qi transformation realm cultivator facing a seventh-level qi transformation realm cultivator…

Was that not the perfect recipe for a thrashing Moreover, the Zhu family was doomed.

They were only given four more hours to live.

Soon, not only would Chen Ping kill Zhu Peng, but he would also marry Li Qingyan.

From now on, the Chen family would become the largest family in Jiangqing City.

Since the Zhu family was monitored by the elder of the Mad Saber sect, Chen Junhao did not stay idle.

He directly brought Chen Ping to the Li familys residence.

It was time for the marriage between the two families to be finalized.

After this marriage was settled, he could bring Li Qingyan to the arena to watch Chen Pings heroic fight.

Although the Li family was somewhat hesitant, after seeing the Zhu familys outcome, they would naturally have no choice but to agree!

However, when he brought Chen Ping to the Li familys residence, he was almost kicked out of the residence.

The members of the Li family did not afford them the slightest courtesy.

They even made it clear that the marriage alliance proposal was rejected.

When Chen Junhao saw this, he could not help but laugh furiously.

“Good, very good.

Since you refuse to accept our good intentions, then dont blame our Chen family for being merciless!”

He did not expect that the Li familys attitude would change so drastically within such a short period of time.

He was immediately filled with anger.

However, when he saw Li Zhengyang, he could not help but squint his eyes slightly.

The aura around Li Zhengyangs body was extremely majestic.

There were no signs of his previous injury at all.

It was obvious that this fellow had made a full recovery.

No wonder they dared to reject our Chen familys marriage alliance.

However, did he really think that our Chen family was still the same pushover from before

Not only did the Mad Saber sect send a ninth-level purple spirit realm elder to oversee things, Chen Ping had even personally brought the leader of the Mad Saber sect into Jiangqing City today.

He was currently resting in the Chen familys residence.

So what if Li Zhengyangs injuries had completely healed Although Chen Junhao was not his match, as long as the leader of the Mad Saber sect made a move, he would be able to completely destroy the Li family in an instant.

“Li Zhengyang, have you really thought it through Do you really want to consign the Li family into eternal damnation”

“Only by choosing to marry Li Qingyan to Chen Ping can your Li family continue to survive in Jiangqing City.

If you change your mind now, I will let bygones be bygones!”

“Otherwise… you will be like the Zhu family, and will be completely wiped out from Jiangqing City!”

Chen Junhao said coldly.

Were it not for the fact that Li Zhengyang had recovered his strength, and that he was no match for the other party, he would have led his clansmen into the Li familys residence and kidnapped Li Qingyan.

His precious son only had eyes for Li Qingyan.

The rest of the Li family clansmen were of no value at all.


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