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“Yes, Teacher!”

Li Qingyan nodded respectfully, and then said goodbye to Ye Xuan.

After Li Qingyan left, Ye Xuan slowly examined his gains.

Through the spiritual power infusion process just now, he directly obtained close to a thousand days worth of cultivation from the reward.

Subtracting the 73 days worth of cultivation he had expended for the infusion process, he had still earned more than two years worth of cultivation.

Even so, Ye Xuans cultivation did not show even the slightest signs of breaking through.

If a cultivator at the true core realm wanted to advance a small realm, and the spiritual power required to do so was like a lake, then for a cultivator at the gold core realm to advance, it would require spiritual power that was akin to a vast ocean.

As cultivation realms went higher, the gap between the cultivators within the same major realm also gradually widened.

Even if the gap between the cultivators was only a single minor realm, the strength difference was extremely obvious.

Although the spiritual power infusion this time did not allow Ye Xuan to break through, he had already reached the peak of the early-stage of the gold core realm.

Most importantly, he still had the seventh-grade Nirvana pill in his possession.

The seventh-grade Nirvana pill contained extremely pure spiritual power and had a great effect on cultivators breakthroughs.

As long as Ye Xuan went into secluded cultivation to absorb the pure spiritual power of the Nirvana pill, he would be able to advance into the middle-stage of the gold core realm.

“Cheating feels so good!”

A smile hung on Ye Xuans face, and then he directly chose to enter secluded cultivation.

If he did not have the system rewards, and did not have the seventh-grade Nirvana pill that he had previously obtained, even if he was monstrously talented, it would still take him at least four to five years to enter the middle-stage of the gold core realm.

Moreover, this was also under the premise that he had awakened the Sword Overlord physique.

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If he had not awakened the Sword Overlord physique, it would have taken him even longer to break through.

Ever since Li Qingyan became Ye Xuans disciple, the oppressive atmosphere within the Li family had dissipated.

Li Zhengyang and the elders had bright smiles on their faces, but when their clansmen saw this scene, they felt that something very strange was going on.

However, they did not dare to pry into the matter and could only make some guesses in their hearts.

Could it be that the Li family had already resolved the crisis Was the Chen family that merciful Would they really let the Li family off

This was unlikely.

The two families had a deep grudge.

How could things be resolved so easily Could it be that the Li family was going to seal themselves off

This was even more unlikely.

Could it be related to those young people who had visited the Li familys residence previously

At this moment, the Li family members were constantly guessing.

However, the family head and the elders did not announce anything, as they did not know how Ye Xuan wanted to handle the matter.

They did not dare to spread the news for fear of provoking Ye Xuans dissatisfaction.

Therefore, the Li family head and elders simply chose to remain silent.

In the Li familys hall, Li Zhengyang and the elders were having a heated discussion, but the topic today revolved around Li Qingyan.

When they thought of Li Qingyans discipleship under Ye Xuan, their faces were filled with bright smiles.

Were it not for Ye Xuans appearance, the Li family would be at their wits end.

Moreover, there was a high possibility that they would have chosen to sacrifice Li Qingyans happiness and become a subordinate family of the Chen family.

However, although Li Zhengyang and the elders were full of laughter, some of them were also feeling slightly guilty.

After all, they had advocated for Li Qingyan to marry Chen Ping to resolve the Li familys crisis.

The Li family was indeed facing a life-and-death crisis at that time so, as elders, it was understandable for them to make such a decision.

Still, disregarding all of that, the bottom line was that they were forcing a girl to sacrifice her happiness!

Although Li Qingyan was a sensible child, it was inevitable that she would bear a grudge in the face of such a fate.

Therefore, the elders only hoped that Li Qingyan would not take this up with them.

Now that Li Qingyan had successfully become Ye Xuans disciple, her future was limitless.

In the future, she might become a top-tier expert in the Great Qian Dynasty, and the Li family would also reach new heights.

At that time, the elders who had persuaded Li Zhengyang to sacrifice Li Qingyans happiness might not be overtly punished, but there was also a high possibility that they would not be able to get important positions.

“Qingyan has become a personal disciple of the Qingyun sect.

She might be able to reach the true essence realm soon!”

Thinking this, the first elder spoke up.

Under normal circumstances, a personal disciple of a top-tier sect was definitely qualified to cultivate the sects high-grade cultivation method.

The Qingyun sect was one of the top ten sects in the Great Qian Dynasty.

Its cultivation method naturally far surpassed the Li familys cultivation method.

The combination of Li Qingyans talent and the high-grade cultivation technique, her cultivation speed would naturally increase by leaps and bounds.

Originally, it would have taken her at least a year for her to advance from the seventh level of the qi transformation realm to the true essence realm.

Now that she had become a personal disciple of Elder Ye Xuan, this timeline would be cut in half.

“Qingyan is a smart kid.

In the past, her cultivation speed was much faster than ordinary people.

Now that she is cultivating the high-grade cultivation method of the Qingyun sect, I think she will be able to master it in a short time!”

“Maybe before next year, this child will really be able to advance into the true essence realm!”

The second elder was also optimistic about her chances.

The other elders nodded in agreement when they heard this.

Li Qingyans talent was obvious to everyone..

“I dont know how that kid managed to win the favor of the leader of the Mad Saber sect, but after he joined, he actually broke through from the eighth level of the qi transformation realm to the tenth level of the qi transformation realm!”

“I wonder how pompous the Chen family is now.

Theyve been spreading the news about Chen Ping everywhere!”

An elder chimed in midway, changing the tangent of the discussion.

A sneer hung on his face as he spoke.

“Humph, how can a mere Mad Saber sect compare to the Qingyun sect That kid Chen Ping was just lucky.

If our Qingyan obtained her opportunity earlier, her cultivation realm would have definitely left Chen Pings in the dust!”

Another elder also said with a smile.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

At this moment, the sound of swords clashing against each other could be heard in the distance.

“The sounds seem to be coming from the training ground…”

“Wait, the aura fluctuations are quite strong.

It seems to be the work of a true essence realm cultivator…”

“Could it be one of those young people that Elder Ye brought with him”

“Its very possible.

Why dont we take a look”

Those elders looked at each other before standing up.

Li Zhengyang also revealed a curious expression.

He also wanted to see just how strong those genius cultivators of the Qingyun sect were.

Soon after, Li Zhengyang and the other elders arrived at the training ground.

When their gazes landed on the two figures fighting each other in the training ground, they were completely dumbfounded.

“Qing… Qingyan”

They could not help but stare, their eyes were full of shock.

They had not expected that the two people fighting in the training ground were actually Li Qingyan and Yue.

They saw two beautiful figures exuding powerful auras.

The longswords in their hands clashed against each other repeatedly as they fought.Moreover, the aura fluctuations indicated that both had reached the true essence realm.

Li Qingyan… was a true essence realm cultivator

Also, the aura she was exuding was extremely powerful.

As unbelievable as it sounded, she seemed to have reached the eighth level of the true essence realm.

Was this a joke, right How did this happen


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