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Although the strength of the Li family was insignificant in the eyes of such a terrifying expert like Ye Xuan,Li Zhengyang had already made a decision.

He wanted to engrave Ye Xuans kindness into the Li familys ancestral records.

Every member of the Li family must always remember Ye Xuans kindness.

After the various elders learned of Li Zhengyangs intentions, they all agreed.

“Yue, come and have a look.

You now have a junior sister!”

Ye Xuan brought Li Qingyan to meet Yue.

“Qingyan greets senior sister!”

Li Qingyan bowed respectfully to Yue.

Of course, it was not their first time meeting.

They had met each other in Jiaohei City.

However, Li Qingyan was very shocked.

Compared to that time, Yues temperament had already undergone an earth-shaking change.

Previously, Li Qingyan thought that her appearance was above average, but compared to Yue, it was nothing worth shouting about!

Yue was so beautiful that she could overshadow a beauty like Li Qingyan!

“Nice to meet you, Junior Sister Qingyan!” Yue nodded with a smile.

In terms of age, Li Qingyan was almost eighteen years old, which made her three years older than Yue.

Of course, on the Tianyuan continent, the relationship between disciples was not based on age, but rather on the order in which they entered their teachers tutelage.

Beside them, Huang Ling and Xue Min surrounded Li Qingyan with curious gazes, secretly trying to guess what was so special about Li Qingyan that caught Elder Yes fancy.

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Moreover, their eyes were filled with envy.

When Li Qingyan saw this, her face flushed red and she inexplicably felt like she was being watched like an animal on display at the zoo.

However, girls were strange creatures to begin with, so after a brief greeting, the girls soon became very familiar with each other.

Li Qingyan then decided to play host and invited everyone to the Li familys residence as guests.

After learning that Ye Xuan was coming to visit, Li Zhengyang and many elders came out to welcome him personally and gave him a reception of the highest standards.

However, Ye Xuan was not particularly fond of the fanfare and chose to borrow one of the Li familys cultivation rooms.

Of course, Li Qingyan was also in the cultivation room with him.

Ye Xuan looked at the natural treasures in his storage space, and then said to Li Qingyan, “Qingyan, I will now teach you the cultivation methods and martial techniques of the Qingyun sect.

In addition, I will give you all kinds of medicinal pills, natural treasures, and weapons!”

“Thank you, Teacher!” Li Qingyan was excited when she heard this.

The Qingyun sect was one of the top sects of the Great Qian Dynasty.

Its cultivation methods and martial techniques were naturally not something the Li familys resources could compare to.

“I will teach you the Thunder Sword Control technique.

Its rank is low-grade Earth-rank!”

What Ye Xuan said next stunned Li Qingyan.

“What Earth-rank An Earth-rank technique”

Li Qingyans face was full of disbelief.

Even the most advanced technique the Li family possessed had only reached low-grade black-rank.

Was this the strength of a top-tier sect A technique that was casually taken out had already reached low-grade Earth-rank.

“Qingyan, the cultivation technique that Im teaching you is not from the Qingyun sect.

Instead, it is a technique that I am currently using.

It is much stronger than the Qingyun sects Sword Spirit technique!”

“If you cultivate it to completion, you will be able to summon the power of Heaven and Earth from the void!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Ye Xuans index finger shone brightly.

Then, he tapped it on Li Qingyans forehead, and the relevant information about the Thunder Sword Control technique suddenly entered her mind.

Since he was going to earn the systems reward from his disciple, he would definitely choose the most top-notch cultivation method and martial techniques to impart to her.

If he chose to teach her the Sword Spirit technique, the technique that the system would reward him with would not even be as good as the Thunder Sword Control technique.

“What… what a powerful technique…”

Li Qingyan was stunned after examining the huge amount of information that suddenly appeared in her mind.

“Ding! As the host has imparted the Thunder Sword Control technique to his disciple (low-grade Earth-rank) , the host has randomly received a 20x critical reward.

Congratulations! The host has obtained the Three Thousand Thunder Sword technique (middle-grade Earth-rank)!”

At the same time, the sound of a system notification rang out in Ye Xuans mind.

Immediately, all of the mysteries of the Three Thousand Thunder Sword technique appeared in his mind!

“The critical multiplier this time is pretty good!” Seeing the system notification, Ye Xuan could not help but smile.

If he took in a third disciple and imparted the Three Thousand Thunder Sword technique to them, he would be able to obtain an even better reward from the system.

Perhaps he might even have a chance of obtaining a legendary heaven-rank technique if this cycle continued.

“As long as I have enough disciples, wont I be able to continue gettingbetter rewards Wont the techniques I practice become stronger and stronger”

Thinking this, Ye Xuans eyes lit up.

However, Ye Xuan did not dwell on the matter.

After all, he only had two disciples at the moment.

Then, Ye Xuan taught Li Qingyan the Sword Spirit technique as well.

After all, given Li Qingyans current cultivation level, it was difficult for her to master the Thunder Sword Control technique.

The Sword Spirit technique was more suitable for her at this stage.

However, because the two techniques belonged to the same category, Ye Xuan did not receive a reward from the system.

Also, given Yues current cultivation level, the Sword Spirit technique was enough to support her cultivation.

After she made a breakthrough, he would teach her the Thunder Sword Control technique or the Three Thousand Thunder Sword technique.

“Alright, I will teach you martial techniques next!”

At this moment, Ye Xuans index finger once again shone brightly, and then he gently tapped it onto Li Qingyans forehead.

Windstorm Slash, high-grade black-rank.

Three-Feet Sword Defense, high-grade black-rank.

After learning these two martial techniques, she would have both offensive and defensive techniques, and that was enough for her right now.

Of course, Ye Xuan also had many more offensive and defensive techniques, but the quality of these was lower than these two.

Moreover, these two martial techniques were obtained from the systems reward after he had taught Yue the Windstorm Sword technique and Rampart Sword technique.

“Ding! As the host has taught his disciple the Windstorm Slash technique (high-grade black-rank), the host has received a 9x critical reward.

Congratulations! The host has obtained the Star Slash technique (high-grade black-rank)!”

“Ding! As the host has taught his disciple the Three-Feet Sword Defense technique (high-grade black-rank), the host has received a 15x critical reward.

Congratulations! The host has obtained the Endless Sword technique (high-grade black-rank)!”

Two system notifications rang out in Ye Xuans mind simultaneously.

Soon after, two extremely mysterious martial techniques suddenly appeared in his mind.

Then, Ye Xuan once again picked out some of the more suitable martial techniques and taught them to Li Qingyan.

However, because the martial techniques he taught later were of the same category as the previous ones, he did not receive the corresponding reward from the system.

“Your comprehension ability is outstanding.

It wont take long for you to completely master these techniques, but given your current cultivation, you are still unable to unleash the power of Windstorm Slash and Three-feet Sword Defense techniques.”

“The most important thing for you now is to completely comprehend the basic martial techniques.

When your cultivation reaches the true essence realm or the purple spirit realm, you can practice Windstorm Slash and Three-feet Sword Defense techniques!”

After Ye Xuan finished imparting the martial techniques, he gently reminded Li Qingyan.


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