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“Who are you Why have you come to the Li familys residence”

By this time, Li Zhengyang had noticed Ye Xuan, and his expression immediately turned solemn.

“Family head, did something happen”

Li Zhengyang had deliberately raised his voice just now, and it immediately attracted the attention of the family elders.

Soon, many elders of the Li family appeared in the courtyard.

“Who are you”

When the elders eyes fell on Ye Xuan, they narrowed their eyes and immediately became vigilant.

Although the Li family was not as powerful as before, not many people could bypass their defensive perimeter so easily, especially this silently.


At this moment, Li Qingyan also reacted and quickly stopped Li Zhengyang from doing anything rash.

Her father and elders were not aware of this young mans strength, but she had witnessed his power a few days ago.

If the other party was unhappy, he could destroy the entire Li family in an instant.

Even if he wanted to destroy Jiangqing City, it would not be a difficult matter.

No matter what his goal was, at the very least, they should not provoke him.

Ye Xuan first looked at Li Qingyan, and then slowly said, “Qingyun sect, Ye Xuan!”

“What Qingyun sect… Ye Xuan”

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“This… how is this possible…”

Hearing this, Li Zhengyang and the elders were stunned, and their expressions changed greatly.

Although Jiangqing City was located in a remote region, they were still familiar with the name Ye Xuan.

His widespread fame was hard to miss as long as you were in the territory of the Great Qian Dynasty.

The Qingyun sect was one of the top ten sects in the Great Qian Dynasty, so how could they not know of them and him

Li Qingyan trembled.

He was really Ye Xuan of the Qingyun sect…

Li Qingyan did not doubt the authenticity of Ye Xuans words.

After all, a core formation realm cultivator would not waste his time deceiving them.

Moreover, in the entire Great Qin dynasty, who else could have reached the core formation realm at such a young age Only Ye Xuan of the Qingyun sect could do this.

Seeing this, Li Zhengyang immediately became nervous.

Why would the strongest genius of the Qingyun sect appear in a remote place like Jiangqing City What was his purpose in coming here

“Li Qingyan”

Ye Xuans gaze fell on Li Qingyan and he called her name.

“Thats… thats me!” Li Qingyan nervously responded to his inquiry.

She quickly nodded like a chicken pecking at rice.

“I want to take you as my disciple.

Are you willing” Ye Xuan nodded and got straight to the point.

“Ah” Li Qingyan was stunned when she heard this.

She was completelydumbfounded.

Not far away, Li Zhengyang and the elders were petrified.

F*ck! Is there something wrong with my hearing Did Ye Xuan really want to take Li Qingyan as his disciple

This was the strongest genius of the younger generation of the Great Qian Dynasty they were talking about here.

His cultivation level had even reached the core formation realm.

Did he really want to take Li Qingyan as his disciple

For a moment, they felt their souls leave them.

It was as if they had been struck by lightning.

Their hearts and minds were filled with disbelief.

Why would a super powerhouse like Ye Xuan want to take Li Qingyan as his disciple Was there anything special about her

If they were to talk about their family background, Jiangqing City was just a remote city in the Great Qian Dynasty, and Li Qingyan was just the eldest daughter of a big family here.

Perhaps in the eyes of the citizens of Jiangqing City, Li Qingyan was an amazing genius, but in the eyes of the Qingyun sect, she was nothing special at all.

In terms of talent, although Li Qingyans talent was above average, it was not particularly outstanding.

Given Ye Xuans current strength and status, if he wanted to take in a disciple, the genius cultivators of the entire Great Qian dynasty would probably line up for miles, right

If one were to look at her appearance, Li Qingyan could indeed be considered a beauty, but she could not be considered as a beauty that could draw crowds and cause the downfall of nations.

Ye Xuan was a super powerhouse whose cultivation had reached the core formation realm.

As long as he beckoned slightly, countless beautiful women would immediately throw themselves into his arms.

Just like that, Li Zhengyang and the other elders eliminated all the possibilities of why he would want to take her as his disciple.

So, just why

“I wonder what merit Elder Ye Xuan sees in my daughter for Elder Ye Xuan to come personally.”

Li Zhengyang immediately suppressed the shock in his heart and quickly bowed respectfully to Ye Xuan.

“Do I, Ye Xuan, need a reason to take in a disciple” Ye Xuan said lightly.

Li Zhengyangs eyes trembled.

F*ck! Was this the attitude of a super powerhouse He did not even need a reason to accept a disciple.

He was totally doing this on a whim!

However, not only did Li Zhengyang and the elders not feel that there was anything unusual about this, they even felt that this was the normal attitude of a super expert.

“I… I am willing to become Elder Ye Xuans disciple!”

Li Qingyans delicate body trembled.

Her face was filled with excitement, and she was very close to crying.

To her, being chosen by Ye Xuan was probably due to some sort of blessing or karma from her past life!

Li Qingyan immediately knelt down respectfully in front of Ye Xuan and greeted him as her master.

“Well, very good.

From today onward, you are my second disciple!”

Seeing this, Ye Xuan smiled.

A dual-spirit physique with fire and wood attributes made her a natural alchemist.

As long as he could help Li Qingyan become an alchemist, then through the systems feedback reward, he would naturally become a powerful alchemist himself.


Ye Xuan gently took a step forward.

Everyone felt their eyes blur and, the next second, Ye Xuans figure appeared in front of Li Qingyan.

“Now that you are my disciple, I will naturally not sit idly by and do nothing about the Li familys predicament!”

“Dont worry.

I will wait for the Master of the Mad Saber sect to show up at your Li familys residence.

I would like to see what ability he has in daring to target my disciple.”

Ye Xuan said all this indifferently.

His words seemed to imply that this was an extremely trifling matter.

However, Ye Xuan did have the qualifications to back up his attitude.

The strength of a mere Virtual Core realm cultivator was like an ant in his eyes.

“I thank Teacher on behalf of the Li family!”

Hearing this, Li Qingyan was immediately moved to tears.

She did not expect that she would really become the disciple of a core formation realm powerhouse.

With her teacher as her backer, she did not have to sacrifice her happiness and marry Chen Ping!


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