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Over the past two days, Ye Xuan visited every corner of Jiangqing City.

By disguising himself as a customer in a teahouse, or a common person in the market, he had pretty much figured out the situation in Jiangqing City.

There were three big families in the city, namely the Li family, the Chen family, and the Zhu Family,

Among these three big families, the Li family was the most powerful.

Even if the Chen family and the Zhu family collaborated, they could barely resist the Li family.

The most crucial reason behind this was that the head of the Li family, Li Zhengyang, had reached the seventh level of the purple spirit realm.

In contrast, the heads of the Chen and Zhu families had only reached the sixth level of the purple spirit realm!

As everyone knew, once a cultivator entered the purple spirit realm, the gap between each minor realm was huge.

Although it was not as exaggerated as the core formation realm, it was not something that lower-level cultivators could deal with.

Under normal circumstances, two sixth-level purple spirit realm cultivators working together would be able to barely fight against a seventh-level purple spirit realm cultivator.

In addition, Li Zhengyang had reached the peak of the seventh level.

It was due to this that the Li family had become the most powerful family in Jiangqing City.

However, Li Zhengyang had been surrounded by his enemies and heavily injured.

This was undoubtedly the best chance for the Chen and Zhu families to deal with him.

The two families had planned to join forces and directly eliminate the Li family.

However, at the critical moment, no one expected that the young master of the Chen family, Chen Ping, to actually successfully join the Mad Saber sect and become the sect masters personal disciple.

Now that they had the core formation realm cultivator as their backer, there was no longer any reason for the Chen family to join forces with the Zhu family.

They decisively abandoned the Zhu family and planned to use the power of the Mad Saber sect to directly eliminate the Zhu and Li families, thereby becoming the most powerful family in Jiangqing City.

Faced with an extremely powerful core formation realm cultivator, what awaited the Li and Zhu families was destruction.

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Rumor had it that the Mad Saber sects master would arrive in Jiangqing City in two days.

“Okay, now that Ive figured out the basic situation, its time to visit the Li family!”

Ye Xuan slowly put down his wine cup, after which his figure suddenly disappeared from the restaurant without even causing the slightest movement.

“Young Master Ye, the braised beef you ordered is here!”

“Eh, why dont I see anyone here”

By the time the waiter brought over the braised beef made from the second-level demonic beast, Red Bull, Ye Xuan had already disappeared.

“Youre so generous, Young Master.

Please come again next time!”

The waiter looked at the bright gold coin on the table and could not help but smile.

He immediately expressed his gratitude with an apologetic smile.

For this Young Master Ye to be able to leave a closed room without making a sound, he had to be a powerful cultivator.

Throughout these two days, Ye Xuan had not only figured out the situation in Jiangqing City, but he had also gained a good understanding of Li Qingyans character.

Although the Li family was the strongest family in Jiangqing City, their reputation was excellent.

They did not bully others with their power.

Instead, they treated others with respect.

Other than that, they also set up a place to provide welfare relief to people in need.

This place was under Li Qingyans management.

Although many cultivators praised Li Qingyans character, they could not change the fate of the Li family.

As such, they could only sigh in their hearts.

In Ye Xuans eyes, kindness and talent were not the most important things when it came to accepting disciples.

The most important thing was loyalty.

He hated people who were fickle and ungrateful the most.

After all, with the systems feedback rewards, he was not the sole beneficiary.

His disciples would also receive huge benefits.

Based on these two days of observation, Ye Xuan had already approved of Li Qingyan from the bottom of his heart.

Jiangqing City, the Li familys residence.

In the Li familys hall.

“Now theres only one way out for us! Why are you still hesitating”

“I dont want to sacrifice Qingyans happiness either, but for the sake of the thousands of people in our Li family, and the future of the Li family, we have to marry Qingyan to Chen Ping!”

“Family head, why are you still hesitating”

The first elders gaze fell on Li Zhengyang.

“I naturally know this!” Li Zhengyang, who was seated in the foremost position in the hall, looked extremely pale, and his aura was extremely weak.

However, he still raised his head and interrupted the Great Elders words.

“Regarding the survival of the Li family, I have my own considerations.

Everyone, stop discussing this matter further.

Everyone can leave!”

Li Zhengyang raised his head and looked at the elders as he said those words.

“Family head, we do not have much time left.

You must not be muddle-headed!”

Before he left, the first elder looked deeply at Li Zhengyang meaningfully.

When Li Zhengyang heard this, he narrowed his eyes.

A cold gleam flashed across his eyes.

When the first elder saw this, he could not help but pause.

He sighed helplessly and turned to leave.

He naturally knew that this was undoubtedly a great humiliation for the Li family.

Even if they could ensure the Li familys survival through marriage, the Li family would not be able to raise their head in front of others in the future.

However, they had no other options Were they really going to watch thousands of Li family members die in vain

The strong preyed on the weak in the Tianyuan continent.

The fights between the big families were extremely cruel.

No one would pity you just because you were weak.

What was even more cruel was that, the weaker you were, the more people wanted to bully you.

The Li family was indeed very strong previously, but with Li Zhengyang heavily injured and Chen Ping joining the Mad Saber sect, the situation surrounding the Li family was now extremely dire.

The Chen familys wild ambitions had been completely exposed.

It was obvious that they wanted to use the power of the Mad Saber sect to completely eliminate the Li family.

Previously, the two families were often in conflict.

Although the Li family was extremely powerful, they were unable to completely suppress the Chen family.

Moreover, because the Li family was too powerful, the Chen family and the Zhu family usually formed an alliance.

Hence, they could do nothing about either one.

However, as time passed, the grudges between the Chen family and the Li family had piled up!

Now that the Chen family had a core formation realm cultivator as their backer, there was no way they would be lenient to the Li Family.

The Li family only had two choices left.

First, the Li family could leave Jiangqing City.

However, the Li family had been rooted in Jiangqing City for hundreds of years, and their familys properties and assets were all in Jiangqing City.

How could they bear to move out of Jiangqing City so easily

Moreover, if the Li family really wanted to leave Jiangqing City, the Chen family would not let them leave easily.

Most importantly, how could the rulers and families of other cities allow the Li family to move in


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