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Ye Xuan stretched out his hand and made a sweeping gesture with his hand.

An incomparably huge demonic beast suddenly appeared from the void.

This was the Blazing Plume that he had obtained from the systems feedback reward!

The Blazing Plumes grade had reached level five, and its strength was comparable to a core formation realm cultivator.

Ye Xuan also examined the Blazing Plumes strength briefly.

This demonic beasts strength had reached the middle stage of the core formation realm.

Its feathers were red, and the crown on its head was suffused with powerful fire elemental power.

The Blazing Plumes claws were incomparably sharp, and its entire body was large enough to carry seven or eight cultivators.

“Could this be Elder Yes new mount”

Huang Ling and Xue Min, who were beside him, were shocked by the appearance of the Blazing Plume.

They felt an overwhelmingly powerful spiritual pressure from this demonic beast; it was almost comparable to those elders of the Qingyun sect.

Elder Yes mount was already a level five demon beast.

From that, one could imagine just how powerful he was.

It seemed like their speculations about Ye Xuan back then were very likely to be true.

Thinking this, the two could not help but look at each other.

They saw the implied meaning in each others eyes.

Elder Ye Xuans strength had definitely surpassed the core formation realm.

Moreover, there was a very high possibility that he was already a golden core realm cultivator.

Even the leader of the Qingyun sect did not possess such strength!

Did this mean that Elder Ye Xuan was already stronger than the leader

If the imperial family of the Great Qian Dynasty knew of Elder Ye Xuans strength, perhaps the ranking and evaluation of the Qingyun sect would also be raised.

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Most importantly, Elder Ye Xuan was only twenty years old!

It seemed that Elder Ye Xuans title as the strongest genius in the past thousand years of the Qingyun sect needed to be changed.

It was probably more apt to call him the strongest genius since the founding of the Qingyun sect now.

If Ye Xuan was a genius from another sect, Huang Ling and Xue Min would have definitely felt immense pressure, but he was an elder of the Qingyun sect, so they only felt excitement at this revelation.

At this moment, Ye Xuan did not know about what his two fangirls were thinking.

Instead, he waved his hand with a calm expression, and the surging spiritual power in his body flooded out, enveloping Blazing Plume, as well as Yue and the others, inside.

It isolated them from the scattered raindrops outside.

“Lets go!”

Ye Xuan said, and then got on top of the Blazing Plume.

Yue and the others saw this and quickly followed suit.


The Blazing Plume flapped its huge wings, and then flew toward Jiangqing city.

The Xuanyin sect.

As the second-ranked sect in the Great Qian Dynasty, the Xuanyin sect had twenty elders, and each elder had their own independent palace.

At this moment, an angry voice could be heard from the palace of one of the elders.

“Damn it! Who was it”

A white-haired old man with a beard could be seen inside.

A furious expression was on his face, and powerful spiritual power fluctuations were gushing out of his body.

If he had not hung on to the last bit of rationality left in his mind, this magnificent palace would have been turned into dust in an instant.

“Who had the guts to kill my disciple”

The old mans pupils were filled with anger, and his long beard quivered.

This old man was the ninth elder of the Xuanyin sect, Li Wuji.

In less than three days, two of his disciples had died, and they were his two most valued disciples too, Duan Wujie and Duan Wuyi.

In order to prevent any accidents from happening while they were out on assignment training, he had given both of them a trump card to protect their lives.

They would be able to escape unscathed even if they were faced with a peak-level core formation realm cultivator.

Even if they did encounter a core formation realm, who would dare to offend them once their identities were revealed

Yet their soul lamps had been extinguished.

Someone who was able to kill his disciples even though they had their trump cards would at least be in the ninth or tenth level of the purple spirit realm.

In the entire Great Qian dynasty, someone capable of killing his personal disciples without fearing the Xuanyin sect…

Could it be…

“Could it be that the Qian Gate has made a move” Thinking this, Li Wujis expression changed.

The Qian Gate was the number one sect in the Great Qian Dynasty.

One could already tell the relationship between the Qian Gate and the Great Qian dynasty from its name.

The leaders of the top sects all knew that the royal family of the Great Qian dynasty stood behind the Qian Gate.

When the Great Qian Dynasty was established, so was the Qian Gate.

The two had a common history on this continent, and the latter had always been the number one top sect in the Great Qian Dynasty.

Even after thousands of years, the Qian Gate remained in the same spot.

This was the terrifying power of the Great Qian Dynasty.

It was also because of this that, even though the Xuanyin sect wanted to collect the power of qi and blood essence, they could only do so in secret without letting the Great Qian dynasty know.

“Come here!”

Li Wuji took a deep breath and calmed himself.

“This subordinate greets Elder Li!”

As soon as he called out, a black-robed cultivator hurried in and bowed to Li Wuji respectfully.

This cultivator was the supervisor of the Xuanyin sect, and he was responsible for handling the Elders matters.

“I want you to find the Duan Wujie and Duan Wuyis murderer at all costs!” Li Wuji said with a cold expression.

“Yes, Elder Li!”

The black-robed cultivator nodded and disappeared in a flash of black light.

At the same time, the gates of the palace were shut tight, and Li Wuji sat on the throne with his legs crossed, his expression uncertain.

If the murderer was really someone from the Great Qian Dynasty or the Qian Gate, he would have to swallow this humiliation.

However, if it was another sect, then…

They would have to face the terrifying anger of the Xuanyin sect.

Someone who dared to kill the personal disciples of an Elder of the Xuanyin sect obviously did not care about the Xuanyin sect!

“Brother Li!”

At this moment, a voice suddenly rang out in the grand hall.

At the same time, an invisible force pushed open the gates of the palace, and a white-haired old man walked in with his hands behind his back.

This old man was the eighth elder, Gu Da!

“Brother Gu, whats the matter” Seeing this, Li Wuji could not help but ask.

“Its related to Ye Xuan!” Gu Da looked at Li Wuji with a strange expression.


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