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There were five or six villages that were completely slaughtered by the Fengxuan Stronghold, which added up to close to 40,000 people!

However, Yue was the only survivor among them!

“Hmph! You were lucky enough to survive back then.

Instead of living peacefully out there, you actually dared to come back!”

“Dont worry, I wont give you a second chance at survival!”

Seeing this, Baduluo sneered.

The other bandits also looked at Yue with a ferocious expression and then surrounded her.

The reason why they had not recognized Yue immediately was because Yues appearance had changed drastically!

She had become even more beautiful and alluring!

Although Yues facial features did not change much, her temperament had been greatly improved since she awakened the Sword Jade physique.

If the Yue from before could be considered a graceful beauty, then she was now a peerless beauty!

Baduluos eyes were filled with a cold gleam.

The two-meter-long broadsword at his waist was instantly unsheathed.

He first looked at Yue, then at Ye Xuan and the other two who were not far away.

Although he did not know the strength of Ye Xuan and the others, there was a limit to how strong a young cultivator could be, no matter how talented they were.

Most importantly, two years ago, Yue had still been a weak ordinary person.

How much could she have changed in just two years

In his opinion, no matter how talented Yue was, her cultivation would at most have reached the eighth or ninth level of the refinement state.

Now that he knew Yues identity, the final doubts in Baduluos heart were completely dispelled.

Perhaps the people around Yue were not simple, but they were not the only powerhouses here.

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He also had Duan Wuyi, who had reached the eighth level of the true essence state by his side!

Baduluo had seen Duan Wuyis strength with his own eyes.

Even he himself could not withstand two moves from him!

Therefore, according to Baduluos speculation, after Yue had luckily escaped from the Netherworld Forest, she should have become a disciple of a sect.

Now, after her cultivation reached a certain level, she had brought her senior and junior brothers back to avenge her village!

“Heh, after I capture you and bring you back to the stronghold, I will have scored a great contribution! As for the senior sister who came with you, she looks pretty good.

Ill just keep her around as my wife! In fact, Ill keep both of them! Keke!”

Baduluo had a savage grin on his face.

The true essence energy in his body surged out into the long saber.

A sharp saber qi immediately spread out.

At the same time, the surrounding bandits also activated the spiritual power in their dantians.

In an instant, all kinds of spiritual power suddenly circulated, forming an extremely terrifying spiritual pressure.

The surrounding villagers who were not cultivators immediately felt their chests tighten and knelt on the ground with incomparably terrified expressions.

The bandits were all ready to attack.

As long as Baduluo gave the order, they would attack Yue.

Although the villagers were scared out of their wits by their aura, Yues expression did not change at all.

Yue gently lifted the Qingyun sword, her jade-like hand gently pressed on the blade of the sword.

Her cherry-like mouth opened slightly, and she continued to speak slowly.

“Father, mother, village chief grandpa and aunt Huang… Today, Yue will take revenge for the village!”

In an instant, her extremely dense true essence energy suddenly surged forth, and her jade-like bones blossomed with a resplendent sword qi power!


An extremely powerful aura suddenly enveloped the surroundings!

“This… This is impossible!”

Seeing this, the bandits stared at her in shock.

Those with lower cultivations felt an extremely powerful spiritual pressure sweep over their bodies, but they were unable to sense Yues exact cultivation level.

However, Baduluo was very clear.

The other partys cultivation had reached the fifth level of the true essence state, and the density of her true essence energy was even more terrifying than his.

“How is this possible!” Baduluo staggered backward, his eyes filled with disbelief.

How could an ordinary person reach the fifth level of the true essence state in such a short time

How did she do it

It was true that ordinary people could not accomplish this feat, but it was different when it came to Ye Xuan!

At that moment, Baduluos heart was filled with disbelief.

He did not want to believe what was happening right now.

He had spent dozens of years cultivating, yet had only reached the fifth level of the true essence state.

However, Yue had only spent two years to reach the same level…

Could this be any more ridiculous!

Two years ago, he had been able to kill this girl with a single slap.

Now, she had reached the same cultivation level as him.

“Lets attack together.

We have to capture her!”

Baduluo was also someone who could see the big picture, so he quickly calmed down and shouted.

Although those bandits were scared, they did not dare to disobey the first commanders order.

Besides, no matter how powerful Yue was, there was no way she could possibly withstand a siege by so many people, right

The first commanders cultivation level had reached the fifth level of the true essence state, while the second and third commanders had both reached the third level of the true essence state.

If they worked together, Yue would not be their match.

Most importantly, they also had an extremely powerful cultivator from a mysterious sect behind them.

Thinking this, the bandits immediately calmed down.

They then charged towards Yue with weapons in hand.

“Brothers, charge! Charge, take her down!”

“Yeah! There are so many of us.

Why should we be afraid of a little girl like her”

At that moment, the bandits all roared in anger, trying to give themselves a morale and courage boost.

“All of you… must die today!”

Seeing this, Yue raised her eyelids slightly.

Her eyes were filled with coldness.

The Qingyun sword in her hand released a dazzling sword qi, instantly splitting the unfortunate bandit who was the first to rush over into two halves.

How could a mere fifth or sixth-level qi transformation state cultivator withstand the sharp sword qi of the Qingyun sword

When everyone saw this scene, the confident smiles on their faces suddenly faded.

Their eyes were filled with fear, and they wanted to retreat.

“Second and third, lets work together to take her down!”

“What are you all standing there for Hurry up and attack!” Baduluo roared angrily.

His true essence energy surged forth, and his feet left a clear mark on the ground as he shot out like a cannonball!

The long saber in his hand released a powerful saber qi which slashed toward Yue!


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