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The next second, Ye Xuans spiritual sense suddenly invaded the mans mind, and he used extremely violent methods to examine the mans memories.

After obtaining the information he needed, the mans soul was also torn apart and dissipated.

“They… are heading to Tashi village!”

Ye Xuan snapped his fingers lightly, and the man immediately exploded and turned into nothingness.

His gaze then fell on Yue, who was not far away.

Blood dripped from Yues sword, and her body was covered with the scent of blood.

As she stared at the destruction she had wrought in the stronghold, there was not a trace of pity on her face.

It was this group of bandits who had brutally massacred her village back then.

While she did not remember many enemies, the fourth commander who had fallen under her sword was one of them.

Back then, it was this fourth commander who had wielded a long saber and slaughtered Lin Shi village.

He did not even spare the elderly and newborn children.

Ah Yue would never forget the appearance of the fourth commander.

The sword in her hand did not hesitate to split the fourth Commander in twain.

Just before the light from the fourth commanders eyes faded away, his mind seemed to recall something.

The terrifying girl in front of him wielding a longsword seemed to be the lone survivor from Lin Shi village two years ago.

She… She had come back to take revenge!

However, how could a powerless girl become so strong in just two years

The fourth commander could not comprehend this.

He died with a face full of unwillingness!


Ye Xuan waved his sleeve and then flew away with Yue and the others.

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They headed toward Tashi village, where the rest of Yues remaining enemies were gathered.

In Tashi Village.

“What are you waiting for If you dont hurry up, Ill chop you into pieces.”

“Hurry up and cooperate.

Hand over all of the wealth in the village and the food…”

“Damn it! What are you looking at Are you looking to die”

The bandits held sharp weapons in their hands and roared at the villagers ferociously.

Some of the villagers who wanted to resist had their arms and legs broken by them.

Those who dared to look them in the eye would be slapped in the face.

The difference in strength between the two sides was too big, so the villagers could only endure the humiliation in order to survive.

They hurriedly returned to their homes and took out all their wealth and food.

If they were slightly slower, their limbs would be broken by these bandits.

However, that was not the worst part.

Some of the more brutal bandits directly cut them down with their blades.

“Hurry up! Dont waste our time!”

Right at this moment, a man wearing a cyan robe was shouting impatiently.

The middle-aged man next to him nodded with an ingratiating smile, “Okay, okay! I will go and urge them!”

The burly middle-aged man was the first commander of the Fengxuan Stronghold.

He was a cultivation practitioner who had reached the fifth level of the true essence state, and his name was Baduluo.

The person Baduluo was trying to please was the cultivation practitioner from the Xuanyin sect.

This Xuanyin cultivators identity was not simple.

He was the personal disciple of an elder, and also Duan Wujies brother.

His name was Duan Wuyi, and he was a cultivation practitioner who had reached the eighth level of the true essence state!

“Hurry and finish up.

If you see anyone dawdling, drag them out and chop them up!”

Baduluo then shouted, “Did you hear that I told you to be faster.

Are you deaf”

The next second, one of the bandits kicked a hunchbacked man who was carrying several bags of food.

“Im sorry! I know Im wrong! Ill move faster!”

Although the hunchbacked man was extremely angry, he could only smile and restrain himself.

He did not dare to display any dissatisfaction.

After all, he did not have the slightest talent when it came to cultivation.

He was just an ordinary civilian.

A few years ago, when he went to the mountains to search for yams, he was attacked by demonic beasts.

Although he was lucky enough to survive, his back had indeed suffered serious injuries.

After that incident, he became a hunchback.

As his back and waist injuries were chronic, he could only carry two bags of food with much effort.

Naturally, his speed was much slower than the other able-bodied villagers.

He was extremely clear in his heart that ordinary citizens like him were nothing but ants in the eyes of these bandits and cultivators.

In any case, these bandits were only robbing them of wealth and food.

As long as they could ensure the safety of their wives and children, they would do what was necessary to satisfy them.

Dignity did not matter here.

For the safety of his family, he was willing to let them trample on him.

“Hehe, its already too late to apologize!”

The bandit had a vicious expression on his face as the corners of his mouth curled up into a cold smile.

The long saber in his hand flickered with a sharp light as he slashed down toward the hunchbacked man.


As the dazzling saber light flashed past, fresh blood instantly gushed out.


A five or six-year-old boy in the crowd could not help but let out a heart-wrenching cry of sadness when he saw this.


At the same time, the woman beside the boy also knelt on the ground in grief.

Her face was filled with a mournful expression as she charged toward the bandit without caring about anything else.

“You animals, if you want money, Ill give you money.

Why didnt you let him go”

“Youre courting death!”

When the bandit saw this, the fierce expression on his face became even more intense.

The long saber in his hand slashed down once again.

Another stream of bright red blood spurted out.


When the boy saw this scene, he cried out miserably.

Tears streamed down his face, and his eyes were filled with despair.

His fingernails dug deeply into the palm of his hand; so deeply that they drew blood.

The boy cried while looking at the bandit with immense hatred, after which he charged out of the crowd like a madman and charged toward the corpses of his parents.

Even if the target was a child, there was no pity in the eyes of the bandit.

He slowly raised the long saber again.

“Little Zhongbin, dont be rash!”

“These animals are too much.

They are treating human lives like grass!”

“Villagers, lets not endure it anymore.

We will perish together with these animals!”

Many of the men in the village were furious.

Their eyes were filled with hatred toward this group of mountain bandits.

They wanted to rush over and save the boy.

However, the strongest among them was only at the third level of the refinement state.

How could they resist these bandits

The sharp saber light flashed again.

It was about to split the boys head into two!


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