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“Jun Lingtian, are you really going to stop us”

Zhu Tuyuan turned his attention to the master of the Divine Gate, who was blocking Qian Daoliu.

Jun Lingtian was the most powerful man in the Nanzhou Region.

If he really interfered, they would likely be unable to kill Ye Xuan today.

Jun Lingtian did not reply.


Ye Xuans figure suddenly disappeared, and a dazzling sword qi slashed toward Zhu Tuyuan.

Zhu Tuyuans expression changed when he saw this.

Black mist condensed in his hand, which he sent flying toward the sword qi.


The collision of the two forces created shockwaves that wreaked havoc on the surroundings.

Zhu Tuyuans body trembled and he groaned.

Moments later, Zhu Tuyuans body transformed into black mist that enveloped the entire space.


Not far away, Qian Daoliu looked at Jun Lingtian and then turned into strands of blood qi.

This time, Jun Lingtian did not stop him.

After all, Ye Xuan had already said that he did not need anyones help.

The two pattern condensation realm experts charged at Ye Xuan, transforming into a black mist giant and a blood giantrespectively.

The natural laws they had comprehended through their martial intents allowed them to manifest these forms, which raised their attack power, and also reduced the damage of their opponents attacks.

Qian Daoliu and Zhu Tuyuan did not waste time talking and immediately attacked Ye Xuan.


The black mist giant clenched its right fist and punched Ye Xuan.

This attack contained fused intent, just like Ye Xuans.

Unfortunately, the compatibility of these two fused intents was not high, so the increase in power was not as exaggerated as Ye Xuans attack.

However, this endless black mist contained corrosive power, which could even greatly reduce the perception of a cultivators spiritual sense.

In addition, in this state, Zhu Tuyuan was also able to disperse attacks to various parts of the black mist, thus reducing the damage his body suffered.

Fused intents!

Ye Xuans eyes brightened.

There was a chance to reap more rewards!


The eighth-level sword intent and fire intent fused together, creating another destructive sword strike which tore apart the black mist giants fist attack.

However, moments later, the black mist giants fist returned to normal.

Ye Xuans attack did not cause any substantial damage to Zhu Tuyuan.

Ye Xuan was not bothered by this though.

His goal was to comprehend the other partys fist intent.

Zhu Tuyuan was using the power of the natural laws of his fused intents, which meant that both martial intents had at least reached the sixth level.

This was undoubtedly a good opportunity for Ye Xuan to improve his fist intent.

However, while Zhu Tuyuan attacked, Qian Daoliu did not remain idle.

The enormous blood giant suddenly extended its right hand, forming icicles around it.

Seeing this, Ye Xuans expression changed.

The icicles that filled the sky seemed to contain some sort of power that could freeze the spiritual sense of cultivators.

Sure enough, compared to Zhu Tuyuan, Qian Daoliu was the bigger threat.


Ye Xuan slowly raised the azure divine sword and slashed the sword qi, causing powerful shockwaves to sweep out.

Even this chaotic space began to tremble!

“How is this possible”

“How did you block my icicles”

The blood giants eyes were filled with shock.

If his senses were not mistaken, Ye Xuans sword strike just now contained three martial intents, which was correct.

Ye Xuan had fused the sword, fire and wood intents.

Wood intent naturally fuelled fire intent, which increased the power of his sword strike dramatically.

Triple intent fusion!

How was this possible

Even most pattern condensation realm experts struggled to achieve this, but Ye Xuan had done it.

If he had not fused three martial intents, it would have been impossible for him to block Qian Daolius attack.

This guy was simply a monster!

Even Jun Lingtian and Zhao Yuzhen were doubting what they were seeing.

They glanced at each other, wondering if their presence here was actually needed.

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